Volume 38, Issue 6, June 2003

20th Annual USGlass Guide to 
New Products and Services

Need new window hardware? No problem. How about glass processing equipment? We’ve got that, too. Glass, windows, doors, software? Yes to all four—whatever you need, chances are we’ve got it. Here you’ll find the latest products and services for the glass industry right at your fingertips—the 20th Annual USGlass Guide to New Products and Services is right here before your eyes with an all-encompassing look at just some of what the industry has to offer.

Oceans Away
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries has unveiled the new Oceans of Color collection, which is a line of ocean-colored performance tinted architectural glasses. These green energy-efficient glasses are engineered to meet industry-leading ratings for visible light transmittance, reduced infrared transmittance and low solar heat gain coefficience. The Oceans of Color line encompasses four spectrally selective tinted glasses: Caribia aqua-green glass, Atlantica emerald-green glass, Azuria aqua-blue glass and Solexia light-green glass.
Info: www.ppg.com or call 412/434-3131.


Taking the Stairs
Glass staircases and walking surfaces from Dependable Glass Works of Covington, La., are designed to allow for uninterrupted light, whether transparent or translucent. Custom configurations of glass and polycarbonate can be designed to be bullet-resistant as well.
Info: www.dependableglass.com or call 800/338-2414.


overhead glazing
TACO Metals Introduces Glass Canopy System
TACO Metals of Miami has enhanced its product offerings with the addition of its glass canopy system. 

The glass canopy is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, and according to the company, the system guarantees a long life and weather protection, meeting all demands. Either heat-strengthened or laminated safety glass can be used in the 
Info: www.tacometals.com or call 800/743-3803 .

glass racks and storage
Groves Rolls Out New Systems
Groves Inc. of McHenry, Ill., has expanded its line of case storage systems for glass packs and wooden cases. The new double-stack system is designed to store one case on top of another; it is ideal for shower door glass as well as 4,000-pound cases of glass or mirror up to 48 inches by 144 inches.
Info: www.groves.com or call 815/385-9780.

Rolltech Offers New Drawer System
For glass packs and cases, Rolltech has available a new drawer storage system that offers benefits including compact storage and minimal handling 

Drawers with a load capacity of 4,500 pounds are fitted with heavy-duty precision casters and bearings ensure ease of movement when pulling out or pushing in the drawers.

“The drawer storage system has made our operations safer, cleaner and more efficient,” said Doug Studt, president of Torstenson Glass in Chicago and a user of Rolltech’s product. “Of its benefits, we can access larger, thicker glass with a vacuum—we don’t have to lift anymore. We’ve also eliminated the use of wooden cases, so we no longer have wooden boxes to dispose of.”
Info: www.rolltechindustries.com. or call 414/337-0631.

Bromer Introduces Storage System
Bromer Inc. has recently introduced its sixth generation of drawer systems.

The double-sided drawer has been designed to save and optimize storage space. It features retractable drawers on both sides so glass can be loaded on one side and unloaded on the other.
Info: www.bromerinc.com or call 450/477-6682.

mirrors and mirror products
Gunther Offers New Mirror Adhesive Pads

Gunther Mirror Mastics of South Bend, Ind., has introduced EZ Stic® mirror adhesive pads, which are designed to adhere mirrors to substrates with a simple peel-n-stick approach. According to Gunther, the user simply needs to place the EZ Stic pad on the wall, peel off the release papers and set the mirror. 

The company claims its product is superior to traditional asphalt mastics because there is no need for caulk guns, electric scoops or adhesive sticks. Also, there is no guessing on the correct amount of adhesive to use, because each EZ Stic adhesive pad accommodates up to one square foot of mirror.
Info: www.gunthermirrormastics.com or call 800/227-6181.
insulating glass
Spectra Gases Introduce Gas Recovery System for IGUs
Now available from Spectra Gases of Branchburg, N.J., is the R-20 gas recovery system. The R-20 is designed for insulating glass unit manufacturers (IGU) manufacturers who currently fill units with pure krypton, xenon or krypton/argon gas mixtures.

The technology recovers gases exhausted during IGU filling processes, and the company reports it can help reduce overall gas costs of up to 20 percent, depending on annual gas volumes.
Info: www.spectragases.com or call 800/932-0624.

fire-rated products
A “Clear” Alternative
New building codes are requiring that fire-rated glazing in K-12 schools and athletic facilities conform to Impact Safety Standard CPSC 16CFR1201. Vetrotech Saint-Gobain of Auburn, Wash., offers products that meet these requirements.

