Volume 39, Issue 2, February  2004

BUILDing Blocks
Find All the Tools, Supplies and More 
You Need at GlassBuild America

While much of the country has endured the bitter, winter cold, the glass industry has an excuse to get away to a more favorable climate—San Diego, this year’s host city for GlassBuild America (GBA). The event will be held March 10-12 at the San Diego Convention Center and will include much in the way of education and products.
More than 300 exhibiting companies will showcase their products in more than 150,000 square feet of exhibit space. Show organizers say they expect approximately 6,000 professionals to visit the event this year. To get a quick peek at just some of the products you’ll find in San Diego, we’ve compiled a sampling over the next 16 pages.

Booth #813
CRL Introduces Variety of New Products
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) will exhibit at this year’s event, offering a variety of products.
One of the many products available from the company is its new line of patio windscreen posts for use with 1.2-inch tempered glass. CRL says the posts feature eight glass pockets with snap-in covers, allowing the glass to be positioned in 45-degree increments. The company says the system is designed to be strong enough to support gates, and no horizontal rails are needed. A variety of standard and custom post lengths are available. They are available ready for shipment in black or white PPG Duracon paint, as well as in clear-anodized. Custom paint or powder coat colors are available by special order.

Another new product from CRL is the company’s line of high-end post systems for counter partitions and salad bars, available in a variety of styles and configurations. Available finishes include polished brass, brushed stainless and polished stainless.
Info www.crlaurence.com or call 800/421-6144.

Booth #1446
SAFTI Announces Two New Fire-Rated Frames
San Francisco-based SAFTI has added two new protective features to its fire-resistant GPX frames: bullet and attack resistance.

According to the company, the GPX frames were tested recently by Intertek Testing Services and meet UL 752 (1995), level 3 requirements for bullet resistance, as well as ASTM F 1592-01 impact test requirements, grade 1, for sledge hammer attack resistance. 

The frames are listed by ITS and UL for 60-, 90- and 120-minute applications, and, according to the company, meet all temperature rise requirements of the national building codes.

The aluminum frames are available in most any custom, architectural make-up, including any species of decorative wood, ornamental copper and brass clad, anodized, powder-coated or Kynar or any other custom finish.
Info www.gpxframing.com or call 415/822-4222.

Booth # 1417
EPCO Introduces New Partition System
Now offered by EPCO USA is the RS 170 tempered glass sliding/stacking partition system. The company says the system’s quick and easy constructional design accommodates both 3/8- and ½-inch glass. It comes standard with one swinging door, and can hold up to seven sliding panels. Maximum panel width is 43 inches and maximum panel weight is 220 pounds. Available finishes include polished and brushed stainless steel.
Info www.epcocorp.com or call 626/961-6827.


Booth #309
New Restoration Kit is Hands-On
Shat R Proof Corp. of Bloomington, Minn., has introduced its handheld surface restoration kit that it 
says is designed to remove scratches from glass and some acrylics, as well as polish out abrasions, graffiti and hard water stains from glass.

The company says the restoration kit includes a lightweight, ergonomically designed handheld unit that is small enough to use in tight areas and big enough to handle large, commercial jobs. It also features quick-change heads.
Info www.srpglassrestoration.com or call 800/328-0042.

Booth #406
Aluflam Introduces Fire-Rated Aluminum Windows and Doors
Aluflam of Huntington Beach, Calif., has announced that it has completed fire testing of its aluminum door and window systems for the North American market.

The Aluflam system is composed of custom-extruded and filled aluminum framing that is combined with a clear, wire-free glass laminate. The company says the systems are easy to install, have superior aesthetics and come in a variety of sizes and finishes.

In North America, the glass is supplied by Vetrotech Saint-Gobain.
Info www.aluflam-usa.com or call 714/899-3990.

Booth #934
All Bent Into Shape
Perrysburg, Ohio-based Glasstech Inc. will be featuring a number of its tempering technologies during the show.

