Volume 39, Issue 3, March  2004


Through the Looking Glass

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the costliest of them all? Chances are you have a good idea of what you and your competitors charge for jobs in your area, but you can always count on us to keep you informed about how the rest of the country is doing and how much they are charging. In this issue we’re looking to the Midwest (specifically Chicago, Columbus, Ohio, and Indianapolis) to find out what the going rate is for mirror installation. We priced a 42- by 32-inch mirror, purchased and installed, with both polished edges as well as a ½-inch beveled edge. Occasionally, the location of the job influenced the price or the acceptance of the job at all; one company even refusing work “on the North side.” All in all, the price range ran from $57 for a polished edge in Indiana to roughly $500 for a beveled edge, in both Indiana and Ohio. 


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