Included in the line-up is Pyroswiss, the company’s original specially tempered product; the Keralite family of clear glass-ceramics and the Swissflam-N2 products, which resist fire and water (hose stream) and act as a barrier to radiant heat in ratings from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Also available from Vetrotech Saint-Gobain is the Contraflam-N2, which provides ratings from 60 minutes to 2 hours.
Info: www.vetrotechUSA.com or call 888/803-9533.

SpeciFIRE™ is Updated
Technical Glass Products (TGP) of Kirkland, Wash., has updated its SpeciFIRE fire-rated product guide to reflect the latest information on its fire-rated glass and framing products. The guide offers instant access to product information in a compact size. According to the company, users simply identify the fire and impact safety requirements for a project, locate these requirements listed on the slide chart and view the glazing and framing products that match. The SpeciFIRE’s “Product Wizard” also is available on the TGP products website at www.fireglass.com.
Info: www.fireglass.com or call 888/397-3473.

glass trucks
F. Barkow Keeps on Truckin’ 
Milwaukee-based F. Barkow has available its Mongoose glazing truck. According to the company, the truck, which is built for the city, is 9 feet long, versatile and lightweight. In addition, the truck features full lower splash panels with removable wheelhouse covers, self-locking stakes, a bedliner-protected floor and a cargo net on the rear.
Info: www.barkow.com or call 414/332-7311.

Keep it “Simplex”
Kaba Access Control of Winston-Salem, N.C., has announced the availability of its new pushbutton lock for installations with narrow stile glass doors. 

According to Kaba, with the Simplex 3100 lock employees can access secured locations by a simple combination, which can eliminate problems typical with keys and/or magnetic cards. An optional remote electric release also is available.

The lock has been quite beneficial for Horry County Schools in Conway, S.C. The locks were installed on a narrow-stile aluminum door with a full-glass view, and according to Harry Lyles, locksmith supervisor, prior to changing to the Simplex 3100 they had a problem with unexpected visitors walking into the building. 

“We wanted something with access control. I’d been familiar with other Simplex products, and they had just introduced the 3100,” he said. 

Now that they have switched to the 3100 they’ve had complete access control, as each employee has a code.

“It’s also great that it has a lever, so it doesn’t take two hands to open the door. And, there’s a push pad for when you’re exiting,” Lyles said.

Lyles added that with the system they can also block all entry codes during off hours.
Info: www.kaba-ilco.com or call 800/849-8324.

machinery and equipment
Users Can Count on New P-137 Glass Counter
Losing count of your lites? To counteract such problems, Record Products of America of Hamden, Conn., has introduced the new model P-137 glass counter, which, according to the company, scans a vertical or horizontal stack of lites and displays the total count and glass thickness on a large, illuminated LCD display. The machine sums and displays the total lites for thousands of crates or L-bucks. In addition, with an optional handle, the P-137 can count crated lites regardless of the lite thickness. 

According to the company, operation is simple—the operator presses the measurement button and then rolls the machine across the stack, and the count is immediately displayed.

Lightweight and cord-free, the P-137 operates for up to three weeks on a single battery charge, making the machine portable and versatile. Designed for 24-hour operation on the factory floor, the manufacturer points at the machine’s accuracy and repeatability as key features. However, Record Products of America says that perhaps the most impressive feature of its machine is that an algorithm actually learns what types of lites are being counted and alerts the operator to possible problems or discrepancies. 
Info: www.recordproducts.com or call 203/248-6371.

Sommer & Maca Introduces New Glass Washer
Sommer & Maca of Cicero, Ill., has introduced its 60-inch, heavy-duty, tilt-top glass washer for high-volume production. 

Much of the machine is made from stainless steel, including detergent and rinse compartments, slide-out tanks, roller journals and brushes, as well as the large ½-HP re-circulating pumps.

Brush and conveyor bearings have lubrication fittings and the company says the efficient rinse systems reduce water consumption by 66 percent.

A large, operator-control station is positioned on the loading conveyor, and the company’s “one-second” rapid height adjustment system, which can adjust for different glass thicknesses in one second, is also an option.

