Volume 38, Issue 10, October 2003


storefronts and entrances
Vistawall Entrances Meet Traffic Requirements
Vistawall Architectural Products of Terrell, Texas, offers a line of narrow-, medium- and wide-stile standard entrances to meet a variety of traffic requirements. The entrances are 3-feet wide, ADA-compliant and have built-in features, such as security hook-bolt locks, 1-inch diameter push/pulls and an adjustable astragal with dual weathering.

In addition, Vistawall says the entrances come with mechanically fastened shear blocks and welded-corner construction. They also feature 4- to 10-inch one-piece bottom rail options. Glazing options include ¼-, 3/8-, 5/8- and 1-inch.

The entrances have a limited lifetime warranty.

Info www.vistawall.com or call 800/869-4567.

door hardware
Adams Rite Pulls Ahead of Competition with New Latch Pull 
Adams Rite Manufacturing of Pomona, Calif., has introduced new ergonomically designed trim for narrow stile aluminum doors. The Adams Rite latch pull is a lockable pull handle that offers flexibility of traffic control during and after business hours. According to the company, its new product is suitable for banks, apartments and other buildings that require free entrance at certain times and controlled or exit-only access at other times. 

The latch pull offers one-handed operation and two modes, which can result in the locking of the door upon closure, or the mere latching of the door to allow easy access. Adams Rite explains that after the handle is pulled once to open the door, the latch pull returns to the locked position, denying access automatically to anyone without a key. The latch pull can also be used to set the latch into an unlocked, but latched mode, where use of a key is not necessary.

The company claims that the heavy-duty construction of the latch pull withstands the rigors of heavy, everyday use. It is available in three painted finishes, has an electrification option and is ADA-compliant. The latch pull is adaptable to use with five-, six- or seven-pin lock cylinders and works with Adams Rite 4500, 4700 and 8400 series latches.

Info www.adamsrite.com or call 909/632-2300.

window film
FTI Adds High Infrared Rejection Film to Elite® Line
Film Technologies International Inc. (FTI) of St. Petersburg, Fla., has added a high infrared rejection film to its Elite solar control window film line. 

According to FTI, Elite 75-IR blocks up to 99 percent of ultraviolet rays and also, depending on whether used on single-pane or dual-pane glass, can block up to 95.4 percent of infrared energy radiating through windows. FTI says that unlike some competitive products, Elite 75-IR does not require edge seal, offers clarity with low reflectivity and is highly transparent.
Elite 75-IR offers a factory-backed residential, transferable lifetime warranty.

Info www.filmtechnologies.com or call 800/777-1770.

Halcyon™ Offers Transparent Shades
Halcyon Shades, a division of CPFilms Inc., has available a transparent window shade that it says is designed to allow for outside views, while also preventing glare and UV rays.

“Outfitting commercial buildings, stores, offices and retail establishments to maximize daylighting can produce tremendous benefits for owners, occupants and customers,” said Ralph Sink, vice president of strategic business and organizational development for CPFilms. “Consider that artificial lighting represents 40 to 50 percent of a facility’s energy consumption. And most of this energy is consumed during daylight hours. Not only is the lighting itself expensive, but the heat it generates increases the need for air conditioning.”

The shades are made with CPFilms’ Llumar technology, and are designed to reject up to 80 percent of unwanted heat gain in the summer, while also maintaining stable, reasonable temperatures year-round. The shades are available in a variety of reflectance levels, and are currently available in 23 color combinations in solids or embossed patterns in three categories, Ultra 2, Optima 10 and Black-out, in five colors, grey, bronze, blue, green and black. Color combinations are also available. 

Info www.halcyonshades.com or call 888/273-4567.

Filmtek Offers Anchoring Solutions
Available from England-based Filmtek are a number of glass anchoring solutions. Included in the offerings is the new Doortek enhanced security system, which is designed to provide glass protection during a forced-entry attack. 

Info www.filmtek.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1494 793333.

Naturalite Offers Preassembled Skylights
Naturalite Skylight Systems of Terrell, Texas, has available a line of skylights that includes the Versalite™, Versalean™ and Versaridge. The line is available in numerous glazing options, such as insulating glass units, multi-wall polycarbonate panels and translucent fiberglass panels.

Versalite comes in standard sizes up to 8 feet and in 4:12, 7:12 and 12:12 pitches. The Versalean is available in any length, can be up to 6 feet wide and has a pitch of 7:12. The Versaridge is also available in any length, can be up to 8 feet wide and has a pitch of 7:12.

