Volume 38, Issue 8, August 2003


ANSI Denies Appeal to Remove Class C from Z97

An ANSI panel decision denied an appeal to remove Class C language from Z97.

An ANSI appeals panel has unanimously denied an appeal made by Kate Steel of O’Keeffe’s concerning the inclusion of Class C wired glass language in the revision of ANSI Z97.1. The respondent was Valerie Block, chair of the Z97 Accredited Standards Committee (ASC). The decision means the Class C exemption for wired glass will remain. 

The following ASC actions were appealed by Steel:

• Failure to ballot acceptance of Class C as ordered by the (first) appeals panel in granting O’Keeffe’s appeal by written decision, dated October 5, 2002;

• Disregarding ballots results establishing revised standard with Class C as is failed to obtain 2/3 vote and lacks consensus approval; and

• Improperly proceeding with submission of revised standard for public comment and to ANSI for approval without obtaining consensus approval in accordance with ANSI procedures.

The appeal was heard July 3. Both the appellant and the respondent were given 30 minutes to present respective arguments. The panel later met July 10 to decide the issue. The panel’s decision stated:

“ … the November [2002] ballot regarding deletion of Class C from the standard, while not in the form requested by the appellant and different from a draft shared with the appellant, the form followed a suggestion by ANSI staff to utilize the strikeout method. However, the panel noted that the ballot was clear in what an affirmative vote and what a negative vote would mean.”

In addition, the panel said that the ballot to delete Class C and all wired glass references did not receive the necessary 2/3-majority vote to pass, noting that results had been discussed and a re-circulation ballot was conducted, which also failed to receive a 2/3-majority vote.

Finally, the panel said the ballots to delete language relating to Class C and wired glass language would remain in the standard. 

Editor’s note: For a related story about wired glass usage in Oregon, please see page 20. 


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