Volume 38, Issue 2, February 2003


Product Round-Up
Take a Look at Some of the Many Products 
Available from glasstec 2002 Exhibitors

Those attending glasstec 2002 found an expansive selection of glass and related manufacturing products available. After all, approximately 1,150 companies exhibited at the five-day event, which took place October 28- November 1 in Düsseldorf, Germany. If you missed the massive trade fair, these pages provide a re-cap of some of the products offered. 

3M Offers Products that Stick
The 3M Company had a wide selection of tapes and adhesives available for various glass Accentrim applications.

To create the look of beveled glass without the bevels, 3M offered Accentrim adhesive tapes. 

Decorative glass styles such as V-groove and edge bevel are available. Designs can also be created to suit a variety of architectural styles, and the tapes are appropriate for glass in applications such as doors, windows, furniture and more.

Bottero Offers New Cutting Table and More
The Italian company Bottero and its U.S. division, Bottero Flat Glass Inc., introduced the model 341 cutting table, which combines the features of a belt table with those of a tilt table. It can be used as a tilt table for all functions as a stand-alone unit, and it can then be put into a production line if the process is changed. According to the company, the 341 allows the customer to grow from a cutting table to a complete cutting line. 
In addition, the company offered a new version of its Titan flat-edge double-edger, which is redesigned to process low-E glass and Gemini pencil double-edger units at more than 60 feet per minute. Bottero also showed its completely automated laminated glass cutting unit, which can handle glass made of two lites, 10 mm thick, with a .180 PVB interlayer or DuPont's Sentry Glass Plus. Bottero says it has also added a robot at the end of the line to unload/stack the glass. If a final trim is needed, there is a heat box at the end of the line and the robot can handle the final trim. 

Bystronic and Lenhardt Unveil New Identity
Bystronic and Lenhardt together launched a new corporate identity at glasstec and are working to refocus the organization and strategy of Bystronic machinery. According to the companies, architectural glass product development, marketing and sales have been combined with the intentions of strengthening their market position and opening up new commercial opportunities. 

“Our new corporate identity (CI) differentiates us from the competition,” said Rolf Honegger, president of Bystronic Glass. “The CI reflects our clear and ambitious goals. We offer each customer the appropriate solution and underline our claim to market leadership with a range of well-targeted products and services.”

Albat & Wirsam Opts for DynOpt™
Albat & Wirsam (A&W) offered its DynOpt software. According to the company, the name, DynOpt, stands for the new dynamic cutting, optimization and glass sorting system. A&W says the system eliminates work-in-progress, removes batch restrictions and delivers pairs in production sequence to match optimized packing orders.

In addition, the company says DynOpt needs neither full stock glass plates nor a buffer zone of many racks to offer attractive yields.

Glastar “Blasts Off” with New Machines
Glastar Corp. of Chatsworth, Calif., exhibited several new items at glasstec including a HEPA filter conversion kit for sandblasters 100 CFM or less, which the company says virtually eliminates 99.97 percent dust. 

“We believe that in the future HEPA filters will be mandated,” said Lori Mitchell, Glastar chief executive officer. “Our new Abrasive Reclaimer for blasting machines 300 CFM or larger collects 40 to 60 percent of reusable abrasive and prolongs the life of your dust collector bags.”

Another addition to Glastar’s sandblasting line is the On Site Blaster, a machine that allows surface blasting without removal of the pre-installed glass and a return vacuum system eliminating abrasive messes. The bottle blaster does surface etching for the novice blaster or can be a handy tool for the professional repairing small mistakes, according to the company.

UCB Provides the Latest on Uvekol
UCB Chemicals provided information on its Uvekol glass laminating systems, a resin that creates a strong bond with any form of glass. The resin can be used for sound reduction and also to add color to glass.

For sound reduction in glass, UCB offers Uvekol A. The company says glazing systems with Uvekol A are also resistant to shock and impact. 

UCB also says that by mixing colored and white Uvekol formulations, it is possible to create virtually any color to meet the needs of architects and artists.

According to the company, Uvekol products are solvent-free liquids that come in a ready-to-use mixture. They are poured between two lites of glass and require a short hardening period with ultraviolet exposure.

TruSeal Edges In with IG Spacer System
TruSeal Technologies introduced the new Insuledge™ flexible insulating glass (IG) spacer system.
According to the company, Insuledge is designed with a hollow, flexible, non-metal, corrugated tube core, replacing conductive, solid or foam materials with insulating air space. The tubular design incorporates a proprietary moulding process to manufacture warm, flexible IG spacer systems.

TruSeal says Insuledge features include a patent-pending design, a smooth surface appearance, excellent argon retention, minimal compression requirements and more. 

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