Volume 39, Issue 1, January 2004

The Best of the Best
Announcing the 2003 Product of the Year Award Winners

CRL Introduces GlassWedge for Installation of Glass Rail Panels
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles introduced its CRL GlassWedge™ system for all-glass handrail and guardrail systems. The company describes the product as an easy, fast and cost effective way of installing glass rail panels. “This new system is an improvement over cement systems and reduces labor for installation and cleaning up,” said John O’Brien, architectural products manager. “In fact, we estimate that using the GlassWedge system will save 40 to 75 percent or more in labor on level rails, and much more in sloped ramps and stairs.” 

Another benefit of the system is that it simplifies the replacement of broken lites of glass.

The product, which is a dry, mechanical system, consists of three components: a high-impact plastic isolator channel with an inverted wedge on one channel leg; a high-strength matching aluminum wedge; and a heavy extruded aluminum base shoe. The installer slides the isolators on the glass panel, drops the panel into the base shoe and drives in the wedges. 
Info www.crlaurence.com or call 800/421-6144.

PPG Reveals New Line of Colored Architectural Glasses
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries unveiled its Oceans of Color collection, a line of ocean-colored performance tinted architectural glasses. These green, energy-efficient glasses are engineered to meet industry-leading ratings for visible light transmittance, reduced infrared transmittance and low solar heat gain co-efficiencies. 

The Oceans of Color line encompasses four spectrally selective tinted glasses: Caribia aqua-green glass, Atlantica emerald-green glass, Azuria aqua-blue glass and Solexia light-green glass.
Info www.ppgglazing.com or call 800/377-5267.

DuPont Offers Decorative Interlayers
As the glass industry has seen in recent months, the use and specification of decorative glass products is increasing; one way to achieve such a look is through the use of decorative interlayers. Dupont Glass Laminating Solutions of Wilmington, Del.,is one company offering products in this category. 

Commercially available since last April, DuPont’s SentryGlas® Expressions™ incorporates full-color, ink-jet, digital printing on PVB interlayers. With Expressions, textures, logos and images can be integrated into architectural glass applications such as entry doors, overhead glazing, partitions and more.

Not only is Expressions a decorative product, it is also safety glass, as it also retains the same benefits of laminated glass.
Info www.dupont.com/safetyglass or call 800/438-7225.

Gunther Offers Mirror Adhesive Pads
Gunther Mirror Mastics of South Bend, Ind., has introduced its EZ Stic® mirror adhesive pads, which are designed to adhere mirrors to substrates through a peel-n-stick approach. According to Gunther, the user simply places the EZ Stic pad on the wall, peels off the release papers and sets the mirror. 

The company says its product is superior to traditional asphalt mastics because there is no need for caulk guns, electric scoops or adhesive sticks. Also, there is no guessing on the correct amount of adhesive to use because each EZ Stic adhesive pad accommodates up to one square foot of mirror.
Info www.gunthermirrormastics.com or call 800/227-6181.

Users “Count” on Record Products of America
Record Products of America of Hamden, Conn., introduced the new model P-137 glass counter, which scans a vertical or horizontal stack of lites and displays the total count and glass thickness on a large, illuminated LCD display. The machine sums and displays the total lites for thousands of crates or L-bucks. In addition, with an optional handle, the P-137 can even count crated lites regardless of the lite thickness. 

According to the company, operation is simple—the operator presses the measurement button and then rolls the machine across the stack, and the count is immediately displayed.
Info www.recordproducts.com or call 203/248-6371.

Sika’s Hybrid Adhesive Passes Hurricane Testing
With hurricane codes in effect in South Florida, Texas and along much of the Eastern seaboard, it’s becoming crucial that glazing products used in those areas are code compliant. Sika Corp. of Madison Heights, Mich., announced that its’ Sikaflex®-552, a one-part polyurethane (PUR) hybrid adhesive, met the test require ments of Miami Dade County, PA 201 large missile and PA 203 cyclic wind pressure loading. Sika also announced that the sealant qualified to AAMA 805.2 Group A, Bonding Back-Bedding Compound specifications. The company said testing was performed on numerous customer-built door wall and window units at independent test facilities.
Info www.sikaindustry.com or call 248/577-0020.

Pilkington Releases Eclipse Advantage™
Late last year Pilkington North America of Toledo, Ohio, introduced its Eclipse Advantage™ reflective low-E glass, which combines pyrolytic qualities with subtle reflectivity, along with desired thermal and solar control performance. According to the company, it also offers a high level of visible light transmittance, despite its reflectivity.
Eclipse Advantage glass is available only from Pilkington Building Products North America and can be shipped anywhere in the world.
Info www.pilkington.com or call 419/247-3731.

Glasslam Offers Hurricane-Resistant Products
Glasslam N.G.I. Inc. of Pompano Beach, Fla., offered a number of products to meet safety-glazing needs, including its Safety-Plus® II hurrican impact glass. According to Flavio Schonholoz, the company’s marketing director, interest in the Safety-Glass Plus II has been tremendous, as it has passed large missile tests in all glass thicknesses of annealed, heat-strengthened and tempered glass, both monolithic and insulating.
Info www.glasslam.com or call 954/975-3233.

Sealant Engineering Associates offers E-Z Glaze Soundstrip
Based in Bensenville, Ill., Sealant Engineering Associates began offering the E-Z Glaze Soundstrip.

According to company president Bob Heider, E-Z Glaze is a pure silicone, pre-formed joint filler that requires little skill to install, replacing a task that otherwise requires two skilled workers with expensive tools and accessories. Heider says the end result is a uniform joint with improved appearance and acoustical values. 

The pre-cured joint filler is also said to give a consistent appearance without the possibility of post application damage or damage to carpets or walls. E-Z Glaze is available for ¼-, ½- and 3/8-inch glass in clear, black and other colors upon request.
Info 888-372-7446.

SAFTI Announces New Fire-Rated Curtainwall
SAFTI introduced its GPX snap-together, fire-rated curtainwall system. The company says the new system is fully approved and rated for up to two hours and comes in a wide range of custom frame finishes, decorative wood or ornamental metal covers and glazing options.
Info www.safti.com or call 415/822-4222.


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