Volume 38, Issue 7, July 2003


ASTM Seeks Feedback on Mildew Resistance Test Method
An ASTM subcommittee C24.20 on general sealant standards task group is in the process of drafting a standard test method for determining mildew resistance of sealants.

“Building sealants are the front line of defense against air infiltration into homes and buildings,” said Morton Jones, subcommittee chair. “Mold growth reduction in a building structure is a significant human health concern. Sealant mold resistance should be appraised and validated.”

The group is looking for feedback from sealant producers on the following:

• The best test protocol(s) to evaluate a sealant’s mildew resistance;

• Classifications for describing mold resistance;

• Length of time a caulk or sealant should prevent mildew growth under ideal conditions;

• Physical property changes that should be addressed; and

• The effectiveness of sealant and mold inhibitors that decline with exposure.

Info www.astm.org/COMMIT/C24.htm.


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