The gas-fired FCH2 forced convection heater system is designed for efficiently tempering low-E flat glass. The company says the equipment can heat low-E glass twice as fast as electric radiation heating systems. In addition, it can heat clear glass at a rate of 30 seconds per millimeter of thickness and high-performance, soft-coat low-E at a rate of 33 seconds per millimeter.

Also from Glasstech is the ERH2-C2 electric radiant heater, which can process low-E approximately 20 percent faster than traditional, electric radiant heaters, according to the company. The line is designed to add upper surface convection, improving the productivity of its ERH. Likewise, an ERH2-C3 version is available with lower surface convection and is capable of even greater throughput of low-E glass. 

Glasstech’s architectural bending and tempering system (ABTS) is designed for shaping glass of varying thicknesses into custom-specified curves. The ABTS can bend and temper glass ranging in thicknesses from 5 mm to 19 mm and temper glass as large as 7 feet by 12 feet.
Info www.glasstech.com or call 419/661-9500.

Booth #1346
CGI Fires Up with Fire-Rated Products
From the United Kingdom, CGI International will be on hand at GBA offering its line of Pyroguard 20-minute fire-rated glass. Recently, the company had announced a distribution partnership with Oldcastle Glass.
“When we started this partnership we were confident that offering a unique fire-glass-to-go service—available today from stock—would be beneficial to glaziers, door manufacturers and their distributors,” said CGI vice president of sales and marketing Steve Ridgway. “We have been overwhelmed by the response from the market and are pleased that together we have been able now to fulfill a long-standing need.”
Info www.cgii.co.uk or call +44 (0) 20 7960 6060.

Booth #929
Temper, Temper
For temperers, Vesuvius McDanel will be at the show offering its line of tempering rollers. Product specialists will be available to discuss with attendees the latest roll technologies, critical specifications, roll-cleaning and maintenance procedures, roll wave distortion and available laboratory services and technical seminars. 

In addition, the company’s latest patented end caps will be highlighted, as well as a complete line of available designs and assistance in selecting the right roll and end cap for your applications.
Info www.vesuvius.com or call 724/843-8300.

Booth #112
See the Light
Azon USA Inc. from Kalamazoo, Mich., has announced its Warm-Light thermally improved air spacer material for commercial insulating glass units has successfully completed CBA testing. The CBA classification complies with ASTM E 774-97 for sealed glass units (there are also two other classifications, Class C and Class CB). The standard determines the durability of the units during accelerated weathering conditions. The testing was completed by Architectural Testing Inc. in St. Paul, Minn.

According to Azon, Warm-Light is a rolled-formed, aluminum airspace material that has a polyurethane core that creates a true, structural thermal barrier for the unit’s air space material. Through such structural properties, Warm-Light is designed to withstand extreme defelction and compressions requirements when used in large openings.

In addition, Azon has launched a website (www.warmedge.com) designed to serve as a technical resource on warm-edge spacers.
Info www.warmedge.com or call 800/788-5942.

Booth #1046
A New Edition
Three new textures will be available from Joel Berman of Vancouver, British Columbia. Berman Glass editions makes the designer’s signature textures available for immediate delivery through authorized distributors throughout North America.

The three textures, ima, etre and sera, are available in sheets up to 8- by 132 inches and ¼-, 5/16- and 3/8-inch thicknesses. Designers extracted elements from three of the company’s most popular textures to create the new Berman Glass editions. The line features premium pressure-formed glass that is said to provide enormous flexibility in meeting various project and budget requirements. The glass can be used in applications such as partition walls, door panels, balustrades, canopies and windows.
Info www.bermanglass.com or call 604/684-8332.

Booth #2027
Line ’Em Up
Glassline Corp. of Perrysburg, Ohio, will introduce its new in-line drilling system, which it says is designed for optimum throughput on a variety of products. Depending on the customer’s needs, the system can be used for applications such as appliance glass, shower doors, entry doors and more.

Each side of the conveyor system has two drill heads, each with top and bottom spindles. Glass is positioned automatically on the conveyor (X axis). Depending on system requirements, drill heads are mounted to independent, horizontal, ballscrew-driven servo axes to move the drill into the Y dimension for hole positioning, routing, etc.

