Volume 38, Issue 8, August 2003


adhesives and sealants
Sealant Engineering Associates offers E-Z Glaze Soundstrip.
Based in Bensenville, Ill., Sealant Engineering Associates is now offering the E-Z Glaze Soundstrip, designed for silicone seal butt joints.

According to company president Bob Heider, E-Z Glaze is a pure silicone, pre-formed joint filler that requires little skill to install, replacing a task that otherwise requires two skilled workers with expensive tools and accessories. Heider says the end result is a uniform joint with improved appearance and acoustical values. Heider adds that the system reduces labor costs by approximately 80 percent, while also reducing the possibility of callbacks due to workmanship or damage to surroundings. 

The pre-cured joint filler is also said to give a consistent appearance without the possibility of post application damage or damage to carpets or walls. E-Z Glaze is available for ¼-, ½- and 3/8-inch glass in clear, black and other colors upon request.

Info 888-372-7446.

decorative glass 
Imaging Sciences Offers Imagine Glass™
In an effort to reach the decorative glass market, Cleveland-based Imaging Sciences has developed Imagine Glass technology that incorporates a decorative interlayer laminated between two lites of glass. Images can be as large as 146 inches by 60 inches. Design possibilities, according to the company, include the sandblasted look, grids, patterns, etc.

Info www.imaging-sciences.com or call 440-975-9640.

glass racks and storage
Rack and Roll
Schneider Specialized Carriers Inc. of Green Bay, Wis., has introduced a new rolling glass rack that allows glass manufacturers, coaters and fabricators to load and transport flat glass as large as 96 by 144 inches inside Schneider van trailers. The company’s “wheelbarrow design rack” is said to reduce loading and unloading times and minimize the risk of injuries significantly. 

Users can load up to 11 different packs of glass in varying sizes onto the new A-frame racks and haul them inside one of the carrier’s van trailers that is designed to accommodate the racks.

According to information from the company, the wheelbarrow design allows for easy movement of racks around docks and plant floors for loading/unloading with a 6,000-pound capacity forklift. 

Info www.schneider.com or call 800-558-6767.

doors and door hardware
CRL Introduces Push/Pull Indicators
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. (CRL) has introduced new round push/pull indicators for glass entryways, along with blank indicators to be used as safety features, indicating the presence of glass.

“These simple indicators can make an entrance much more user-friendly, as people are tipped off whether they push or pull a door to gain entry,” said John Geukens, CRL product manager.

According to the company, the high-bond tape on the back of each push/pull makes them easy to apply to glass entrances. The indicators are available in several finishes, including brushed stainless, dark bronze, polished brass, polished stainless and satin brass. Each indicator is 2 inches in diameter, while the 5/8-inch high ‘push/pull’ letters are etched in the surface.

Info www.crlaurence.com or call 800-421-6144.

fire-rated products
SAFTI Introduces New Wired Glass Product
San Francisco-based SAFTI has announced the certification and listing of a wired glass product, SuperLite I-W, which it says meets Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) impact standards and 90-minute fire-rating requirements. 

“Even though we already market and manufacture several wireless fire-rated glazing alternatives to wired glass, such as SuperLite I-XL, we looked for a way to use the new technology in fire-resistant safety film to make a product that meets the same high standards as our non-wired products,” said William O’Keeffe, corporate executive officer (CEO).

Info www.safti.com or call 415-822-4222.

equipment and machinery 
Salem Distributing Introduces the PreSetter
Salem Distributing Co. of Winston-Salem, N.C., has introduced the PreSetter, a device for presetting wheel coordinates on CNC edging equipment.

According to the company, the PreSetter reduces setup time from approximately three hours to 30 minutes for a full set of diamond and polishing wheels by bringing together actual and virtual technologies to accurately define X,Y,Z coordinates for any edging application. 

Salem says the PreSetter utilizes a comparator image of the actual diamond or polishing wheel together with a virtual image of the glass to define the exact coordinates for each wheel position. According to information from Salem, the process can be executed off-line and the coordinates are entered manually into the edger computer; set-up is independent of the CNC edger. The system currently includes interfacing software for Bavelloni and Intermac, and interfacing for other machines will soon be added.

Info www.salemdist.com or call 800-234-1982.

mirrors and mirror products

Pilkington Introduces Optimirror™ Protect
U.K.-based Pilkington has introduced Optimirror Protect, a new high-performance mirror that Optimirror features a safety-film backing designed to guard against possible injury due to the result of breakage. The mirror is ideal for places where there is a greater risk of accidental damage, such as wardrobes and children’s rooms.

According to Pilkington, the Optimirror Protect offers identical performance characteristics as the Optimirror Plus. Available in 4- and 6-mm thicknesses, the Optimirror Protect offers resistance to natural atmospheric corrosion, cleaning agents and adhesives that 
can cause black edges and spot faults associated with conventional mirrors.

Info www.pilkington.com or call 01744 69200.

Mirror, Mirror on the Door
Available from Gardner Glass Products of North Wilkesboro, N.C., are the company’s Echo mirror closet doors, which are part of its Dreamwalls™ line. The doors are available in slider, bi-fold and pivot formats in a variety of styles and colors.

According to John Myers, vice president flat glass sales, Echo doors can increase light in a room, visually add space to cramped areas and offer the functionality of a full-length mirror.
Info www.gardnerglass.com or call 800-334-7267. 








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