Volume 38, Issue 2, February 2003

GLASSBUILD Products Galore
by Kristine Tunney

As the glass industry readies to take over the Georgia World Congress Center, located right next to Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, both exhibitors and attendees can rest assured that the GlassBuild America show will be one for the record books. Just like the athletes and competitors that trained to compete in the Olympic games in Atlanta in 1996, the glass industry members representing their companies at the show have prepared themselves and their products to make the most of their short stints in the “Peach State.” 

Co-sponsored by the National Glass Association (NGA), the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the Glass Association of North America (GANA), GlassBuild America will move into the Georgia World Congress Center March 12-14, 2003 for three days featuring an array of the newest products in the glass and fenestration industries.

Opening festivities will set the pace for the rest of the exciting show, with an appearance by former Baltimore Oriole baseball legend Cal Ripken Jr., followed by a full day of exhibits, workshops and demonstrations.

The trade show will run concurrently with the seminars and will be open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday. 

But if the thought of more than 1,200 exhibits and thousands of products makes your head spin, read on to get a first introductory glimpse at some of the hottest products on display. 

Booth #307
The Full Package

Booth 307 To see the “One-Man Factory,” visit Handtmann CNC Technologies Inc.’s booth at the show. The PBZ NT 5-axis, CNC-controlled machining center includes an integrated compound miter sawing capability for machining aluminum extrusions and steel profiles up to 14 meters long.

Designed for complete machining of long parts, on all four sides and both ends, out of full lengths, the machines are fully programmable and utilize flexible vises that require no hard tooling for material fixturing.

The high-speed machines are also equipped with automatic tool changers, Siemens 840D controls and 0-28,000 RPM, 25-HP spindles.

Booth #329
The Long and Short Of It

booth 329 When Alcoa needed a machining center capable of accommodating profiles more than 16 meters long, Tekna says the company turned to them. 

The Italian company will demonstrate a machining center that answered Alcoa’s call for increased length and capacity needs. Tekna’s new machining center is 16 meters long complete with two independent workstations. 

Each station has the ability to perform separate functions or work on the same section in different portions. If the second station is left in standby, it is also possible to machine a profile 14 meters long.

Booth #528
Automated Machinery Adds to CNC Machining Line

Booth 528 Automated Machinery Inc. will be showcasing the latest edition to its product line of aluminum profile working CNC machining centers for storefront, curtainwall and aluminum windows and doors. The Argo CNC machining center is a 4-axis machining center, available in working lengths of 7,000 mm and 3,500 mm.

Stop by the Automated Machinery booth to see the Argo and Flen CNC machining centers in full operation.

Booth #907
Salem To Showcase Global Offerings

Booth 907 Salem Distributing Co. of Winston-Salem, N.C., will be showing a variety of different lines. 
The Bovone Transloader is a unit designed to transfer glass automatically from one edging or beveling machine to another. The Transloader connects the two machines together and will remove glass from the exit conveyor accurately and position it on the entrance conveyor or the other coupled machine. The machine can handle lites as thick as 2 inches and as small as 3.1 inches square.

Salem will also display the RCN Engineering Variant Kiln. The only kiln capable of producing mar-free basins and surrounds from clear glass, the RCN Kiln is available in single or double basin. The innovative kiln does not require costly molds, thereby eliminating marks often caused by molds.

The Mistral automatic/manual sandblasting unit from Pezza will also be available through Salem. The unit is built for production sand-etching of flat glass and can be operated in fully automatic or operator-controlled modes.

Booth 907a The Mistral 200 features a built-in, self-cleaning filter that captures dust generated by the blasting process in special filter bags. The unit also utilizes an automatic recovery system to recycle the abrasive after it has been automatically separated from the dust collection.

The newest model for 2003 offers upgraded programming features including greater design flexibility.

Another machine from Salem is the Cambi Trapano Tipo C/11 semi-automatic glass drilling machine. This line features opposing heads to ensure quick, clean, through holes every time, regardless of diameter. The top head is controlled manually while the bottom is actuated pneumatically. Maximum-hold diameter utilizing both heads is 4 inches; 8 inches when using only the top head.

Booth #1101
The CFL Machine Can Drill Multiple Holes

CFL is the product name the newest machine from Schiatti Angelo SRL of Seregno, Italy. It is designed and built for multiple hole drilling of glass sheets. The machine can process glass thickness of 3- to 12-mm, according to the company. Schiatti is distributed in the United States by DeGorter Inc.

