Volume 38, Issue 11, November 2003


Guardian Introduces Low-Iron Glass

Auburn Hills, Mich.-based Guardian Industries now has its UltraWhite™ low-iron glass available. The product, which it is marketing as high transmission with the capability of being used anywhere regular float glass is used, was created in response to what Guardian says was a market demand for increased clarity and color neutrality. Ranging in thickness from 2 mm to 12 mm (.08 to .48 inch) and with possible applications including curtainwall, doors and entranceways, spandrel glass, storefronts and skylights, the company intends to keep production of UltraWhite in frequent runs.

“Guardian will make UltraWhite readily available, which has not been the case in the marketplace until now,” said Tony Hobart, group vice president of North American sales and marketing.
Info www.guardian.com or call 248/340-1800.

Wausau Adds Muntin Grids and Outside Glazing 
Wausau, Wis.-based Wausau Window and Wall Systems is now offering muntin grids and outside glazing for its Advantage Wausau brand of pre-engineered aluminum windows. The windows are available in double hung, rolling and projected styles; Advantage Wausau includes standard products with multiple configurations, glass options, accessories and finishes.

In addition, the windows are pre-fabricated and can be glazed into the frame, tape applied to the glass or field attached to the frame with clips into predrilled holes. Grid frames can be either flat or beveled and finished to match the frame.
Info www.wausauwindows.com or call 715/845-2161.

New Glass Option Available from Viracon
Viracon of Owatonna, Minn., has created a low-E architectural glass product named VRE-54, which it says is designed to comply with the new energy code requirements. 

“VRE-54 has a vivid, crisp appearance that you can’t get with other code-compliant, low-E glass products,” said Rich Voelker, technical director. “It provides the greatest freedom of design restrictions while meeting the current energy codes.” 

VRE-54 is the most recent addition to the Viracon Radiant low-E (VRE) line. The company says the products provide visible light transmittance of 54, 38, 46 and 59 percent. 

“The difference between the various VRE products doesn’t sound all that pronounced, but, in fact, the heat transfer ratings and visual and aesthetic shift from one VRE to the next is rather dramatic,” said Voelker. “The new VRE-54 was designed specifically to meet the new energy code requirements. It provides as much light transmission as possible with the low solar heat gain coefficient required by today’s energy codes.” 

“As codes have become more restrictive, the industry evolved to a coated glass solution,” said Brad Austin, senior vice president. “Unlike other coated glass products, the VRE products don’t mirror or look dark in the opening. The VRE alternative has become a very popular platform among architects and specifiers and is rapidly becoming a mainstay in the industry.” 
Info+ www.viracon.com or call 507/444-3490.

Moduline’s Even-Line® Promises Sleek Aesthetics
Moduline Window Systems of Wausau, Wis., says its Even-Line 
window series will ensure sleek aesthetics. The series utilizes uniform sightlines in all directions, and the frame and vent depths are equal, as are the fixed and operable framing widths.

The series features 3 ¼-inch frame and sash depths with an integral stacking mullion and integral Venetian blinds when required. 

The window is available in fixed, projected, casement out-swinging, 
casement in-swinging, top-hinged in-swinging, side-hinged in-swinging and pivoted.
Info www.vistawall.com/moduline/default.html or call 800/972-9110.

Alloy Fasteners Now Available from Tek Screws 
Alloy Fasteners Inc. of Cranston, R.I., has introduced tek screws, designed for windows and skylights.

According to information from the company, the tek screws have painted heads to match exterior extrusions. In addition, an ultraviolet-factor in the paint helps to prevent fading. The screws are available in 410 and 18-8 stainless steel.

Both customized and standard tek screws are available. 
Info www.Alloyfasteners.com or call 800/343-0839.


MGM Industries Introduces DP50 Rated Window
MGM Industries of Hendersonville, Tenn., has introduced a newly designed vinyl window that has a DP50 rating for coastal applications.

The MGM 6050 series is a single-hung window that the company says was developed to provide builders and contractors with a quality window product that meets the recent building code requirements that coastal states have begun implementing for safety against hurricanes and other wind damage.

The 6050 series features a 180-brick mold and a bull nose sill to simulate traditional wood. In addition, an integral J-channel has a ¾-inch pocket depth and integral twins with continuous head and sill. The company says reinforcement has also been added at the meeting rail, lock rails and sash stiles.

The window includes ¾-inch insulating glass with framing inside to simulate a multi-pane look. Frames are available in white and beige.
Info www.mgmindustries.com or call 800/476-5584. 

Impact-Resistant Products
CINTEC LaunchesBlastec System
Based in Washington, D.C., CINTEC America, a designer and manufacturer of reinforcing anchor systems, has introduced the Blastec system, a blast-mitigation tool.