In addition, the company says split entry/exit timing belt conveyors allow for fast throughput. An optional wide timing belt and hold down system allow for milling/routing of slots, hinge openings, etc. Optional stands and saw attachments can be added to the drill servo positioning base for thick glass as well.
Info www.glassline.com or call 419/666-5942.

Booth #1329
Wild Horses
From Milwaukee, F. Barkow comes to San Diego offering its Workhorse™, an enclosed, 9-foot aluminum and fiberglass body with aluminum glass carrier. The carriers are 108 by 96 inches high and include a variety of features including 7-inch ledgeboards; six stakes with Barkleats® and hardware; Stake-Loc® self-locking stakes; baseplate pads every 12 inches; full-height locking walk-in doors; heavy-duty aluminum step bumper and intermediate rear step; ladder holders on the roof; and a translucent roof for interior light and wheelhouse pans.
Likewise, the interior features a 42-inch storage bin and a self-storing worktable.
Info www.fbarkow.com or call 800/558-5580.

Booth #1419
Clear as Crystal
To learn about a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean glass technology, pay a visit to Clearshield Technologies’ booth. The company has introduced an improved formulation, Clearshield MP (maximum performance), which it says enhances long-term protection of glass surfaces.

Clearshield MP’s new polymeric resin formula contains an active catalyst that is designed to trigger an efficient chemical reaction. Compared to the older version, Clearshield MP utilizes even more bonding sites present at the molecular level of the glass surface to create a denser layer of protection. It is ideal for shower enclosures, sandblasted glass, residential and commercial glazing, as well as automotive glass, and provides a high resistance to attack from organic and inorganic contamination and is easy to clean, according to the company.
Info www.clearshieldonline.com or call 866/372-5327.

Booth #2305
Nothing but Machines
If it’s machines that you’re seeking, check out the latest from Salem Distributing Co. of Winston-Salem, N.C. The company will offer new machines from manufacturers such as Bovone, Pezza and CMS Tecnometal.

From Bovone, you’ll find the latest in its cup wheel edging machines, the ELB-10/45 edger mitre. This ten-spindle machine is designed to produce flat edge profiles with seams and mitres. It also is capable of cerium oxide polishing either the flat or mitre.

Also from Bovone is the Mini-Maxi-371/CNC straight line beveling machine. This version of the company’s flagship Maxi straight line beveler is computer-controlled and can be set automatically to produce accurate bevels. The computer can store 1,000 different jobs, which can be recalled by a keystroke. 

Pezza’s Mistral 120 automatic-manual sandblasting unit will also be on display. The company says this machine is designed for sand-etching glass and is available in two modes: automatic and operator-controlled. The machine also features a built-in, self-cleaning filter that captures dust from the blasting process in special filter bags. Debris is discharged into appropriate containers.

Be sure and check out the CMS line-up, which will include the BOB multi-tasking center and the TL 3.70S cutting table. The BOB is capable of edging, beveling, milling, drilling and engraving. All functions are computer-controlled with five interpolated axes and a correction axis for precision processing. It also features a thin glass process and opposed head drilling for clean holes and production times.

CMS’ new cutting table incorporates a patented, four-cutting head turret that is designed to select the proper wheel automatically for the glass being cut. Scoring pressure also is set automatically to match the selected cutting wheel.
Info www.salemdist.com or call 800/234-1982.

Booth #930
Tape it Together

Cleveland-based Capital Tape will be exhibiting its line of products for mirror mounting, door and window glazing, trim attachment, bath enclosure sealing and structural glazing.

Included in the products is the new VK series of structural glazing tapes. According to the company, these high-density products, which are coated with aggressive acrylic adhesives, are designed to meet the demanding requirements of structural silicone glazing.
Info www.capitaltape.com or call 888/888-TAPE.

Booth #928
Glazers Choice in Action
To see demonstrations of the physical properties of Glazers Choice® mirror adhesives, stop by booth #928. Hank Groves, Glazers Choice co-owner, will be on hand to describe the product’s build-out capabilities and its unique open time. He will also discuss Glazers Choice’s new VOC-compliant product that was developed for the California market.
Info www.glazerschoice.com or call 888/655-3430.

