Volume 38, Issue 9, September 2003


display hardware
CRL Introduces New Low Profile Cap Assemblies
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. (CRL) has added low-profile standoff cap assemblies to its line of display hardware. According to CRL, these low-profile cap assemblies are manufactured in four finishes—brass, chrome, brushed stainless and satin chrome—to match the company’s standoff bases.

“Designed to be used with CRL’s 1¼-inch standoff bases, these new low-profile cap assemblies are almost flat on the surface,” said Bob Carlson, manager of the company’s store fixture and display division. “They are ideally suited for furniture, desk tops or signage where an unobtrusive, low-profile cap is desired.”

Representatives for CRL say its standoff display system includes ½-, ¾- and 1¼-inch diameter standoff bases that are available in incremental lengths from ¼ to 6 inches. The system is designed for supporting horizontal glass tabletops, as well as vertical graphics, trade show displays and signs. 

Info  www.crlaurence.com or call 800/421-6144.

Crystal Launches Curtainwall Product Line
Crystal Window & Door Systems of Flushing, N.Y., has announced the establishment of a new operation to fabricate curtainwall systems. Crystal and Pittsburgh-based TingWall have joined together to offer TingWall curtainwall building envelopes for commercial and institutional buildings.
TingWall TingWall curtainwall features the Airloop™ system, a proprietary technology utilizing a design of air spaces to minimize stiffness and provide flexibility for long-term integrity of building envelope components experiencing structural movements due to seismic, thermal and wind effects. In addition, TingWall is highly resistant to water infiltration, reducing the conditions that can allow mold to grow unchecked in improperly designed and constructed building envelopes. 

“Crystal is very excited about this new partnership with TingWall,” said Thomas Chen, president of Crystal. “The technology is revolutionizing the design and construction of curtainwall systems, and Crystal is proud to offer it. The combination of TingWall’s engineering excellence and Crystal’s manufacturing mastery ensures an outstanding curtainwall building envelope for every project.” 

Crystal is a U.S. and overseas licensee of the TingWall technology. Under the licensing arrangement, Crystal will market, sell and fabricate all system components, with all design and engineering functions performed by TingWall.

“We will not only market curtainwall systems in the New York metro area, but plan to expand nationally as sales increase, taking advantage of our established national sales organization to offer Crystal curtainwall systems across the country,” added Chen.

Info  www.crystalwindows.com or call 718/961-7300.

fire-rated glazing
SAFTI Introduces New Fire-Rated Glass

San Francisco-based SAFTI has introduced SuperLite I-XL™, a new technology designed to stop the spread of fire by reflecting heat back toward the fire source. According to the company, the product meets the CPSC category II 400 ft. lbs. safety rating and can survive thermal shock from sprinklers. The clear ¼-inch glass boasts 81 percent light transmission and is manufactured in the United States for fast lead times. SAFTI says the product is ideal for schools, hospitals, historical renovations, wildfire residential areas and around property lines.

Info  www.safti.com or call 888/653-3333.

Wausau Unveils New STX Curtainwall
Wausau Window and Wall Systems® of Wausau, Wis., has introduced the new 8250 STX curtainwall designed for low- to mid-rise buildings. Factory-fabricated as an aluminum knocked-down system, STX curtainwall offers glazing contractors an easy-to-install, non-thermal system that meets the performance and labor needs of the Southwest states and Southern California, according to the company.

STX “STX was designed with field labor effectiveness in mind, for easy assembly without utilizing a crane,” said Joe Ramuta, the company’s product manager. “One-piece tee-shaped shear blocks support adjacent horizontals, ensuring accurate alignment. To maintain clean, high-quality joinery appearance at interior trim, components are provided with ample overlap for cutting and installation tolerances.”

Wausau’s STX curtainwall features tubular, vertical framing members in lieu of I-beams, to withstand the area’s wind loads without twisting at anchor points or buckling. This two-sided, structurally glazed system also can be integrated with engineered sunshades and has the flexibility to accommodate ¼-inch to 1-inch glass with minimal inserts, the company says. Additionally, STX curtainwall allows for large, fixed lites and offers narrow 2¼-inch sitelines and two-color finish options.

