Volume 38, Issue 8, August 2003


Something About the Tickets
Dear USG,
Lyle Hill outdid himself with June’s classic article (see June USG, page 84). It brings fun and reality to business in this industry. Thanks again for an interesting and entertaining article.
Richard Voreis
Chief executive officer
Consulting Collaborative

P.S. I could just envision Lyle going under the table and then going on to get the order on top of the conference table … wow!

P.P.S. Go Cubs!

Dear USG,
In regards to Lyle Hill’s column in the June issue, what a great story! Anyone who has ever put a bid out into the real world would no doubt give up their Wrigley tickets to have had his restaurant seats.
Budd Bootier
Pure Strategy
Wexford, Pa.

Dear USG,
I just finished reading Lyle Hill’s article “The Tickets” in the June 2003 issue, and it’s brilliant.

My background is in supply-chain management (purchasing, to be specific), and now that I’m a sales and marketing guy, I must say that I can relate to the article. However, maybe I wasn’t enough of a slime in my purchasing days, because I never asked for tickets or shared a competitive quote with a competing vendor. I must have missed out on plenty of good games! And although all of my contracts had “meet-or-release” clauses, I never divulged who offered the better deal and incumbent suppliers knew better than to ask. Again, brilliant article!
Scott Surma
Regional Territory Manager
Pilkington North America

Lyle Hill, Rush Limbaugh?
Dear USG,
I just finished Lyle Hill’s article in the July issue (see page 84). He reminds me of Rush Limbaugh—good for him in saying what’s on his mind. More of us in this country need to do that and more often.

I work for a high-end furniture manufacturer in Indiana, and I agree with him on the surcharge. Why should we have to help pay for energy for glass? None of my other suppliers charge me for energy. As he said, they just raise their prices. 

However, he was a little rough on New Jersey. But then again, I often hear people say “Nothing good comes out of New Jersey.” After reading those facts on New Jersey, I’m starting to understand why. Keep up the good work

Name withheld 
Major Furniture Manufacturer

Bravo for Online Suppliers’ Guide
Dear USG,
I just wanted to say thank you. I used your online suppliers’ guide today at glass.com and the way it as organized saved me $500. Thank you again.

Ken Custer
Glass Plus Inc.
Mound, Minn. 


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