Booth #1420
Coming up a Storm
Meeting the ever-increasing need for hurricane-resistant glazing, the latest from Oldcastle Glass is StormGlass™, a high-performance, laminated product for hurricane impact-resistant glazing.

According to information provided by the company, StormGlass incorporates an advanced interlayer technology that features high elastic modulus for adhesion to glass.

To demonstrate the performance of StormGlass, two independent Florida test labs subjected a number of window units to wind pressures at 80 psf and 107 psf. The 40-square-foot units, which featured both non-captured and captured glazing systems, met the design pressures required by the wind zones of South Florida, according to Oldcastle.
Info www.oldcastleglass.com or call 866/653-2278.

Booth #520
Something to See Through
Offering maximum transparency, while also complying with fire and building codes, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain has introduced the SGG Swissflam Structure System, a butt-joint, 60-minute, fire-rated system designed to eliminate vertical mullions.

The company says the system is available using H-profile gasket (dry-glaze) or silicone joints (wet-glaze). Large lites of SGG Swissflam-60 (wireless glass) are used to create a glass wall that meets all applicable fire codes and high-impact safety ratings (CPSC CAT II) as well, according to the company.

The system can be used in partition walls, shopping centers, schools, airports and numerous other locations where maximum visibility is desired.

In addition, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain offers products in ratings from 20 minutes to three hours.
Info www.vetrotechUSA.com or call 888/803-9533.

Booth #6233
Tamglass Heats Up
ProConvection™ tempering furnace, for example, is designed for tempering all types of glass. The company says the furnace can handle hard-coated, low-E, soft-coated super low-E and clear glass in sizes up to large, architectural glass products.

Also available is the ProBend™ for bending and tempering without molds. Shapes, sizes and thicknesses are processed at high production speeds with minimal changeover time, according to the company.
Info www.tamglass.com or call 358 3 372 3111.

Booth #1736
Picture This
Jonathan Cullum, former president of Lisec America Software, has launched a new company, USK Glass, which will exhibit its Virtual Digitizing software program at the show.

With Virtual Digitizing, users can take a digital photograph and produce a CAD file from templates, openings on site, broken/replacement windows and even vinyl window frames. The software package allows companies to process templates without large and expensive digitizing tables, and can even serve as a tool to create accurate dimensions on site, replacing the need for a template.
Info www.uskglass.com or call 352/567-7711.

Booth #1616
See the Lite

LiteSentry Corp. of Dundas, Minn., will be at GBA launching its new LiteSentry 3D™ distortion measurement system. Live demonstrations will take place, during which glass samples will be inspected for optical distortion, bow, thickness and surface defects.
Info www.litesentry.com or call 507/645-2600.


Booth #2021
ADCO Has the ADvantage
ADCO Products of Michigan Center, Mich., will tell attendees about its ADCO ADvantage program, which the company says helps customers improve their manufacturing process by supplying the equipment needed to achieve increased efficiency. ADCO has automated machinery and hand-application tools for high-bond acrylic muntin tape as well as pumping/extrusion equipment for hot-melt edge sealants. The company adds that it has a sealants package that will complement any spacer system on the market. 
Info www.adcocorp.com or call 800/248-4010.

Booth #2419
Bromer Makes Glass Retrieval Easy 
If storing, handling and transportation equipment is what you’re looking for, then Bromer may have some products for you. The company will have a variety of equipment on display, including a Bromer rack on an Asplundh GMC dealership truck. It will also have a new product on display—the glass retriever, which will optimize the surface of each sheet of glass, according to the company. 
Info www.bromerinc.com or call 450/477-6682.

Booth #1818
Pres-On with New Self-Stick Tape
Pres-On Corp. will feature its new self-stick glazing tape, which the company says is ideal for muntin taping for windows. Available in 1/32-, 1/16- and 1/8-inch thicknesses, the company says the tape can be custom-cut depending on individual requirements. The adhesive system is rubber or acrylic and is available in black and white. Pres-On adds that the product has been tested according to AAMA 800-92.
Info www.pres-on.com or call 800/323-1745.