Info  www.wausauwindow.com or call 877/678-2983.

skylights & overhead glazing 
Skywall Unveils SkyQuick™ Program

Skywall Translucent Systems of Terrell, Texas, has introduced the SkyQuick program, which utilizes advanced translucent skylight (ATS™) technology to provide engineered, prefabricated custom skylights, as well as SW-400 and SW-250 curtainwall products.

According to the company, the program covers both the Skywall ridge, with or without end walls, hip ridges, pyramids and octagon skylight configurations along with drop-on curb- mounted units. Pricing is available within two to five days, and lead times for submittals are one week for curtainwall products and two weeks for skylights. Material in the SkyQuick program ships in seven weeks after approvals.

Skywall claims that unlike some pre-engineered systems that dictate size, pitch and finish, SkyQuick offers more flexibility. Slope dimensions of 18, 30 or 45 degrees are available and metal finishes can be anodized or painted in Kynar standard colors. Fiberglass material is also available in standard colors.

Info  www.skywall.com or call 800/869-4567.

door hardware

Marks Survivor Marks USA Unveils New Locksets
Marks USA of Amityville, N.Y., has introduced its ANSI-grade 1 and 2 survivor series key-in-lever cylindrical locksets in two distinctive lever designs. While the American design has an angular return, the crescent design features a smooth, rounded lever. Both designs include a clutch mechanism that prevents forced entry and lock damage by disengaging the lever from the lock before damage can occur. According to the company, all survivor locksets are UL listed for a three-hour fire rating and satisfy all ADA requirements.

Info  www.marksusa.com or call 631/225-5400.

Rixson Unveils New Automatic Door Opener
Rixson Specialty Door Controls of Franklin Park, Ill., has introduced the model 2900 automatic door opener, a low-energy operator that automatically opens the door while using a floor closer to hang and close the door. According to the company, the product is well suited for doors that are too heavy to be controlled by a traditional low-energy operator.

By using balanced pivots, the model 2900 only needs to overcome the force of the spring of the floor closer, allowing it to control the heaviest of doors. The 2900 unit can be surface-mounted to the door, while the existing floor closer remains in place, resulting in minimal down time.

The model 2900 is available for both offset and center hung doors, in models to accommodate either the push or pull side of the door and in deep-reveal and double-egress options.

“With increasing emphasis on Americans with Disabilities Act legislation for building accessibility, the need has grown for using low-energy operators in low to moderate traffic door openings,” said Lynn Kaiser, product manager for Rixson. “Our new 2900 is ideal for controlling doors in retirement and assisted living homes, hotel/dorm doors, office/warehouse corridors, smoke ventilation and fire doors and executive offices.”

Info  www.rixson.com or call 800/438-1951.

PGT Expands WinGuard® Line

PGT of Nokomis, Fla., has introduced energy-efficient vinyl frames into its existing line of WinGuard impact-resistant windows and doors. The new product line was designed especially for cooler climates with more variation in temperatures, such as Northern Florida and the Carolinas.

“PGT has been an industry leader in developing impact-resistant windows and doors for hurricane protection,” said Cara Dohnalek, senior brand manager for the company’s line of WinGuard impact-resistant windows and doors. “We are excited to extend our reputation of excellence to now include options for energy efficiency.”

By adding vinyl frames to the WinGuard line, the resulting window or door is impact-resistant as well as energy-efficient, according to the company, which says that WinGuard vinyl products also meet International Building Code standards for air and water infiltration, as well as structural and large-missile impact tests.

According to the company, the insulating glass provides captive air space to insulate the window or door against differences in temperatures from outside to inside. This feature increases energy conservation while minimizing condensation and frost build-up in cold weather. In addition, the impact-resistant glass offers full-time protection against flying debris and hurricane-force winds, while the vinyl frames offer enhanced energy efficiency. Finally, unlike wood, vinyl frames don’t need painting and won’t decay, offering long-term, low-maintenance value.

Info  www.pgtindustries.com or call 800/282-6019.

architectural finishes
SAF Announces Addition of ACM Architectural Line

Atlanta-based Southern Aluminum Finishing’s (SAF) metal fabrication division has announced an investment in equipment, technology and expertise to offer custom fabricated architectural panel systems and column covers produced from aluminum composite material (ACM).

SAF says specifiers can now order ACM panels in standard colors, including metallic finishes and an “almost limitless” variety of factory-applied custom colors.