Schiatti says the CFL was developed to enable drilling and double edging that could be completed in a single operation; plus, the model can be used with an automatic glass-loading machine. The whole structure is composed of three independent sections: a motorized inlet conveyor, a drilling center and a motorized outlet conveyor. A variety of drilling- head options is also available.

The machine’s control panel is placed at the side of the inlet table and drilling center. It is fitted with a PLC, which controls the following functions: control of the bridge movement, control of the drilling head movement, control of the datum stops for glass positioning, input and management of drilling programs, spindle speed display, X-Y coordinate of drilling heads display and glass size dimension display, according to the company.

Booth # 1153
Wakefield Shows Off Glass Dollies

Booth 1153 Among its numerous offerings, Wakefield Equipment of Hudson, Ohio, will be showcasing its glass dollies for those in search of an efficient way to move cases or stock throughout a building or shop. 

The dollies are available in two-sided A, or single-sided L designs with an option of wood or protective rubber sides. The equipment capacities range from 4,000 to 8,000 pounds.

Booth #1248
FTI Breaks Through with Safe-Guard® Film

Film Technologies International Inc. (FTI) of St. Petersburg, Fla., will be offering its Safe-Gard window film. FTI says it is the first film manufacturer to have its product, Safe-Gard, pass Dade County impact and cycling protocol using annealed glass. 

According to the company, Safe-Gard can be dry laminated onto glass and incorporated into an insulating unit during the window-making process. A spacer system is used to separate the two lites and a silicone sealant is used around the perimeter.

In addition, FTI offers a testing facility that has an impact apparatus available to assist window and door producers in performing preliminary testing prior to seeking Dade County certification. 

Booth #1339
Warming Up to Edgetech

Booth 1248 Edgetech I.G. of Cambridge, Ohio, will demonstrate the Lisec True Warm™ spacer system. The fully automated Super Spacer® line for residential use features a vertical, automatic Super Spacer application and a gas-filling and automatic secondary sealant application. 

With vertical-to-vertical glass handling, the new system allows for efficient material flow using various glass sizes and popular glass coatings. According to the company, the Lisec True Warm System can produce up to 1,200 units per shift with no direct labor, making it a low-cost product system for insulating glass units manufactured with flexible spacer technology.

Booth #1939
SAP Unveils Pivot Door System For Heavy Glass

Southeastern Aluminum Products of Jacksonville, Fla., now has available a pivot door system for 3/8-inch thick glass shower installations. In the company’s Signature line of heavy glass enclosures, the new design eliminates the need for notches and complicated hinge hardware that requires screws, spring, ball bearings or rods.

The Signature pivot door hardware is a clamp-on device with a base plate that utilizes the door’s weight and turning motion to center itself in the standard closed position. The clamp on hardware eliminates the need for making notches in the glass, allowing for simple installation and quick horizontal adjustment. 

Booth #2039
Glasstech Uses Convection Heating to Lower Costs

Glasstech Inc. of Perrysberg, Ohio, has developed two systems that it says tempers low-E flat glass efficiently.
Booth 2039
These systems, the ERH-C2 and the FCH2, use convection heating, either in conjunction with electric radiation or fueled by natural gas, to reduce the time required by its new generation tempering systems to heat low-E glass.

The company says its electric radiation heater with C-2 convection technology, the ERH-C2, can process low-E glass approximately 25 percent faster than a traditional electric radiation heater. The movement of the air created by the convection technology is the key to the system’s increased efficiency with high-performance coated glass, according to the company.

The company says its gas-fired, forced-convection heater, the FCH2, offers the perfect combination of convection heating, tempering technology and reduced energy costs.

The FCH2 heats clear glass at a rate of 30 seconds per millimeter of thickness and low-E glass at a rate of 33 to 35 seconds per millimeter, depending on the specific composition of the coating. This heating time for low-E glass is about half the time taken by typical electrical radiation systems, according to the company.

Booth #2139
Save Time with Bromer’s Free Fall Shuttle

Booth 2139 Bromer Inc. of Quebec says its Free Fall Shuttle will help sealed-unit manufacturers save production time, while maximizing space and optimizing their staffs. One drawer is pulled out from the drawer system to be placed in the shuttle, then the shuttle moves to the table. From there, the glass can free-fall if the drawer is equipped with a high ledgeboard or put on a regular loader machine if the ledgeboard is low. The shuttle system can be motorized and only requires one person to perform the job, according to Bromer. 