Booth #2029
EDTM Unveils Two New Products
EDTM of Toledo, Ohio, will feature two new products at GBA. The first is a product for testing solar transmission and ultraviolet (UV) transmission in the same meter. With a touch of a button, users can switch between UV and solar measurements. The second, the IS1100 Intelli-Sense low-E detection system, inspects glass on the production line and identifies the location of the low-E coatings without touching the glass. Alarms indicate if the glass has been placed on the line improperly. 
Info www.edtm.com or call 419/480-1098.

Booth #2545
Wakefield to Feature Dollies and Harp Racks
Wakefield Equipment of Hudson, Ohio, will feature its insulating glass dollies, which the company says are perfect for storing and moving random sizes of insulating glass. Manufactures can load glass easily with either wood or PVC flip-up fingers. The all-welded steel construction has a base with productive bottom strips and a pull handle on the frame. The company’s harp racks are used to separate and transport single lites of glass. The racks, which are available in a variety of sizes, have PVC-covered divider rods that separate and protect the glass.
Info www.wakefieldequip.com or call 216/464-9455.

Booth #2119
The Screen (Printing) Scene
For companies established in the screen-printing business, as well as those looking to incorporate the process into current operations, A.W.T. World Trade Inc. offers a selection of products for glass decorating.

One product that will be featured in San Diego is the Accu-Print high-tech line of flatbed rigid-panel printers. These feature a special belt delivery system for safe, scratch-free transporting of glass panels. Standard features include “parallel peel,” which the company says provides a consistent flood stroke and ink deposit, automatic leveling of squeegee/floodbar pressure across the substrate, patented upfront stroke adjustment for easy print 
positioning, advanced ink recovery and remote diagnostics for instant service to any location worldwide.

Other products available from A.W.T. include pre-press equipment, such as screen-stretching units and exposing units; post-press options, such as quartz or ultraviolet curing/drying units; squeegee sharpeners; ink mixers; a variety of supplies; and more.
Info www.awt-gpi.com or call 773/777-7100.

Booth #1913
PPG Offers Glass Array
Those who visit the booth of Pittsburgh’s PPG Industries will learn more about many of the company’s glass products. The glass maker will demonstrate its SunClean™ low-maintenance lass, which the company says has been used in the production of more than 184,000 windows since its launch in 2001. 

Several products ideal for environmentally efficient glazing also will be displayed: Solarban® 60 and Solarban® 80 solar control low-emissivity glasses, as well as the Oceans of Color™ collection of spectrally selective tinted glasses.
Info www.ppgglazing.com or call 800/377-5267.

Booth #1335
A “Signature” Window 
Moduline Window Systems, part of the Vistawall Group, has redesigned its Signature Series window, which the company says reflects 25 years of refinements to the original.

The new window has an overlap sash-to-frame design that utilizes manufacturing techniques to offer performance, configuration flexibility, competitive costs and reduced lead times. For increased structural integrity, framing members with 3 ½-inch and 4 ½-inch depths also are available. 

In addition, hardware options, standard trim components, screening options and factory glazing are available. For applications that require a flush sash-to-frame design, the Signature 12P series also is available.
Info www.vistawall.com or call 800/869-4567.

Booth #1728
Convection Action

Glassrobots of Finland has introduced the RoboTemp™, a flat tempering machine. The company says the machine’s design combines the advantages of convection and radiant furnaces, and offers a number of benefits. For instance, with convection heating coated glass can be tempered at virtually the same rate as clear glass. Other benefits include increased, flexible production and optical quality.
Info www.glassrobots.fi or call 358 3 3132 3000.

Booth #2017
So Hot it’s Cold
From Chandler, Ariz., Meltdown Glass Art & Design will exhibit its new line of cold-applied colors. The company will showcase deeply textured glass with colors, metallic finishes and opalescent paints.

