Volume 38, Issue 5, May 2003

shower enclosure products
A Pivoting Idea
A pivot door system for 3/8-inch thick glass is the newest addition to the Signature series of heavy glass enclosures from Southeastern Aluminum Products of Jacksonville, Fla. The new design is said to eliminate the need for notches and complicated hinge hardware that requires screws, springs, ball bearings or rods.

The door’s hardware is a clamp-on device with a base plate that utilizes the weight and turning motion of the door to self center itself in the standard closed position. The lack of notches in the glass can reduce both the cost and fabrication lead times.

In addition, the clamp-on hardware is easy to install and allows for quick, horizontal adjustment. It can be installed as a wall-mount, from floor to ceiling or in a standard header configuration. It works as either a stand-alone door or in a custom combination with a variety of fixed panels. Standard colors for the hardware include silver, gold and brushed nickel, and hardware can be powder coated to match any color sample. The base plate, which previously was only available in white, is now offered in black, gray and beige.
For more information, visit www.southeasternaluminum.com.

Going For the Platinum
Coastal Industries Inc. of Jacksonville, Fla., has available a number of new products.

For one, the company now offers its Paragon™ series shower door products in a platinum finish. The series is also available in brushed nickel, brite silver, brite gold and white.

In addition, Coastal is offering its Paragon series in both ¼-inch and 3/16-inch tempered glass panels.

The company also has introduced its CrystalBall™ 2003 software. The software system, first launched in 2001, is designed to allow distributors and fabricators to configure, design and customize a product application in a real-world, error-free, user-friendly application.
For more information visit www.coastalind.com.

The Right Frame of Mind
Now available from Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) is the frameless hinge KD (knock-down) door kit for 3/8-inch glass.

Each kit includes the hinges, aluminum extrusions for both sides of the door, vertical seals, mounting screws and a bottom sweep. Either CRL’s Geneva or Pinnacle hinges are available. Kits come in heights of 72- or 78-inches in polished, chrome finishes.

“Because these kits are fast and easy to install, they are particularly suitable for high-volume applications such as frameless shower enclosures in tract homes or hotels,” said Brad Murphy, CRL’s technical sales department manager. “They are installed in single door openings and come with the hinges already incorporated into the aluminum extrusions.”
For more information, visit www.crlaurence.com

ClearShield Offers Clean Glass Technology
For “non-stick” glass surfaces, ClearShield Technologies of Chicago has available its Clean Glass Technology, a polymeric resin for converting unprotected glass into a surface that is easy to clean.

ClearShield says the technology is appropriate for shower enclosures, which are exposed to harsh environments due to hard water, high humidity, soap and shampoo. Since unprotected glass is reactive to such barriers, contaminants can bond to the glass’s surface. To resist such factors, ClearShield’s technology provides an invisible, protective barrier. It also helps to reduce bacteria growth.
For more information, visit www.clearshieldonline.com.

Hardware on the Horizon
U.S. Horizon Manufacturing Inc. of Valencia, Calif., has developed a jamb-mounted hinge assembly designed for steam enclosure applications and jobs in which water-tight closure is required.

Configured with the company’s 50-pound Maxum series hinge and available with two or more hinges pre-attached, custom heights are available up to 98 inches. 
The product features solid forged brass hinges with a matching anodized aluminum jamb and is self-closing from 20 degrees.

Designed for use with 3/8-inch and ½-inch glass, the Maxum jamb-mount series is available in a variety of finishes.
For more information, visit www.ushorizon.com.

Drexler Makes the Connection
Drexler Shower Door Co. of Atlanta has launched a new website, www.drexlershowerdoor.com. The new site features architectural specifications for frameless shower doors as references for both architects and builders.
For more information, visit www.drexlershowerdoor.com.

New Brochure Available from Agalite
Agalite Shower Enclosures of Seattle has released its new flagship brochure, which offers 12 pages of the company’s complete collection of shower and tub enclosures—Estate, Euro, Accent, Vision and Finesse.

“We went all out to make this a very versatile and informative piece of literature,” said Tom Sulock, Agalite sales manager. “From your showroom personnel to the contractor/homeowner, this piece will sell for you.”
Along with the brochure, Agalite also has released its newly designed and updated price pages.
For more information, visit www.agalite.com.

insulating glass production
Three IG Solutions Available from Adco
Michigan Center, Mich.-based Adco Products Inc. has announced three new insulating glass (IG) products.

The GD-677NA is a two-part polyurethane that is designed for use as a secondary edge sealant for dual-seal IG units. The product offers high strength and elasticity, as well as ultraviolet (UV) stability and can be used in automated application equipment.

Also available is the Ködilan PCR UV-cure liquid laminate. The liquid laminate is a transparent, one-component cast resin for manufacturing composite glass with characteristics of either sound insulation, impact-resistance or a combination of both.

Adco is also offering its dual-seal alternative program that features the InterSeal®-DSA elastomeric edge sealant, desiccant matrix, Adco compensator-less sealant pumping and upgraded lineal-U application equipment. 
For more information, visit www.adcoglobal.com.

Rolltech Offers IG Dolly for IG Manufacturers
Available from Rolltech Industries of Toronto is the IG dolly, model #DRSIGD, which can provide insulating glass (IG) manufacturers with interplant transportation. The dolly features a tilt-back base that is said to keep the units in place while being shipped to remote locations. Due to its open-slatted back, customers can use supplementary securement if needed.
For more information, visit www.rolltechindustries.com.  


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