Volume 38, Issue 11, November 2003Newsmakers


Patio Door Replacements West to East Coast

When the temperature lowers and leaves on trees begin to change colors to signal that fall is here, it only takes seconds for customers to appreciate the comfort of a tightly insulated barrier between a heated house and the chilly autumn weather. But what happens when the glass in patio doors breaks? Customers call their local glass shop.

USGlass polled glass shops in four different cities to see what shops around the country are charging to replace the glass in a patio door. Prices were quoted for replacement glass, 34- by 76, 5/8-inch thick, insulating, clear, tempered glass.

San Diego showed the highest market for glass replacement and installation (with a mean price of $300), while Buffalo was the lowest of the four cities with a mean of $220. Although each city had one shop under $190, none of the prices fell in the cheap range.


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