Meltdown Glass specializes in architectural kiln-cast glass. Colors and patterns are deeply cast into the glass for applications such as room dividers, doors, windows, walls, shower enclosures, counter tops and more. The company offers 32 standard textures with custom textures available. 
Info ww.meltdownglass.com or call 480/633-3366.

Booth #2510
Exhibitor Kits Now Available for glasstec 2004 
Exhibitor kits for glasstec 2004, the 18th International Trade Fair for Machinery, Equipment, Applications and Products, are now available from Messe Düsseldorf North America, which will be on hand during 
GBA. glasstec 2004 will take place November 9-13 at the fairgrounds in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

North American companies have the option of exhibiting individually or within the North American Pavilion. Exhibit categories include glass manufacturing and production technology, glass processing and finishing, glass products and applications, tools and replacement parts along with measurement, testing and control technology.
Presentations and symposiums will take place as well.
Info www.mdna.com or call 312/781-5185.

On the Cover: A View From the Top

Just a month after GlassBuild America says farewell to San Diego, a new hotel, featuring the products of one of the show’s exhibitors, will open its doors. Wausau Window and Wall Systems of Wausau, Wis., provided the curtainwall and sunshade systems for the Omni San Diego Hotel, located across the street from the city’s convention center.

Designed by architectural firm Hornberger and Worstell of San Francisco, the new Omni is a 32-story tower that features nearly 51,000 square feet of glass and aluminum in Wausau’s 7250 Series U-Wall system. The system is composed of Viracon’s 1 1/16-inch VE2-85 insulating glass and champagne-colored finishes by Linetec. Wausau also provided 250 of its 3250 Series zero sightline vents. The building’s glazing is being completed by Architectural Glass and Aluminum of San Diego.

According to Jeff Hill, design architect, the firm wanted to capture the sports, entertainment and nautical theme of San Diego. Complementing this vision, they created the hotel to resemble a wind-filled sail of glass.

Booth #635
Link Up with Surface Specialties UCB 
Visitors to Surface Specialties UCB booth will be able to navigate the company’s new website. The site includes technical information, test data and video demonstrations of the key benefits of UVEKOL® laminated glass and its use in hurricane-resistant fenestration systems. Navigators may also view case studies illustrating specific glazing projects in which UVEKOL® was used for its superior performance. The site also provides links to laminated glass fabricators around the world using UVEKOL technology. 
Info www.uvekol.com or call 888/269-3901.

Booth #2650
Visit USGlass at GlassBuild America!
The staff of USGlass magazine, the official publication of the Glass Association of North America (GANA), a GlassBuild America co-sponsor, looks forward to seeing you in San Diego. Be sure and stop by our booth, #2650, for copies of our latest publications and to learn more about our Glass Expos USA™. You can also pick up information about joining and getting involved with GANA. We hope to see you there!

Booth #1240
Getting Connected
Enhanced Systems & Services of Denver, a vendor of ERP software for project-oriented manufacturers, is now offering the latest version of its Finesse® ERP system, which includes a data-import link for D-CALC® fenestration software from D-CALC America. The company says the system offers an array of integrated, project-oriented capabilities, including project definition, project data management, project scheduling and labor resource planning and scheduling. Core ERP features are financial and production control and supply-chain management.

Finesse, according to the company, provides comprehensive functionality for engineer-to-order, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, make-to-stock and mixed-mode environments. System modules include estimating, quoting, contract terms and conditions, procurement, scheduling, payroll and human resources and production and post-production service. The software also incorporates a breakdown structure for each project phase and task and extensive report ing features and analysis screens. 
Info www.dcalc.com, www.ess-finesse.com or call 314/725-3487.

Booth #1519
Stick it to Sika
Sika Corp. of Madison Heights, Mich., will educate attendees about its sealant and adhesive technologies. The company offers a complete line of single-part PUR sealants and adhesives for fenestration bedding, glazing, frame assembly and installation applications, with multiple substrate compatibility. The company says its products are suited especially for use in hurricane- and blast-resistant window glazing and bedding applications 
and high-performance, non-urethane adhesives for use in window construction and cladding applications. 
Info www.sikaindustry.com or call 248/577-0020. 


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