The machine can process glass from 0.050 to ½-inch thick at speeds of up to 35 feet per minute.
Info: www.somaca.com or call 800/323-9200.

A.N. Design Cuts up with New Cable Knife
The most recent addition for the flat glass market for UltraWiz® by A.N. Designs Inc. is the new UltraOne cable knife 3005-K. 

According to Bob Nilsson, president of A.N. Designs, the newly-designed knife combines the single-set screw design from the company’s 2000-M series with the comfort of the 3000-K series. Nilsson says that by using one set screw technicians only have to loosen the screw to replace the cutting blade. The design also allows the technician to adjust the height of the handle to work around elevation changes.

The knife comes with a heavy-duty pull cable 3003-RK and also includes thin foam covers for the handle and cable.
Info: www.ultrawiztools.com or call 860/482-2921.

lifting equipment
Wood’s Adds Options to Manual Rotator/Tilter
Based in Laurel, Mont., Wood’s Powr-Grip has added two options to its standard manual rotator/tilter (MRT): a remote-control option and an adaptable-length lift-bar option.

With the remote-control option, operators can release the load from remote locations. The option is radio-controlled, does not require operator licensing and has a range of up to 300 feet. Additional features include a code that can prevent interface from other radio transmissions and on-board vacuum level and release status indicators. The remote-control option is also available on the company’s channel lifters.
Info: www.powrgrip.com or call 800/548-7341.

TGP Introduces Updated Edition of Popular SpecifireTM 
The 2003 edition of the SpeciFIRETM is now available, offering a simple way to compare fire-rated glass and framing options side by side.. The SpeciFIRE is free of charge to qualified industry professionals. To order, call Technical Glass Products at 1-888-397-FIRE (3473) or log on to www.fireglass.com

doors and door hardware
CRL Introduces New Pivot Doors System
Now available from Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) is the new pivot door system for frameless glass door entrances. The system can be used with free-swinging doors or doors controlled by floor-mounted closers.

“The CRL pivot door system offers an ideal solution for designers, because it maximizes the glass while minimizing the hardware,” said Tom Colton, CRL product manager. “Designers can achieve the elegant look of an all-glass entrance, while providing the contemporary styling and easy maintenance of brushed, solid stainless steel. Furthermore, because the pivot door system is attached on the interior of the doors, using countersunk fasteners, the exterior face of the door [has a smooth surface].” 

Hardware for the doors are made of high-quality, solid stainless steel for 3/8-inch or ½-inch tempered glass and are available in a number of configurations, including single or double, free-swinging doors or mounted on floor closers, with or without glass transoms and/or sidelites.
Info: www.crlaurence.com or call 810/225-4640.

shower enclosures
Supreme Beings
For the latest in shower door glass, Arch Aluminum & Glass has announced its new Supreme shower door glass. Arch says it can meet the unique shower door needs of customers anywhere through its 22 locations nationwide.

“The Supreme program gives our customers access to some amazing varieties of glass. In the past they were very difficult to obtain, but now with Arch’s nationwide coverage, these incredible styles are as easy to get as traditional, heavy, clear glass,” said national sales manager Steve Perilstein.
Info: www.archaluminum.com or call 800/432-8132.

New Display Available From Emes
Toronto-based Emes Marketing Inc. now offers the K-La shower door display. Designed for ultimate space savings, the K-La display holds 14 shower doors in an area measuring only 3 ½ feet wide. 

According to the company, the displays are light-weight, easy-to-assemble and inexpensive. Using their own top rollers, the shower doors roll from side to side and multiple displays can stand side-by-side or back-to-back. 
Info: www.doordisplay.com or call 905/886-1066.

Coastal Industries Expands Shower Door Options
Coastal Industries of Jacksonville, Fla., has expanded its Paragon™ series of bypass shower doors. Customers can now choose between ¼- and 3/16-inch tempered glass panels. While the ¼-inch model features a solid aluminum towel bar mounted securely through the glass with a slender, gently radiused design, the 3/16-inch door features a new header, towel bar bracket and finger pull.

Both designs are available in brushed nickel, brite silver, brite gold, white and platinum finishes. Coastal Industries is particularly excited about the new platinum finish, described as a satin-like, pearlized soft sheen. 
Info: visit www.coastalind.com or call 904/641-1697.