The company’s Automatic Free Fall Loading Table will also be shown. Regardless of whether it is motorized, the table can be used in conjunction with any cutting line machinery including Bavelloni, Bottero, Lisec, GED, Billco, Bystronic and many others.

In addition, the company will feature its glass recycler. This storing and handling system optimizes a cutting line and reduces the amount of glass lost, while storing the glass quickly and securely.

Booth #2329
From Inspiration To Creation

Booth 2329 Dependable Glass Works of Covington, La., will be on-hand to display its latest examples of custom laminated configurations of fabricated glass. From glass stair treads, handrails and decorative colors and patterns to bullet-resistant, blast-resistant, sound-control and impact-resistant glass, the company offers custom fabricated glass for virtually any application.

Booth # 2411
Get A Grip

Don’t miss Laurel, Mont.-based Wood’s Powr-Grip’s booth to see the company’s full line of vacuum hand cups, multi-purpose and production line below-the-hook lifters as well as its newest offerings, the Manual Rotator Tilter with remote control and the two new lifters that feature Powr-Grip’s Quadra-Tilt design.

Designed for light manufacturing operations and installation, the Manual Rotator Tilter (MRT) and P11104 feature a remote control option that allows operators to apply or release a load from remote locations. The units are lightweight and utilize manual rotation and tilt for easy load positioning and on-board, self-contained DC vacuum systems for tangle-free movement.

The company will also be displaying its Quadra-Tilt lifters that are equipped with a four-bar tilt mechanism to minimize the effort of tilting loads between flat and upright positions. The Manual Rotator Tilter-Assisted and the Manual Tilter-Assisted lifters use vacuum pads that can be moved to attach at a number of locations on the load, thereby avoiding holes or defects in the load surface.

Booth #2415
Skyline Exhibits For the First Time

Booth 2415 Booth 2415a Showcasing a variety of architectural art glass options, Skyline Design will be exhibiting its wares at GlassBuild for the first time. The Chicago-based company offers sandblasted and sealed patterned glass as well as glass in translucent and painted finishes for interior and exterior use.

Also available from the company is a full line of patterned silk-screened and photo-applied glass. All of Skyline’s etched glass is sealed with a proprietary etch sealer that the company says never needs to be reapplied.

Booth #2439
EDTM Unveils New Presentation Kit

Booth 2439 Among the new products Toledo, Ohio-based EDTM Inc. will be displaying at its booth is the SK1330 UV and Solar Sales Presentation Kit. 

The kit includes EDTM’s SP2065 Solar Transmission meter to demonstrate to users how windows perform against the sun’s energy. 

An infrared and ultra violet-light source are included in the kit to allow for better indoor demonstrations to customers. The organizer includes positions for window samples, locations for promotional literature and spots for business cards.

Booth #2508
Stainless Steeling the Show

Stop by Meek Manufacturing Co.’s booth at GlassBuild and see its newest product, the Adjustable Angle Demonstration Mirror. Ideal for a variety of applications from chemistry labs to cooking schools, the double-sided, 1/8-inch acrylic mirror is framed by a satin finish, stainless steel channel frame that allows it to rotate 360 degrees and adjust to any angle. The supports can be mounted to a table or ceiling with mounting plates and are constructed of 1-inch, 14-gauge steel black powder coated tubing.

Mirrors range in size up to 60- by 36 inches.

The Fort Smith, Ark., company will also be displaying its patented theft-resistant, stainless steel, snap-framed mirror. Constructed of 18-gauge, type 304 stainless steel with welded and polished corners, the mirror is theft- and vandal-resistant and installs with no visible mounting.

The angle frame is available in a bright satin or powder-coated finish.

Booth #2529
Booth 2529 F. Barkow Raises the Stakes

Milwaukee-based F. Barkow Inc. will feature its enclosed stainless steel 12-foot body and 9-foot aluminum Mongoose complete with a variety of features including its signature STAKE-LOC® stakes that self-lock into body ledgeboard for safe transportation.

Booth #2545
Rolling With Groves Inc.

In addition to its glass rack storage systems, Groves Inc. of McHenry, Ill., will be showing it new Slab Dollies and Buggy Buddy. 
Booth 2545
The Slab Dollies are constructed of neoprene for easy cleaning that prevents material slippage. With the ability to maneuver inside or outdoors, the Slab Dollies are ideal for moving drops and cut size pieces and feature pneumatic tires and 4-inch swivel casters with a capacity up to 1,000 pounds.