Finishing options include Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000®, available in 20 standard colors or custom, as well as bronze and clear anodized.

Info www.naturalite.com or call 800/869-4567.

Scapa Offers Single-Coated PVC Tape
Scapa’s P3209 is designed for commercial window glazing, as well as other types of applications. Scapa North America of Windsor, Conn., has available a single-coated PVC foam tape designed for window glazing and partition wall construction, as well as a number of other applications.

The Scapa P3209, which has a paper release liner, is a closed-cell PVC foam, single coated with an acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive. The company says the tape is UV-resistant and fire-rated to DIN 4102 part 1, B2.

Info www.scapana.com or call 800/653-5316.

hurricane-resistant glazing

MTI and Surface Specialties Launch UV Glass Laminating Line
Machine Techniques Inc. (MTI) of Aurora, Ohio, and Surface Specialties Inc., part of the UCB Group in Smyrna, Ga., have announced that MTI has developed a line for UV glass lamination. The new line includes a programmed conveyor station and dual UV light curing system. According to the companies, Uvekol products from Surface Specialties typically take 20 minutes to cure under UV light, making the line capable of producing more than 1,000 square feet of laminated glass daily, in one eight-hour shift.

With the availability of the new system, window and door manufacturers now have the option of either purchasing laminated glass from an existing Uvekol glass fabricator or integrating a Uvekol glass laminating line into their own operations. 

The first MTI system has been installed at A.L. Smith Glass Co. in Ijamsville, Md.

“An extensive evaluation of the laminated glass market, laminating materials and equipment suppliers was conducted,” said Alton Smith, A.L. Smith president. “Uvekol liquid laminate processed on MTI’s turnkey system was by far the best performing and most economical system available.”

Uvekol S is a one-component liquid that is cured by low-intensity UV lights. It has been certified as a hurricane-resistant interlayer for Miami-Dade County, Fla.

Info www.uvekol.com or call 888/269-3901.
Info www.mti-glass.com or call 330/995-4600.

Sika Announces its Hybrid Adhesive Passes Hurricane Testing
Sika Corp. of Madison Heights, Mich., has announced that its Sikaflex®-552, a one-part polyurethane (PUR) hybrid adhesive, has met the test requirements of Miami Dade County, PA 201 large missile and PA 203 cyclic wind pressure loading. Sika also announced that the sealant has qualified to AAMA 805.2 Group A, Bonding Back-Bedding Compound specifications. The company said testing was performed on numerous customer-built door wall and window units at independent test facilities.

“The addition of Sikaflex-552 adhesive to our growing line of impact-certified products for back-bedding applications gives our customers maximum flexibility in specifying a qualified impact sealant or adhesive product for their lines,” said Barry Kutch, vice president, industrial business unit. “The product by its’ very nature, a PUR hybrid, offers adhesion to multiple substrates without priming, adds another solvent-free formulation to our offering and has performance characteristics that are succeeding where the competition fails.” 

Info www.sikaindustry.com or call 248/577-0020.

Nana Wall Introduces Vanishing Glass Wall 
Nana Wall Systems, based in Mill Valley, Calif., has introduced the NanaWall™ SL72 folding glass wall system, which it says has been constructed to withstand hurricane-force wind, rain and flying NANA closed debris. It has passed the Miami/Dade County, Fla., hurricane test.

The wall is made of modular glass panels, sized at 3 by 8 feet, that are framed in rugged, extruded aluminum. The company says the wall can be built to any custom size up to 36 feet wide.
NANA open
Numerous configurations are available, including in-swing and out-swing, different folding directions and French doors.

Info www.nanawall.com or call 888/411-NANA.

Structural Fittings Available from EPCO
Structural fittings, including spider fittings, are available from EPCO USA. The company says the arms of the spider are designed and tested to be sized correctly, allowing flexibility under heavy loads, yet still stiff enough to return to normal. According to EPCO, if arms are too rigid, bending stress in the glass would be concentrated at the point of attachment. The company added that the correct fitting will transmit forces, such as winds and seismic loads, from the glass into the structure without concentrated points of stress around the holes.

Info www.epcocorp.com or call 866/313-EPCO.

Silk-Screened Glass Now Available from J.E. Berkowitz
EnviroScreen™ glass, a new, in-house silk-screened glass, is the latest offering from Westville, N.J.-based J.E. Berkowitz.

“By doing the production in-house rather than out-sourcing it, we’ve significantly reduced lead times,” said Mike Nicklas, architectural sales and marketing manager for J.E. Berkowitz. “For most specifications, we offer the fastest turn-around in the industry.” 