Southeastern Aluminum Improves CrystalLine
Jacksonville, Fla.-based Southeastern Aluminum Products says it has improved its CrystalLine hinge shower enclosure system. The system now features a smaller, one-piece hinge magnet to reduce magnetic pull on the frameless hinge door, and a newly designed U-channel drip sweep, also for the frameless hinge door. According to the company, the new hinge magnet reduces magnetic pull by approximately 25 percent, allowing the door to open easily.

In addition, the new CrystalLine has a redesigned header bracket for greater corner adjustment and higher-quality miter joints. 
Info: www.southeasternaluminum.com or call 904/781-8200.

adhesives and sealants
Dow Corning Introduces Tilt-Up Construction Weatherproofing Solution
Dow Corning Corp. of Midland, Mich., has introduced its new Dow Corning® tilt-up weatherproofing sealant. 

The product is a one-part, moisture-cure, low-modulus, 100-percent silicone joint sealant. The company says the sealant provides durable, flexible, watertight seals, especially for building joints that experience extreme movement. The solution also primes well to concrete and masonry substrates, and has an extension/compression capability of +/- 50 percent. It is available in six colors.

The sealant can be used in a variety of applications, including joints surrounding window and door openings in tilt-up concrete walls.

“We wanted to bring the tilt-up construction market a weatherproofing solution that would support the many benefits of tilt-up construction,” said Duane Govitz, Dow Corning’s North American construction industry marketing manager for weatherproofing and professional business trades. 

The tilt-up weatherproofing sealant is backed by a 5-year limited warranty.
Info: www.dowcorning.com or call 989/496-6000.

Doralco Makes it E-Z
Alsip, Ill.-based Doralco has introduced its E-Z Glaze Soundstrip. According to Rick Smith, a Midwest representative, the E-Z Glaze Soundstrip is an extruded-silicone gasket that can minimize sound, smoke and odors from transferring through glass joints. The E-Z Glaze Soundstrip also eliminates the need for wet silicones.

Compared to wet silicone, the E-Z Glaze Soundstrip leaves a consistent finish, and, because it comes in a roll instead of a tube, there are no air bubbles. It can also reduce labor times and is environmentally friendly, according to the company.
Info: www.doralco.com or call 708/388-9324.

glazing tapes
Capital Tapes Launches New Line
Now offered by Capital Tape of Cleveland is the VK series of structural glazing spacer tapes, which are designed for both shop and field glazing. 

Two densities are available, 20 pounds per cubic foot and 25 pounds per cubic foot, in a range of thicknesses. 

The company says tapes are AAMA-approved and silicone-compatible.
Info: www.capitaltape.com or call 888/888-8273.

coatings and finishes
Good as Gold
New World Aluminum of Ridgewood, N.Y., has introduced its bright-dip finishes with textured variations that include sandblasted gold, silver, and brushed nickel. New anodized colors including White, Blue, Green, and golden-hued honey bronze are also available in addition to more than 12 Wood Grain painted finishes suitable for two-tone applications.
Info: www.newworldal.com or call 718/417-9508.

glass railing 
Forms+Surfaces Unveils New Railing System
Forms+Surfaces of Carpinteria, Calif., has introduced the new silhouette railing system, which the company describes as a “kit of parts” for handrails, guardrails and specialized applications. Available in stainless steel or bronze, the system is based upon a collection of sculpted fittings combined with rails and balusters. Infill options from the company are also available.

According to Forms+Surfaces, the system comes with design and engineering support. For instance, upon order, Forms+Surfaces works directly with project CAD files to create takeoffs and approval drawings. Upon manufacturing, all components are packaged and delivered. The company claims that assembly is straightforward using a combination of high-strength metal bonding adhesive and stainless steel fasteners, meaning that no on-site welding, grinding or extra finish work is required.
Info: forms-surfaces.com or call 805/684-8626.

machinery and equipment
EFCO Retrofits Convection Heat Balancing System
EFCO Limited of England has retrofitted its 21st GHBS convection heat balancing system, which is intended to allow glass processors to temper glass with low-E hard and soft coatings on their existing equipment quickly and uniformly. The low-E coating is applied during manufacturing and is designed to reflect heat in hot weather and retain it during cold weather. According to EFCO, the GHBS convection technology was developed by Glaverbel and involves the installation of air nozzles into the heating chamber of a glass temperer. These nozzles deliver streams of heated air onto the surface of the glass at the points where it is most needed to achieve quality tempered glass.
Info: www.efco.co.uk or call 0114 257 1681.

