Volume 38, Issue 7, July 2003

tools and supplies

EDTM Presents Solar Sales Kit
Now part of Electronic Design to Market’s (EDTM) available products is the UV and Solar Sales Presentation Kit. According to EDTM, the kits include the company’s SP2065 Solar Transmission Meter, the new UV1265 UV Transmission Meter, as well as two light sources, infrared and UV. Everything comes in a carting case/organizer, which also includes spots for window samples, promotional literature and business cards.
info www.edtm.com or call 419-480-1098.

Pinpoint Laser Systems Offers New Flatness Kit
Pinpoint Laser Systems of New-buryport, Mass., has introduced the new Microgage 2000 flatness and leveling kit, which is designed to align production machinery and industrial equipment. According to the company, this new kit provides 0.0001-inch measuring capability for setting flat planes, checking the position of guide rails and ways, aligning machine beds and setting rollers and web handling systems. In addition, the kit can operate over a 30-foot radius and is well suited for many demanding alignment tasks. 

The Microgage 2000 has three primary components: the laser transmitter, a precision rotary base and a digital receiver and display. The laser is housed in a machined enclosure and projects a red laser reference beam that can be aimed selectively at different measurement locations. The rotary base supports the laser, allowing it to rotate a full circle and define a perfect plane. The receiver picks up the projected laser beam, and the display provides a numerical readout showing height variations relative to the plane of laser light. The rotary base can be mounted to a machine bed, tripod or other similar surface and a built-in precision level provides 15 arc-second leveling capability. The laser and receiver both operate on batteries, and the readout provides height readings and laser strength, along with options for changing units, storing offsets and other useful plane setting options.

info www.pinlaser.com or call 1-800-757-5383.

Pushed and Pulled in all Directions
  DJ Products Inc. of Minneapolis has introduced the CartCaddy, a small, maneuverable walk-behind, battery-powered tug for pushing and pulling heavy windows and door carts. The Cart Caddy is designed to help prevent strains caused by manual pushing and pulling.

The CartCaddy’s variable speed twist grips allow for maneuvering up to 15,000-pound carts in tight areas. It also has a 36-volt motor that is powered by three 12-volt batteries.

info www.djproducts.com or call 1-888-690-2278.

shades and screens
Republic Improves Standard Screen Design
Chicago-based Republic Windows & Doors has introduced a new design for the screens on its Contour single-hung and single-sliding windows. Noting deflection test results, Republic says its standard screen shape is up to three times stronger than other screens. 

According to the company, the new standard screen frame will be cut at a 90-degree angle and constructed with metal corner keys, designed to ensure every screen will be perfectly square. The screen’s spring is now fully cradled by the frame channel, keeping it in position for a more perfect fit over time. In addition, pull handles allow for additional daylight. The screen’s weather-stripping is foam filled for extra strength and insulation.

info www.republicwdws.com or call 1-800-248-1775.

Viracon Announces Test for Tempered Glass
Viracon, of Owatonna, Minn., is now offering a heat-soak test for its fully tempered glass.
Viracon says the test will add protection against glass breakage and is critical with tempered glass, which can be subject to spontaneous break unexpectedly due to nickel sulphide inclusions.

The company purchased and installed heat-soak and glass-cleaning equipment to offer this process. Viracon adds that it is adopting heat-soak procedures consistent with European Standard prEN 14179-1, and says no other American glass fabricator is using this procedure.

“In the past, we’ve used Viracon’s proprietary process for heat-soak testing,” said Rick Voelker, the company’s technical director. “The proposed European heat-soak process gives our customers added assurance that spontaneous breakage will not occur. In fact, we have such a high level of confidence in the new heat-soak process that we are providing a warranty for glass breakage due to inclusions, the only one to our knowledge offered in the industry,” he added.

info www.viracon.com or call 507-451-9555.

impact-resistant products
Kawneer Introduces Impact-Resistant Framing
Kawneer of Norcross, Ga., is now offering impact-resistant framing and entrance products. The impact-resistant (IR) 500/501 framing systems and 350 IR entrances are standard, resistant to large-missile, fully tested and easy to install, according to the company.

The IR 500 and 501 framing systems are designed for single-span storefronts, low- to mid-rise ribbon window and punched opening applications. The company says IR 500 is tested to ASTM E 1886, Dade County Building Code Compliance Department (DCBCCO) PA 201, 202 and 203 and Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI) SSTD-12. IR 501 is tested to ASTM E 1886 and SBCCI SSTD-12.

The 350 IT entrances are standard and provide extra strength for applications where codes require windborne debris protection, according to Kawneer. They are tested to ASTM E 1886, DCBCCO PA 201, 202 and 203 and SBCCI SSTD-12. 

info www.kawneer.com or call 770-449-5555.

storefronts and entrances
Vistawall Launches the Rugged Entrance™ System
Vistawall Architectural Products of Terrell, Texas, has introduced the Rugged Entrance system for high-traffic areas such as schools, hospitals and other public buildings.

The system comes in narrow, medium and wide stiles, and its tubular construction features welded corners and shear block and bolt construction. In addition, the system is monumental grade and has 3/16-inch wall thickness and a door depth of two inches. According to the company, it is 30 percent heavier than standard doors and high-bottom rails.

The entrances are available with the company’s VIP™ I or II mid-panel exit systems, and its Nightwatch™ concealed rotary astragal for a pair of doors can be combined as well.

Available finishes include black, bronze and clear, as well as high-performance finishes.

info www.vistwall.com or call 1-800-869-4567.

Schiatti Introduces New Drilling Center
Now offered by Italy’s Schiatti Angelo srl is the new CFL drilling center. The structure is composed of a motorized inlet conveyor, a drilling center and a motorized outlet conveyor. Glass is loaded onto the inlet conveyor by lifting or transporting and is conveyed to the drilling center automatically. It stops against the front datum stop and is aligned by a pneumatic cylinder system, held by a clamp and drilled. At the end of the drilling cycle the glass is conveyed to the outlet conveyor automatically.

An optional dubbing device for straight edging is available.

info www.schiattiangelosrl.com or call 704-282-2055. 

security glazing
Secom and Asahi Work Jointly 
to Create Anti-Theft Glass

Two Japanese companies, Secom Co. and Asahi Glass Co., are working together to create and market an anti-theft glass for commercial and residential applications that includes an internal security sensor, reported Asia Times Online (ATO).

According to the report, a special film is used to hold two layers of glass together, making it break-resistant. The sensor, which is embedded in a section of the glass facing the outside, will send signals out to a security center if it detects any breakage. If necessary, security personnel are then sent to the location. 

The two companies combined Asahi’s glass with Secom’s sensors in response to an increase in burglaries, said ATO. While total expenses will depend on how much glass is used, the price of the window glass for a single home, including construction, is expected to be about $3,400-$4,200.

info www.agc.co.jp/ or www.secom.co.jp/ 


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