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Volume 38, Issue 4, April 2003

Energy & Environment

Thad Ziegler Glass Honored with Energy Award for Using Propane

The Propane Education and Research Council has awarded the Propane Exceptional Energy Delivery Fleet Award to Thad Ziegler Glass Ltd. of San Antonio. The award, which was presented last year at the Department of Energy’s Eighth National Clean Cities Conference & Expo, recognizes motor fleets that demonstrate economic and environmentally conscious success by using clean burning propane to fuel vehicles.

The award was presented by Roy Willis, Propane Council president, and Thad M. Ziegler accepted the award.

“Economics were the key,” said Ziegler, whose company is currently fueling nearly 50 percent of its delivery fleet with propane. “I thought there might be performance issues with propane. Instead I found the fuel to be as effective as gasoline and my maintenance costs were definitely reduced.”

“Thad Ziegler Glass is succeeding in the best way possible,” said Willis. “By putting propane in their business plans and into their tanks they have secured their bottom line while having a positive impact on the clean-air challenges of San Antonio.”