The Buggy Buddy is made of neoprene rubber on the uprights, with pneumatic tires and heavy-duty 5-inch swivel casters with locking breaks that are installed on the outside of the frame for added stability. The buggy is 40 inches long, 24 inches wide and 36 inches high measured from the top of the bed. At a weight of only 130 pounds, the Buggy Buddy performs with up to 2000 pounds.

Booth #2549
Stick It To ‘Em

Cleveland-based Capital Tape will be showcasing the expansions of several of its product lines, including its high-performance acrylic tape collection. Available in gray, white, clear and translucent, the high-performance tapes are designed for applications that necessitate premium performance and long life.
Booth 2549
  Capital also has expanded its 9200 series of high-density polyethylene foams for nonstructural applications. According to the company, the products feature aggressive acrylic adhesive suitable for use indoors and outdoors with plastic liners for easy installation.

Booth #2617
Just Around the Bend

Visit the Tamglass booth to learn about its latest method of bending and tempering large glass sheets. The ProBend™ furnace enables architects and designers to utilize large bent and tempered panels at a reasonable cost. Shapes, sizes and thicknesses can be processed at high speeds with minimal changeover time and the processing is done without any moulds.
The company also will be featuring the ProConvection and SuperConvection ™ furnaces for handling hard-coated, low-E glass and clear glass in a variety of sizes. A result of professional convection technology, Tamglass has developed a system for controlling convection heating with no moving parts in hot conditions. The new system directs air-flow to both sides of the glass to ensure even heating.

Booth #2648
Add A Splash Of Color

Coastal Glass Distributors now has 17 standard colors glass to add color to any application. The glass also meets ANSI 97.1 performance criteria as well as Dade County certification ASTM E 1996-99 for large missile impact.
Booth 2648
The Charleston, S.C.-based company stocks more than 40 patterns of glass including Pilkington's line of texture glass, which was recently expanded to more than 30 individual patterns.

According to the company, all glass is fabricated in-house and it has the capability for laminating, mitering, tempering, notching, insulating, drilling and straightedge and shape polishing, resulting in short lead-times and low costs for its customers.

Booth #2813
In A Bind?

In an effort to help customers, engineers, architects and design professionals research its products easily, Atlanta-based AFGD Glass has developed a new architectural binder and website to make the process additionally efficient.

Booth 2813 The new architectural site features product information and performance data, quality guidelines, product comparisons, terms and definitions, frequently asked questions, glass handling guidelines and warranties, among a variety of additional features. The printer-friendly pages allow for presentation-quality documents that can be used for submittals or personal use.

The promotional CD created by the company includes a hyperlink to AFGD’s new site and leads the user directly to pages that list available binder updates. Also included on the CD is a PowerPoint presentation, Word-formatted specification guidelines and functioning replica of the website.

In addition, AFGD has announced plans to expand its fire-rated product offerings, with the distribution of PyroEdge and Pyrobel clear fire- and safety-rated glazing products. Manufactured by Glaverbel, Pyrobel is comprised of multiple layers of glass with clear intumescent interlayers that expand at around 120°C. At the higher temperature, the layers transform into an opaque shield that offers maximum protection for property and egress. 

Booth # 2901
CRL To Offer Expanded Standoff Display System

C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles will offer new sizes and finishes to its standoff display system.

All of the company's standoff bases are available in ½-inch diameter as well as ¾-inch and 1 ¼-inch diameters in incremental lengths of ¼ inch to 6 inches.

In addition, a brushed stainless finish in eight lengths has been added to CRL's ¾-inch diameter bases. Since they are made of steel, the company says they are the strongest and most durable of its standoffs. 

CRL's standoff display system can be used indoors and outdoors. Corresponding cap assemblies include screws, washers and vinyl sleeves. A number of finishes are available including chrome, satin chrome, brass and brushed stainless. Custom finishes are available by quote. 
For more info, circle card #118.

Booth # 2906
Letting the Light In

Booth 2906 Finnish company Glassrobots Oy will be introducing its new method for tempering glass into spherical shapes. The company devised the method in conjunction with its sister company, Tambest, in order to meet the demand for glass roofs and canopies, two increasingly popular elements in modern architecture.

