Volume 38, Issue 11, November 2003


Harmonized Insulating Glass 
Standard Accepted by NBCC

The Insulating Glass Manufac-turers Alliance’s (IGMA) request to change the National Building Code of Canada (NBCC) to reference ASTM E2190 has been accepted by the Standing Committee on Houses for the NBCC and will be referenced in the 2005 version. Ray Wakefield of Trulite Industries and Marg Webb, IGMA executive director, went before the committee on October 19 in support of the change. IGMA expects to receive formal notification from the National Research Council late next month.

“This is an important development with benefits for IGMA, our members and the North American insulating glass industry,” said Oak Moser, IGMA president. “Manufacturers will now be able to certify their product for both sides of the U.S./Canadian border using a single, certification agency.”

While the change will be reflected in the 2005 edition of the NBCC, IGMA’s announcement says it has been advised that many code officials will accept the new reference immediately based on the strength of the standing committee’s recommendation. 

In addition, Wakefield and Webb have been approached by an official from the Ontario Building Code to include the new ASTM reference in the provincial code. IGMA will provide the code development and interpretation unit for the Province of Ontario with the same information that was provided to the NBCC standing committee, as well as some specific information relating to the Ontario marketplace. Info www.igmaonline.org or call 613/233-1510.

Bill Lingnell, IGMA technical consultant, formally announced the IGMA certification program for the harmonized standard during the group’s summer meeting.


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