Volume 38, Issue 3, March 2003


Responding to Bob
Dear USG,
I just read Bob Lawrence’s column in the December 2002 issue (see "Farnady Files") and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it.

If ever a nail was hit squarely on the head, he did in that column. His views are shared by a lot of us in the industry. Congratulations to him and my best regards.
Peter Alexander

Dear USG,
I read Bob Lawrence’s column in the December issue (see "Farnady Files") with interest, and agree that there is a failure in the industry to have some form of stable pricing. 

Years ago (when I first started in this industry), I was told by a general contractor that he was amazed that glass contractors were always so quick to cut their prices. After 30 years I find that nothing has changed.

Many tell me that I am a fool because I welcome reasonable price increases over a reasonable time period. They seem to forget that this business makes a profit by marking up costs, and as the costs increase our profit increases without our doing anything extra. What a bargain. Maybe this is why some of our competitors go out of business. Without these price increases they can’t figure out how to make more money in the face of rising costs in other areas of their business. They just keep cutting their prices and demand that the supplier cut his so they can survive. Soon they are all broke.

Ronnie Jones 
New Orleans Glass Co.
New Orleans

Say It Isn’t So
Dear USG,
Losing Bob Lawrence’s regular column is like finding out that Diogenes has retired. His sharp insights and constructive criticism of our industry will be sorely missed. 

We will miss his wit and his commitment to a better glass industry. Even though those are big Texas shoes to fill, I hope you find someone else with the same integrity, concern and directness to keep us pointed in the right direction.

Fred Wallin
Vice president, marketing and business development
AFG Industries Inc.
Kingsport, Tenn.

Editor’s Note: Bob Lawrence isn’t leaving, he just won’t be writing on a bi-monthly schedule. Look for his next column in the Spring. 


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