ACM is available in 4-mm or 6-mm material thicknesses in standard or fire-rated core for the panels and column covers. The components also include a pre-engineered, time-tested concealed attachment system.

“This expansion of the SAF product line is another step to become a full-service supplier for glazing contractors, builders, designers and architectural specifiers,” said John McClatchey, SAF president. 

ACM fabricated components weigh less than 1.5 pounds per square foot, and can be fused under tension to resist deflection for maximum flatness, structural integrity and overall dimensional stability. The company adds that the composites are both fire- and water-resistant, deaden sound and are easy to clean. When installed properly, ACM panels are completely watertight and conform to thermal requirements, according to SAF.

Info www.saf.com or call 800/241-7429.

shower enclosures
New Color and Glass Options from Southeastern

Southeastern Aluminum Products of Jacksonville, Fla., has added new color options to its frameless Signature By-pass shower door line. According to the company, oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel are the latest hardware finishes. In addition, the company has replaced almond with biscuit. The Signature By-pass is also available in finishes of silver, gold and white and can be powder coated to match any color sample.

Southeastern Aluminum has also introduced new glass options for the Signature By-pass line. A new 3/8-inch rain glass is available, in addition to the original ¼-inch glass option.

Info  www.southeasternaluminum.com or call 800/243-8200.

Thermo Roll Offers New Child Guard Lock

Thermoroll Thermo Roll of West Babylon, N.Y., has introduced a new safety device that provides a concealed-from-view alternative to unattractive child guard bars for dual-action tilt-and-turn windows. The company unveiled a special lock system for tilt-and-turn windows that disables the swing-in operation of such windows. With the lock engaged, the window’s tilt-in operation at the top is unimpeded. Use of a custodial key disengages the lock function and permits the tilt-and-turn window to swing in for cleaning.

Info Call 631/634-3555.

Trinity Glass Introduces New Blind for Doors and Sidelites
Trinity Glass International® has introduced the internal mini-blind, made of aluminum alloy, for doors and sidelites. Sandwiched between two lites of glass, the blind is fully enclosed and low-maintenance. The control mechanism is entirely enclosed, making it dust-resistant to ensure long-lasting, quiet and smooth operation.

Info Call 800/803-8182.

Troplast AG Improves Acoustic Interlayer

HT Troplast of Germany has introduced its Trosifol sound control acoustic interlayer that it says achieves an average of 1dB or better sound insulation in various glazing configurations. The company says that Trosifol measurably enhances the sound reduction properties of conventional laminated safety glass. Extensive acoustic measurements of this new version have been made by an official test agency.

According to the company, the new product enables even large window formats to be produced at a constant level of high quality. The company says that glass produced with Trosifol complies with the requirements of quality standard EN ISO 12543-2 for laminated safety glass. The interlayer is available in thicknesses of 0.76, 1.14 and 1.52 millimeters, with a total length of 450 meters.

Info www.ht-troplast.com or call +49/22 41/85-44 55.

Pilkington Optitherm™ Now Temperable

Optitherm Pilkington has introduced a new temperable version of its Optitherm SN low emissivity glass. This new version has been named Optitherm T SN—the T designates that the product may be tempered.

The Optitherm T SN is a clear, float glass with a low-emissivity coating intended for commercial applications. 

The coating is applied offline using the vacuum magetron sputtering process, offering an emissivity of 0.04 and an ultimate U-value of 1.1 W/m2K. In addition, the product can be glazed together with standard Optitherm SN with no color differences.
Info www.pilkington.com or call 44 (0) 1744 692000.

Marshfield DoorSystems Offers New Stained Glass

Marshfield DoorSystems of Marshfield, Wis., has introduced Artistic Expressions stained and etched glass for custom wood door designs, available in a wide variety of colors, gems and bevels.

According to the company, Artistic Expressions’ customized glass designs add light, elegance and distinction to enhance the beauty and functionality of any building, with each door created to individual specifications by qualified glass artistry professionals.

Info www.mdrsys.com or call 800/869-3667.

Saint-Gobain Improves Thermalbond®

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics has announced that all of its Thermalbond structural glazing spacer tape products will now be provided with a 5-millimeter, high-density liner as standard. The high-density liner will allow for easy release and removal from under the glass without breakage after installation.

According to the company, Thermal-bond foam tape spacers maintain a uniform distance between glazing or cladding panels and frame for easy application and proper curing of silicone sealant in structural glazing and curtainwall construction. 