According to the company, the new tool strengthens and reinforces masonry walls, making them resistant to internal and external explosions and earthquakes. The anchors can also be used to retain blast-resistant windows and doors within masonry walls.

CINTEC says the system uses three-dimensional, discrete element analysis to evaluate the predicted performance, should a blast occur. Masonry can then be retro-introduced using custom-designed, high-grade reinforcement anchors designed for each application. Anchors can be installed without removing internal or external finishes, according to the company. 
Info www.cintec.com or call 800/363-6066.

U.S. Aluminum Now Shipping Impact-Resistant Products
United States Aluminum has announced it is now shipping its Storm Front™ line of high-impact-resistant storefront and entrance systems. 

The IG500 is a 2 ½- by 5-inch storefront framing system designed for 9/16-inch laminated glass. The IG600 is a 2 ½-inch by 5-inch storefront framing systems for 1 5/16-inch insulating glass.
According to information from U.S. Aluminum, the Storm Front line for 9/16-inch laminated glass, has 4 5/8-inch stiles, 4 11/16-inch top rail, 7 5/16-inch bottom rail, 1/8-inch wall thickness, requires only one glass stop and is 2 3/16-inch thick. The line has been tested and approved for use in locations where high wind resistance is up to 210 miles per hour. It is designed to withstand large missile impacts.
Info www.usalum.com or call 972/937-9651.

Ronstan Offers CAD Drawings Online for 
Ronstan International Inc. offers 
a comprehensive collection of CAD drawings and specifications on 
its website at www.ronstan.com/arch/links.asp. The company said it developed this database to provide design professionals an efficient way to transfer product information directly into their design drawings. The library works with all software packages and allows for easy transfer of files across all OS platforms, according to the company. 

Ronstan offers a selection of tensioning systems for such uses as tensiond glazed applications.
Info www.ronstan.com/arch or call 727/545-1911.

Ronstan offers tensioning systems for glazing applications.

doors and door hardware
Double Cylinder Exit Devices Available from Corbin Russwin
Now available from Corbin Russwin Architectural Hardware is the ED5002 series line of double cylinder exit devices. According to information provided by the company, the new line incorporates a double-cylinder function rim, SecureBolt™ and mortise exit devices.

“Unlike traditional exit devices, our new ED5002 series offers additional security by allowing locking of classroom doors from the inside,” said Greg Snowman, product marketing manager. “This eliminates the chance of exposure to outside threats by securing the classroom and protecting students and teachers.”
Info www.corbin-russwin.com or call 800/438-1951.

MARKS Introduces Survivor Locksets 
MARKS USA of Amityville, N.Y., has introduced two new key-in-lever Survivor Series. The new Grade 2 locksets feature the “CLUTCH” which the company says are available for both conventional and IC cores. 

According to MARKS, the name comes from the fact that these locksets “survive” where rigid levers fail. When locked, the CLUTCH disengages the outside lever allowing it to turn freely. Additionally, each lock features its own proprietary high-strength lever support spring, which the company says eliminates lever droop. 
Info www.marksusa.com or call 631/225-5400.

VT Industries’ Doors Now Have Factory-Installed Glazing 
Holstein, Iowa-based VT Industries’ architectural door division has announced a product offering expansion. Doors are now available with factory-installed glazing.

Customers ordering high-pressure decorative laminate and five-ply wood veneer doors now have the option of including installed lite kits that include tempered glass, fire-rated glass and privacy lite kits featuring blinds between the two lites of glass.
Info www.vtindustries.com/doors or call 800/827-1615.

coatings and finishes
Atofina Grants Rohm & Haas License for Kynar 500® Use
Atofina Chemicals Inc. of Philadelphia has granted a license to Rohm & Haas for the production of powder coatings using Kynar 500 PC PVDF resin. According to the agreement, Rohm & Haas has been given the authority to formulate powder coatings in a palette of colors using a minimum of 70 percent Kynar PVDF resin from Atofina. Rohm and Haas will also market these products under the Kynar 500 PC trademark.

“The proven performance of Kynar 500 coatings will soon be available to the powder coatings market, offered in a wide range of colors by Rohm & Haas, which has an excellent record of service and innovation in powder coatings,” said Chip Bisignaro, Atofina Chemicals’ market manager for Kynar 500 coatings and film. 
Info www.AtofinaChemicals.com or call 800/581-6883.

New World Aluminum Corp. Offers New Finish
New World Aluminum Corp. has announced several new finishes.

Its new bright-dip finishes feature texture variations such as sandblasted gold, silver and brushed nickel. The new anodized colors include white, blue, green and golden hued honey bronze. The company also offers more than 12 wood grain painted finishes, which it says are ideal for two-tone applications. 
Info www.newworldal.com or call 877/NW-9898.


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