According to information from the company, EnviroScreen is made using a lead-free, ceramic enamel frit, which eliminates harmful environmental effects during production. It can be used in both vision and non-vision areas, such as windows, all-glass doors, interior wall partitions, skylights, elevator walls and other architectural applications.

“EnviroScreen creates a very pleasing aesthetic appearance for glass,” said Nicklas. “Silk-screened glass also can be used for controlling light transmission, privacy as well as for its performance-related benefits, such as reducing solar heat gain by lowering the shading coefficient.” 

Info www.jeberkowitz.com or call 800/257-7827.

Arch Launches New Laminated Glass Offerings
Arch Aluminum & Glass Co. Inc. of Tamarac, Fla., has announced the addition of two laminated glass 

Arch’s new Solar COMMAND laminated glass is designed to offer advanced heat control by keeping out harmful ultraviolet rays and also reducing infrared rays. In addition, 

Arch says Solar COMMAND offers low reflectance, virtually no color and no corrosion concerns and is designed to reduce energy costs.

In addition, Arch is offering its Sound Zone PLUS acoustical laminated glass. According to Arch, for areas affected by noise nuisances, such as airports and highways, Sound Zone PLUS is designed to provide a solution. The company says the product can reduce sound transmissions by as much as 5 decibels. It is also said to operate well in cold weather and offers top-quality visual and mechanical properties. 

“We are thrilled to once again take the lead in developing necessary products for the marketplace,” said Leon Silverstein, Arch Aluminum & Glass president.

Info www.archaluminum.net or call 800/432-8132.

Custom-Branded Windows Available from Republic
Republic Windows & Doors of Chicago has announced it now offers custom-branded windows with the customer’s logo laser-etched on the glass. Republic says the laser-etched logos will allow residential dealers and homebuilders to private-label their windows.

Tim Widner, Republic’s director of glass operations, says the company does not produce its windows in batches, as they are made-to-order and are completely customizable. 

“A builder, for example, can market his homes as being safer and more energy-efficient by offering his own brand of windows that have tempered T.U.F.® glass with HeatMirror™,” said Widner. He added that v-grooving was also an option, and that whatever options a purchaser wants are available as a package.

Republic says its logos are used in conjunction with the Consumer Product and Safety Commission [ID] codes, but can now change the logo to that of a builder or dealer in real time.

Info www.republicwindows.com or call 312/932-8000.

fire-rated glazing
SAFTI Announces New Fire-Rated Curtainwall
SAFTI has introduced its GPX snap-together, fire-rated curtainwall system. The company says the new system is fully approved and rated for up to two hours and comes in a wide range of custom frame finishes, decorative wood or ornamental metal covers and glazing options.

Info www.safti.com or call 415/822-4222.

decorative glazing
Graphic Arts Production Introduces Technology to Replicate Stained Glass
To offer the look of stained glass at a lower cost, Graphic Arts Production of Cincinnati has introduced Graphix-Glass™. The company says the patent-pending technology allows for full-color printing on a variety of glass types and textures, especially effective in replicating the look of stained glass. The company says the process is ideal for custom window, décor and furniture applications. It can also be used for tub and shower enclosures, screens and automobile sidelites.

Printed images are protected with a finish that the company says guarantees against scratches and fading for up to 15 years. It adds that no special handling or care are necessary. 

The process can accept unlimited-length stock up to 7-feet wide and 1.5 inches thick. Various digital formats can be accommodated, allowing for retouching and customization through standard graphics software.

Info www.graphicartsproduction.com or call 513/681-9633.

glass block
Hy-Lite® Introduces New Glass Block
Hy-Lite Products of Beaumont, Calif., has introduced a line of real glass block windows. The prefabricated glass block fixed windows are available in six stock sizes and are certified by NFRC and meet AAMA 101 I.S. 2-97 and ANSI Z97.1 

The glass block windows are rated for residential and light commercial applications and feature white silicone caulk lines. The windows are also approved as safety glazing so they can be used where tempered glass would otherwise be required.

Hy-Lite has also announced that its Solar Block has been certified; all Solar Block windows will now have the NFRC label showing solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC).

According to the company, the Solar Blocks have been tested to show a SHGC of less than .40, which means they meet energy code requirements in Georgia and Texas.

The blocks are available in 6- and 8-inch clear wave blocks in a 2-inch thickness. They can be pre-fabricated into operable, fixed windows and exterior door inserts and can be set in either vinyl or aluminum frames.

Info www.hy-lite.com or call 800/827-3691. 


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