Volume 39, Issue 1, January 2004


First Impressions
IG Division Gears Up To Make Major Impact

by Ashley M. Charest

ANA’s new insulating division is off to a strong start after the formation meeting held during the 2003 GANA Fall Conference. The meeting was well attended and yielded additional ideas on the initial scope of this new endeavor.

The division has begun working on one of its initial objectives—education—by scheduling a forum titled “Warm Edge Alternatives in Insulating Glass Used in Commercial Applications,” scheduled to take place Sunday, February 8, 2004, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., during Glass Week™. (To register for Glass Week, visit www.glassweek.com.)

In addition, the division has established itself as the third tier in the Glass Fabrication Educational Seminar™, by working on the programming for the insulating break-out sessions. Insulating division educational seminar chairperson Bill O’Brien with Dow Corning, has incorporated the following topics into the seminar sessions:

• Gas filling of insulating glass units;
• Insulating glass sealants;
• The role of desiccants in IG units;
• Silicone sealants;
• Insulating standards update;
• Desiccated matrix materials;
• Insulating glass spacers and muntin bars;
• Coatings used for insulating glass units; and
• Automated IG machinery.

As a broad brush summary, the insulating division will focus on issues concerning insulating glass used in commercial applications and will work to involve the end users of our BEC division members’ products. We feel that the strong and growing involvement of BEC division firms in GANA is a real asset, and the insulating division will build on this to collectively work on issues that affect both industry segments. To pave the way in which the division will impact the industry, members created the below mission statement and objectives:

To provide a forum for the exchange of information regarding insulating glass with particular emphasis on commercial glazing.

• Education;
• Commercial architectural focus;
• Opportunity to bring in BEC division members, consumers;
• Channel of communication (informational, forum); and
• Train customer service representatives.

As the division continues to solidify its position as a forum for exchange to occur within the commercial insulating glass industry, it will continue to work on enhancing the current GANA educational events. In addition, the division will work with industry leaders to provide an opportunity to update the industry on the many changes occurring with insulating glass. The division is also looking to provide effective and useful tools to help companies train their customer service representatives, along with the creation of an opportunity for BEC and insulating division members to discuss issues that affect both segments of the industry.

If your company is interested in working with GANA on these objectives, contact our office to join this newest division. Membership in GANA puts you in regular contact with glass industry peers, customers and suppliers in an environment that allows for the development of strong, effective working relations. The insulating division is comprised of manufacturers that produce insulating glass units and suppliers of materials used in manufacturing those units.

To join GANA or for more information visit www.glasswebsite.com. Or, contact the GANA office at 785/271-0208. Join the association that is “Working For Our Industry!”


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