Info www.plastics.saint-gobain.com or call 800/724-0883.

Glassline Unveils New Products

Glassline of Perrysburg, Ohio, has introduced the new CNC multipurpose glass-working machine. This three-axis system is designed to grind, polish or route a lite of glass along a programmed path. According to the company, no physical squaring stops are required because the machine uses a laser referencing system that finds the glass while the system adjusts the CNC path accordingly, reducing setup time.

The machine consists of a heavy tubular steel frame in the form of a four-post mount onto the lower frame. On both sides of the main frame, precision ground linear way bars are mounted to form the machine’s X axis. These bars support the upper bridge of the machine, which is mounted to the rails via precision linear bearings. 

Glassline says that the machine includes a five-position tool magazine, with tools pre-mounted to tool holders that rest in the tool magazine. The system also utilizes a Pentium computer to control all CNC functions, as well as machine sequencing. A hard drive is included for storing thousands of part programs and a floppy drive is included for loading programs via floppy disk. 

In addition to the CNC multipurpose glass-working machine, Glassline has introduced the new CNC grinder model 6052-1, a four-axis, continuous path rotary CNC edge grinder designed to run small parts and grind small bent parts such as automotive side view mirrors. According to the company, a high-speed, dual-station rotary index table allows for maximum throughput by minimizing the dwell time between grind cycles to two seconds.

Info  www.glassline.com.

packaging equipment
Homasote Delivers New Glass Pads

Homasote Homasote of West Trenton, N.J., has introduced the new StapleSafe™ glass pads. Available in Mylar® anti-friction or standard finish, the non-abrasive pads are designed to keep loose or rising staples below glass surfaces to reduce breakage. According to the company, the pads utilize a ½-inch routed lip that prevents damage from moisture and acid and provides maximum safety from particulate matter migrating between lites. Available in ½- and 7/16-inch thicknesses, the pads come in lengths ranging from 30 to 120 inches.

Info  www.homasote.com.

sealants and adhesives
TruSeal Introduces New Hot-Melt Butyl Sealants

TruSeal Technologies of Beachwood, Ohio, has introduced a new family of hot-melt butyl and polyisobutylene (PIB) IG sealants named EdgeTherm™. The new product family features high-performance, gun-grade IG sealants for manufacturing flexibility.

The first rollout in the EdgeTherm line is THM 3000 hot-melt butyl, a one-component, 100-percent solid sealant system designed for edge sealing IG units. According to the company, EdgeTherm THM 3000 offers lower viscosity, anti-sag and easier gunning characteristics at lower temperatures compared to other hot-melt butyls. Product features include no mixing, minimal waste, fast setting and quick handling of finished IG units.

TruSeal says that EdgeTherm THM 3000 is ideal for hand gunning applications and for use on automated dual seal applicators, as well as in-house sealing of IG units for residential windows.

Info  www.truseal.com or call 216/910-1500.

decorative glass
AAG Introduces New Non-Slip Cast Glass Textures

Artwork in Architectural Glass (AAG) of Good Hope, Ga., has introduced new cast glass non-slip flooring textures for dry, wet and oily conditions. These non-slip cast glass textures are designed for stair treads, landings and walkways, and are UL-approved.

AAG says it offers the largest cast glass capacity in the industry—80 by 140 inches—with standard thickness from 1/8 to ¾ inches. The company’s glass is available in all standard architectural glass colors, as well as custom colors. 

All molds are custom made, allowing the artists to create new textures and/or designs with one of seven different mold techniques. Holes and notches can be provided, as well as custom shapes. AAG’s cast glass can be tempered, bent and laminated.

Info www.artworkinglass.com or call 770/266-7134.

glass tile
Vitrium Stacks Up With Glass Tiles

With an increasing number of homeowners opting for glass tile rather than ceramic for areas such as countertops, pools and fireplaces, Vitrium Corp. of Plumsteadville, Pa., offers a selection of tile products to meet such needs.

According to the company, the tiles are hand-made from pure glass and offer clarity and texture depth. They are also said to be scratch- and chemical-resistant.

The line features more than 25 color choices, such as cinnabar, cobalt blue, summer sand and plum. Color combinations such as ice blue multi and river sand multi are also offered. 

Info www.vitriumtiles.com


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