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Volume 38, Issue 4, April 2003

Dear USG

Reflecting on the Industry
Dear USG:
I have intended to write this for some time, but was unable to get this computer to work right. Every time I got a letter just about done, I would hit a strange button and it would go away and I had a blank sheet; so much for the technology, kid.

I want you to know how much I enjoy USGlass magazine. I always read it cover to cover. The article about the blending of glass and plastic was fascinating to me (see November 2002 USGlass, page 26). The possibilities of such a product would be endless. The strength of glass combined with the flexibility of plastic will create a new industry—much like what happened to the curtainwall industry. Although glass is a big part of curtainwall, most large jobs are done by companies that you wouldn’t describe as being in the glass business; walls are all they do. I will look forward to reading more about the development of this new material.

Yes, I do miss the business. I miss old friends, the feeling of satisfaction when doing a complicated job, the pride of showing someone what I built … I could go on with many reasons why I miss the business, but won’t bore you with any more. Retirement has its good parts, such as spending days in my workshop building all kinds of furniture, some of which a custom furniture maker in McDoungh sells to designers. I have made a Victorian sleigh and a wooden red radio flyer wagon that a local department store uses in its Christmas window decorations. I have just finished a deck chair for [my wife] Ethel for when she feels well enough to go outside. It was one of the hardest things I have ever made—not a straight board in it except for stretchers.

Well, please excuse all of my spelling and grammar errors, after all, I am just an old glazier who quit working and is cooling his heels, taking life easy except for a few political things that I have gotten involved with here in this country county in which I live.

Bill Hart
Hart Glass
McDonough, Ga.

Editor’s Note: Bill Hart is formerly with Hart Glass of McDonough, Ga. He was inducted into the Glass and Metal Hall of Fame in 1997.