Based on the company’s horizontal bending furnace, which it says eliminates the need for preheating and further contributes to optical quality, the method can be integrated into all new and existing Rainbowmaker TSF™ series bending and tempering systems.

The method allows for consistent, large batch sizes in which all the glass elements can be bent on the same radius. It is also possible to use the same combined moulds for the production of all the glass elements needed in the dome.

Booth #2930
The Need To Pres-On

Booth 2930 Pres-On Tape & Gasket of Addison, Ill., is pleased to announce its new glazing tape, available in 1/32-inch, 1/16-inch and 1/8-inch thicknesses. According to the company, the tape has been tested in accordance to AAMA test 800-92 and can be cut to a company’s required measurements.

The adhesive system is rubber or acrylic and is available in black or white and can be used in a variety of applications including mirror mounting or mutton tape.

Booth # 3111
Sliding Into Home

Häfele America now has available the HAWA-Rondo 150/GB system for all-glass sliding doors. The system is designed for semicircular all-glass doors with tempered glass and can support doors up to 330 pounds. The Rondo 150/GB features a stainless steel top rack and a 1,000-millimeter minimum axis radius.
Booth 3111
The Archdale, N.C.-based company also offers the HAWA-Media 70/GB system for curved and straight glass sliding doors. Characterized by its ability to run around curved applications, the system also has a 500-millimeter radius and can support doors up to 154 pounds.

Company literature states that both systems require simple installation and allow for vertical adjustment without removing the glass doors.

Booth #3016
D-CALC Demonstrates Its Latest Software

Stop by the D-CALC America booth to see its Façade 4000 configuration, order-entry, design, engineering and CAD software demonstrated. Designed for use by manufacturers of doors, windows, shower doors, patio enclosures, storefronts and curtainwalls, the D-CALC Façade 4000 generates interactive CAD drawings of products as they are being entered as an order.
Booth 3016
The system provides a rules-based engine for product design and hardware selection validation as well as a complete bill of materials, lineal material optimization, fabrication and CNC machine code generation. The system can be integrated into existing MRP/ERP solutions as well as accounting and project management applications.

D-CALC America has joined with Enhanced Systems & Services Inc.’s Finesse™ inventory, accounting, ERP/MRP and shipping software to provide users with a single-source solution.

Booth #3301
Gets Them Up and Out

Booth 3301 Wausau, Wis.-based Major Industries Inc. now offers Quick Ship™, a web-based system that speeds up the process of ordering and receiving pre-engineered skylights. All Quick Ship skylights use Guardian 275® translucent panels, pre-engineered to cut down on lead times and cost and eliminate hot rush fees.

Using Quick Ship, architects or owners can choose the correct dimensions, slope, color and design parameters via Major’s website and can receive a price within one business day. According to the company, the new system cuts leads down to a maximum of six weeks for available finishes and standard sizes.

The Quick Ship system also includes pre-engineered systems to ensure high quality, consistency, cost savings, various popular configurations, Kynar® finishes and detail drawings.

Booth #3239
Single And Loving It

Booth 3239 YKK AP America Inc. of Atlanta will be introducing its new single-hung window, YVS 400 TU. The window features YKK’s specialized finishes and patented ThermaBond Plus™ thermal break system.

The sash tilts in for easy cleaning and utilizes heavy-duty hardware. A complete line of accessories and a compatible fixed-lite option enables the window to accommodate a wide variety of 

Booth # 3048
Pulp Studio Offers An Array Of Aesthetics

Los Angeles-based Pulp Studio Inc. has available a variety of products designed to add a distinct look or ambiance to any design or application, from its colored glass series to Switchlite™ privacy glass. The company also has begun offering a hardware division that will encompass specialty hardware for projects that utilize custom hardware. The company is also a distributor for the Pilkington Seraphic architectural designer glass line.
Booth 3048
According to the company, its decorative glass is laminated safety glass with a variety of graphic interlayers. The substrates are sandwiched between two lites of glass that are then exposed to heat and pressure, permanently fusing the grouping into a single lite of glass that complies with all major glass safety standards.

The company offers more than 200 varieties and colors of patterns in its Fiber series, a line produced with patterns from Japanese rice papers and simple fiber textures.

Its colored glass series features more than 400 different colors of glass available in transparent, translucent, opaque interlayer or mirrored.

Pulp also offers Switchlite privacy glass, a liquid crystal privacy glass that changes from translucent to clear at the flip of a switch and can be utilized in almost any residential or commercial application.

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