Volume 38, Issue 3, March 2003

doors and door hardware
Dor-O-Matic Latches on to New Latching System
Now available from Harwood Heights, Ill.-based Dor-O-Matic Inc. is the new positive latching option on the Slimline ICC/CCU manual sliding doors. According to the company, the positive latching doors close securely when the strike is contacted, yet also allows doors to open quickly. The latching handle is ADA-compliant as well.

Dor-O-Matic says the doors, which are designed for medical facilities, offer high visibility for patient monitoring and are available either trackless or with a concealed door track in the door frame.
The positive latching is available as an option on SO-SX-SX-SO and SO-SX floor track models. The company adds that doors with positive latching are full-breakout at any point in their travel.

CRL’s Solution For Drop Ceilings
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles has introduced White Hat Channel Door Closer Headers for single and double doors and fixed-panel glazing. The Los Angeles-based company designed the headers for new and retrofit construction in buildings with large, open-spaced floors with drop ceilings. They hold overhead concealed door closers and are fabricated with white, extruded aluminum finish that matches “T” bars on the ceiling, providing a virtually invisible look to the installation. 

The header is connected to a soffit that has a bottom dimension 1¾ inches above the ceiling line. Surrounded by an “L” angle to support ceiling tiles, the channels are available in 36-inch single and 72-inch double door lengths as well as custom-single and double-door lengths.

The company also offers hat channels for fixed glazing with drop ceilings, providing a pocket for 3/8-inch or ½-inch glass. The ceiling panel retaining lips match the “T” bar 1¾ inch below the soffit.

cleaning aids
Brushing Up On New 3M Products
St. Paul, Minn.-based 3M now offers radial bristle brushes in a 6-inch diameter, in addition to its previous 2- and 3-inch diameter offerings. Designed to clean and polish hard-to-reach areas, surrounding protrusions or into patterns and grooves, the radial bristle brushes are constructed with abrasive-filled bristles that apply a continuous supply of fresh, sharp mineral to the workpiece. 

The brushes are gentle to the base material and surrounding details while allowing for uniform finish. With no loose-flying wires, the thin flexible bristles also allow for conformability to problem sanding areas.

Suitable for a variety of applications, the brushes are color-coded by grade for ease of use.

railing assembly systems
MTH Announces Product Patent Approval
MTH Industries of Chicago has announced that the United States Patent Office has approved its patent application for the Glass Wedge Railing Assembly System. As of February 11, 2003, the system has been assigned patent number US6,517,056 B2.

The system was invented by John D. Shepherd and developed in conjunction with MTH Industries.
Currently, MTH Industries and J.G. Braun, among others, are distributing the system. According to the company, the system has received positive responses from all who have used it.

An Idea That Sticks
Gunther Mirror Mastics of South Bend, Ind., has unveiled the Gunther EZ Stick® mirror adhesive pads, a peel-and-stick approach to adhering mirrors to substrates that eliminates the need for caulk guns, electric scoops or adhesive sticks. 

Users can place one EZ Stick mirror adhesive pad on the wall, peel off the release paper, set the mirror and the application is complete. Only one EZ Stick pad per square foot of mirror is needed for a secure application, eliminating guesswork on adhesive amounts or set times. 

framing systems
Vistawall Offers StormMax™
Terrell, Texas-based Vistawall Architectural Products has introduced StormMax hurricane-resistant framing systems, which the company says provide protection against wind-borne debris as mandated by South Florida’s hurricane code. 

The line includes curtainwall, window wall, storefront and entrance systems that have been tested to comply with the Miami/Dade County Protocol 201, 202, 203 and Southern Building Code Congress International.

adhesives and sealants
New Adhesive Tape Available from Sekisui
Sekisui Chemical has announced that it has developed an adhesive tape for use in grinding and polishing ultra-thin semiconductor wafers. The SELFA tape secures a wafer to a glass substrate after which the wafer is ground and polished until the tape is removed by irradiating it with ultraviolet light.

The Tokyo-based company claims that using the SELFA tape, wafers as thin as 25 microns can be 
grinded and polished. The new tape will improve production efficiency tremendously, as previous approaches with wafers thinner than 50 micros made it necessary to handle the wafers manually due to their proneness to warping, breaking and deformation.

E-Skylight.com Announces New Standard Skylight Program
Based in Waterboro, Maine, E-Skylight.com has announced it is now offering 100-percent, pre-assembled and glazed standard glass skylights in pyramid, polygon, ridge and hipped-ridge configurations. 

Like other custom products from E-Skylight.com that are designed and ordered online, the company says free, comprehensive shop drawings and structural calculations are created instantly. Products are shipped within four weeks.

"In 15 minutes or less a glazier can have a free comprehensive shop drawing, structural reactions and delivered price for high performance, thermally improved skylights [and] four weeks later he can be installing them," said Francis O'Neill, principal and vice president for E-Skylight.com. "What our in-house engineering and IT people have created is truly revolutionary." 


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