decorative glass
Let There Be Light
For both residential and commercial applications is the new Lightglass. First created in Austria, the company is now looking to market the product in the United States. According to company representative Thomas Sandbichler, Lightglass features laser-cut acrylic sheet elements between two lights of insulating glass. Sandbichler said acrylic of any color, size and design can be used.
Info: www.lightglass.net or 212/334-3370.

cleaning aids 
Glas-Weld Introduces the Next In Line
Glas-Weld Systems Inc. has released its new Scratch Removal Polishing Compound for use with its distortion-free scratch removal system. The system has been tested by both ANSI and BSI standards and is designed to work on all types of glass. Depending on the type of the glass, the Bend, Ore.-based company says that this newest compound works 25 to 35 percent more quickly than previous versions.
Info: www.glasweld.com or call 800/321-2597.

covers and beam wraps 
SAF Unveils New Column Covers and Beam Wraps
Atlanta-based Southern Aluminum Finishing (SAF) has launched its new metal fabrication division with a line of column covers and beam wraps. Designed for both interior and exterior column treatments, the new column covers can accommodate a minimum radius of 7 inches and heights of up to 12 feet. According to the company, its beam wraps are designed to complement column covers, or can function as stand-alone treatments to enhance exposed beams, entranceways and other areas. 

Penn McClatchey, vice president of SAF and manager of the new fabrication division, comments, “By using a pre-engineered system approach to design and fabrication, as well as a broad spectrum of material types and finishes, SAF can offer an almost endless product line.” 

Beam wraps and column covers may be ordered with horizontal or vertical reveals. They are custom-fabricated and can be standard-finished or custom-finished in a variety of materials and finishes, including painted or anodized aluminum, aluminum composite materials, brushed or embossed stainless steel and woven or perforated metal patterns.
Info: www.saf.com or call 770/942-1207.

glass hardware
Hiawatha Offers Hinges, Pulls and More
Hiawatha Inc., which is now operating in two locations, Bloomington, Minn., and most recently in Commerce, Calif., the company says it offers a variety of products for glass storefronts and shower enclosures.

Available products include designer pulls, push bars, kickplates, hinges for glass shower doors and towel bars.
Info: www.hiawathainc.com or call 952/835-4944.

Graham Opens up to New Series
The Graham Renaissance series of pultruded fiberglass windows and doors is a recent addition to the products from Graham Architectural Products of York, Pa. The company is marketing the series as a high-performance, durable alternative to aluminum and wood-clad windows.

According to information from Graham, pultruded fiberglass expands at the same rate as glass, so all components work together as a unit, helping to protect against expansion and contraction stress.

The series is available in casement windows with 3 ¼-inch frame depth, fixed ribbon with 4-inch frame depth, terrace doors with tilt-and-turn action and 2-inch frame and sliding glass doors with 5 ¾-inch frame depth.
www.grahamarch.com or call 717/849-8100.

Wausau Launches the RX Series
The RX series window wall is now available from Wausau, Wis.-based Wausau Window and Wall Systems. The new series is engineered for maximum design flexibility and can be used in a variety of applications including: most punched openings, continuous, vertical strips of windows, horizontal ribbons of windows or low-rise curtainwalls.

The series is available in factory-assembled and glazed units, factory assembled frames, factory fabricated knocked-down components or stock lengths. They are also available with receptors/starters and can be specified in horizontal or vertical two-sided structurally glazed units with interior or exterior glazing.

The window walls feature a 21/4-inch siteline and 4 ¾-inch or 6 ¼-inch frame depths. Glass is front-loaded, and the frames come in two-color finishing. Spandrel glass, aluminum panels, glazed-in vents or doorframe adapters can be added as well.
Info: www.wausauwindow.com or call 715/845-3206.

Ready, Set, Certified
Ready Access of West Chicago, Ill., has announced that its 275 single-pane sliding windows series has passed American Test Lab of South Florida test protocols.

In accordance with ASTM E 330 (structural test), static air pressure tests were conducted. Design loads were +50.0 psf, -50.0 psf. The structural test measures the amount of force that is applied per square foot and the force being drawn per square foot.

