Volume 38, Issue 7, July 2003

Letting In the Light
Skylights Offer a 
Fresh Touch to Lackluster Settings
by David Jenkins

In sterile office buildings and dreary homes, sometimes the best way to enliven things is by letting in some natural light. Unlike fancy decorations or trendy artwork, sunlight will never go out of style or need to be replaced. There’s now a variety of new skylight products available that may help your customers enliven their surroundings.

Wasco Introduces Large Skylight Structures
Wasco Products of Sanford, Maine, has announced the availability of its SkyWindows® architectural series to residential builders nationwide. According to the company, its Wasco’s SkyWindows are available nationwide. easy-to-install SkyWindows range in size from 4 by 4 feet to 9 by 12 feet, and are available with a variety of options including tinted, low-E and high-performance glass, tempered and insulating.

Examples of standard styles include planar, extended pyramid and square pyramid, with custom sizes and styles available as well. In an effort to reduce on-site labor costs and guesswork, Wasco says many of these units are available pre-welded and pre-glazed. In addition, the company claims that costly callbacks are minimized because of leak-resistant technologies that feature condensation gutters, allowing water to drain the exterior and urethane thermal breaks to further minimize condensation.

Architectural series SkyWindows are available in Wasco’s baked enamel colors. This feature provides a seamless transition between roofing and framing materials, which the company says will improve the exterior appearance of skylight installations. Colors include bone white, colonial white, black, brick red, colonial gray, sandstone, Hartford green, interstate green, aged copper and Quaker bronze.

Info www.wascoproducts.com. or call 207/324-8060.

Naturalite Unveils New Preassembled Skylights
Naturalite Skylight Systems of Terrell, Texas, has added two new skylight systems—the Versaridge and Versalean—to its line of pre-assembled, pre-glazed products. According to the company, the Versaridge and Versalean are fully guttered framing systems that are shipped assembled, pre-glazed and ready to install. In addition, both systems include insulating glass units, polycarbonate panels and translucent fiberglass panels. 

The Versalean skylight system is available in any length, can be up to six feet wide and has a 3:12 pitch. The Versaridge system also comes in any length, can be up to six feet wide and has a 7:12 pitch. The Versaridge system features a glazing clip, which creates a thermal break between the one-piece cap and the framing members.

Naturalite now offers pre-assembled skylights. Naturalite now offers pre-assembled skylights.Naturalite says that both systems provide a uniform compression on the glazing material by using EPDM gaskets and finishing options include Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® coatings in one of 20 standard colors or a custom color, as well as bronze and clear anodized.

In related news, Naturalite has created the EZ™ Program. Through the program, Naturalite offers high-performing, quality-engineered and architecturally oriented skylight systems with quick lead times for submittal drawings and product shipments.

According to the company, the EZ Program allows architects to design custom pyramids, ridges an octagons to be delivered within standard lead times and budgets. The Pyramid EZ™, Ridge EZ™ and Octagon EZ™ programs utilize the BMS 3000™ structural skylight framing system.

Info www.naturalite.com or call 1-800-527-4018.

New Software Designs and Fabricates Glass Roofs
England-based Rapid Prototyping Systems has introduced RoofWright, a new software package designed to reduce the cost of creating a glass roof. The company says that the software allows the same data to be used at all stages, from design through fabrication and installation.

According to Rapid Prototyping Systems, a 3-D image of the preferred design, standard, complex or bespoke can be created in a few key strokes, allowing the salesperson to illustrate all of the options and finalize sales without the aid of catalogs or follow-up appointments. 

In addition, RoofWright can produce quotations and cutting lists, as well as detailed pricing information. 

Info www.roofwright.co.uk

Pending Patent for EXTECH® Skylight
Pittsburgh-based EXTECH/Exterior Technologies has applied for a patent on a structural wall/skylight/flooring system. According to the company, the glass block-glazed system begins with a structural aluminum grid. Glass blocks are then fitted into the grid and sealed with silicone. EXTECH says that the system provides great security and has numerous advantages over mortared systems. 

Info www.extech-voegele.com or call 1-800-500-8083. 


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