Volume 38, Issue 5, May 2003

                       a message from the publisher

Family Feud No More

“We can fix this,” said our associate publisher Lisa Naugle (formerly O’Connor) emphatically. Lisa is one of the most optimistic people I know; otherwise, why would she make her living selling to the glass industry? “We have got to let people see that Max and Lyle really like each other. People are starting to think they are really mad at each other.” She was referring, of course, to the multi-month feud festering in these very pages between our own beloved columnists Max Perilstien and Lyle Hill. Lyle is upset with Max for going to work for an aluminum supplier, a species he holds a little below slug on the food chain. And Max is annoyed because Lyle won’t let him prove how good his company, Arch Aluminum, is by buying some aluminum from him.

And so it was on a warm spring day that Lisa set about to effectuate her own form of Rose Garden diplomacy. “But, Lisa,” I protested, “I think there is a certain amount of friction between them.”

“Nonsense,” she replied. “They are both very nice guys—real gentlemen—and they both have great senses of humor, have been in the glass industry their entire adult lives and they are both good writers. They will get along great once they get a chance to know each other.”

Lisa was right indeed. It was a rocky start, but after three or four hours, I am happy to report they started speaking to each other and after a couple of more hours were even trading war stories. “I just acted as a go-between on a few critical issues and peace was at hand,” Lisa said. Lisa is a very resourceful person. In fact, she even informs me that she now owns a truckload of aluminum from Arch that she is selling. If interested, contact her and ask about the “Hill” order, but don’t tell Max!                                                -Deb


Max and Lyle upon their historic meeting. Maybe lunch will help.The guys after their three-hour lunch. Obviously, neither had a drink.

Associate publisher Naugle gingerly builds a bridge . . .. . . and it works--columnists united in friendship; feud declared over.


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