According to Ready Access, these results will allow for use of the 275 series throughout Florida with minimal exceptions.
Info: www.ready-access.com or call 800/621-5045.

window films
New Technology for Hurricane Mitigation
Film Technologies International (FTI) of St. Petersburg, Fla., has unveiled a new insulating glass unit (IGU) design that it reports is durable enough to pass the Dade County large missile impact and cycling protocol, yet does not resort to heavier and more costly PVB laminated glass. The glass lites used are composites of the company’s Safe-Gard® brand polyester film. These glass lites are laminated onto annealed or tempered glass using FTI’s KissKoat dry lamination process. According to the company, the design concept is compatible with most existing spacer technologies.

FTI’s testing laboratory at its St. Petersburg headquarters is available to window and door producers for preliminary produces tests prior to seeking Dade County certification. The testing facility includes a pneumatic cannon that shoots a 9-pound 2 x 4 at an (IGU) at 34 miles per hour. According to FTI, the 2 x 4 impacts, spiders the glass and bounces off, but the glass shards remain fast in the frame, held there by Safe-Gard composites, thereby meeting the required impact standards.

FTI says that a full-scale film-to-glass lamination line is set up at its facility so that visiting window manufacturers can witness the ease with which the film-to-glass composite is produced. 
www.filmtechnologies.com or call 800/777-1770.

doors and door hardware
Pivot and Slide
Pivoting door systems as well as sliding door systems are available from Epco Corp.

According to information from the company, the various pivoting door systems can be assembled easily with Epco’s Compact Sets along with its optional fittings for 10-mm and 12-mm thick pivoting glass doors.

Epco also offers its Kolon Compact Sets that allow sliding glass doors to be installed in glass partitions and wall openings through a coordinated approach. According to Epco, sliding door components are designed to offer minimal obstruction to glass designs.
Info: www.epcocorp.com or call 626/961-6827.

A Handle on Things
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. recently introduced extra-length ladder-style pull handles for all-glass entrance systems. The handles are intended for use with full-size glass doors made from 3/8- to ½-inch thick glass, and are also for back-to-back mounting with supplied through bolts.

The ladder-style pulls are available in four stock sizes from 48 inches to 84 inches, and two stock finshes, polished stainless and brushed stainless. The pulls come in 1 ¼-inch diameter heavy-wall stainless steel tubing and are available in custom sizes and finishes. 
Info: www.crlaurence.com or call 810/225-4640.

Mayflower Stocks up on Rixson Line
Now available from Mayflower Sales of Brooklyn, N.Y., is Rixson door control hardware. The line includes all standard and offset floor closers in light and heavy-duty variations, a wide range of overhead holders and pivot sets and accessories.

Also available from Mayflower is a wide selection of services to assist dealers, such as “on the spot” technical assistance, guaranteed overnight delivery and promotional materials.
Info: www.mfsales.com or call 800/221-2052.

EXTECH® Expands Product Line
Pittsburgh-based EXTECH Exterior Technologies has introduced two new products to the marketplace. First is a new curtainwall system, the series #3000, which accepts both 1-inch insulating glass and 1-inch thick cellular polycarbonate in the same system. In addition, the AAMA-tested series #3000 features deeper rabbets, low-friction gasketing and controlled gasket pressure, according to the company. 

Another new product is a structural glass block wall, skylight and flooring system. The series #2100 utilizes a structural aluminum grid into which the glass blocks are fitted and then sealed. Extech says that the wall is durable and can be built in large areas without visible expansion joints.
Info: www.extech-voegele.com or call 800/500-8083.

impact-resistant products 
Kawneer Offers Impact-Resistant Products
Kawneer of Norcross, Ga., is now offering impact-resistant framing and entrance products. The impact-resistant (IR) 500/501 framing systems and 350 IR entrances are standard, resistant to large missiles, fully tested and easy to install, according to the company.

The IR 500 and 501 framing systems are designed for single-span storefronts, low- to mid-rise ribbon window and punched-opening applications. The company says the IR 500 is tested to ASTM E 1886, Dade County Building Code Compliance Department (DCBCCO) PA 201, 202 and 203 and Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI) SSTD-12. IR 501 is tested to ASTM E 1886 and SBCCI SSTD-12.

The 350 IT entrances are standard and provide extra strength for applications where codes require windborne debris protection, according to Kawneer. They are tested to ASTM E 1886, DCBCCO PA 201, 202 and 203 and SBCCI SSTD-12. 
Info: www.kawneer.com or call 713/896-8846. 


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