Volume 39, Issue 4, April  2004

An Introduction to GANA

Founded in 1994, the Glass Association of North America (GANA) began as an amalgamation of the Flat Glass Marketing Association (FGMA), Glass Tempering Association (GTA) and the Laminators Safety Glass Association (LSGA). The three associations had a history of cooperation. They first worked together in 1976 to form Association Services Corporation (ASC), a multiple association management company, as a means of providing more efficient and less costly administrative services to its respective associations and other interested associations. Later, ASC aggressively pursued the formation of the Glazing Industry Code Committee (GICC) as a means of dealing more effectively with the model building codes. More recently, member concern regarding the number of industry meetings each year and the quality of the programs led to the primary glass and metal companies joining together to initiate Glass Week™, the annual glass industry convention. The amalgamation was the logical next step in their organizational evolution.

The original structure of GANA consisted of three divisions—Distribution/Installation, Laminating and Tempering—with each division having equal representation on the association’s board of directors. 
In 1997 the Distribution/Installation division split into two divisions: Distribution and Building Envelope Contractors (BEC). The BEC division diversified to focus on the specific needs of the building envelope suppliers and erectors. In 2000, the North American Association of Mirror Manufacturers (NAAMM) joined GANA and formed the Mirror division. After that merger, the Primary Glass Manufacturers Council followed suit and in 2002, became the Flat Glass Manufacturing division. Also in 2002, in response to requests from member companies, the GANA board of directors voted to transform the Distribution division into the Insulating division to serve the manufacturers and suppliers of the insulating glass industry. GANA currently strives to serve the needs of the glass and glazing industry with six divisions: Building Envelope Contractors, Flat Glass Manufacturing, Insulating, Laminating, Mirror and Tempering.

Meetings are an important resource for GANA members. They provide regular opportunities for members to share information, ideas and experiences with peers, customers and suppliers. GANA conducts numerous industry meetings and educational seminars each year. 

Industry executive management and technical leaders gather in the first quarter of the year for the annual Glass Week meeting. Glass Week features committee meetings, industry topic forums as well as networking and social opportunities. 

The BEC division hosts the annual Building Envelope Contractors Conference™, the industry’s leading opportunity for suppliers and window and curtain wall erectors to gather and address industry issues every February. 

Spring brings the annual Glass Fabrication Educational Seminar™, which offers in-depth training on glass insulating, laminating and tempering fabrication procedures. Also in the spring, the Contract Glazing Educational Conference™ provides technical presentations and forum discussions for all members of a glass and glazing contract department. 

Finally, the annual Fall Conference provides a second gathering for committee meetings, industry presentations and networking. 

While each division has a number of committees that address subjects of specific concern to its members, it is the technical committees that are responsible for the association’s major publications. GANA publishes a number of technical manuals and informational bulletins, but the Glazing Manual, Sealant Manual, Engineering Standards Manual and the Laminated Glazing Reference Manual are the most referenced and extensively used documents by industry, government, architects and specification writers. The technical committees make a concerted effort to see that association technical manuals and information reflect the current state of the industry.

In addition, GANA staff members actively represent the industry in the development of industry codes and standards, and also serve as a liaison to other fenestration related organizations such as the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, GICC, Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance, National Glass Association and the Protective Glazing Council. 

GANA’s general counsel monitors the activities of Congress and those federal regulatory agencies that impact the association’s members or the industry. In addition to advising the officers, directors and staff, the counsel regularly attends association meetings and monitors its activities and publications to ensure strict compliance with current laws and regulations, particularly anti-trust.

Timely communication is essential in today’s business environment. The association’s website, www.glasswebsite.com, Glass Reflections, GANA’s electronic newsletter, Special Bulletins (issued on an as-needed basis), monthly Safety Bulletins and as-needed Human Resource Reports all serve to keep members informed regarding those technical, people and environmental issues that are a part of the day-to-day operation of a glass business.

In addition, USGlass magazine has served as GANA’s official publication since September 2003. USGlass has the largest circulation of any glass trade magazine and provides the industry with news articles and features on topics that matter in an unbiased manner.

GANA is committed to continuing its efforts to help members develop the management skills needed to remain competitive in a continually changing business environment, while maintaining the flexibility to respond promptly to matters of importance to members and the industry. 

About GANA

About GANA
The Glass Association of North America provides the organizational structure for addressing the needs of a diverse membership. Comprised of six divisions and an affiliate classification, GANA’s unified response to the challenges from competing building materials and attempts by regulatory agencies to unfairly regulate or restrict glass usage is unmatched. This unified voice is vital to ensuring glass continues to be extensively used in construction, automotive and specialty applications.

GANA’s Mission
To provide a forum for exchanging information and ideas, for reaching consensus and presenting a unified voice on matters affecting the glass industry and for developing the management and technical sophistication that is needed to remain competitive in a constantly changing business environment.

GANA Divisions
Building Envelope Contractors
The Building Envelope Contractors division is comprised of glazing contractors with the technical expertise and management skills required to fulfill the more complex and sophisticated glazing products.
• Technical Committee, Chairperson, Charles Clift, CDC Inc.
• Project Managers Reference Manual Task Group, Chairperson, Phil DeSautell, Walters & Wolf Glass Co.
• Shop Drawing Task Group, Chairperson, Kirk Osgood, CDC Inc.
• Contract Qualifications Task Group, Chairperson, William Keen, TEPCO Contract Glazing Inc.

Flat Glass Manufacturing
The Flat Glass Manufacturing division is comprised of manufacturers of flat glass and those companies maintaining a float glass plant in North America.
• Education Committee
• Website Committee

The Insulating division is comprised of manufacturers that produce insulating glass units, and suppliers of materials used in insulating glass units.

The Laminating division is comprised of companies that fabricate laminated products for safety, security and sound reduction.
• Technical Committee, Chairperson, Dan Laporte, Solutia Inc.
• Educational Subcommittee, Chairperson, Dan Laporte, Solutia Inc.
• Optical Distortion Task Group, Chairperson, Peter Anderson, Apogee (Viracon)
• Point Supported Glass Task Group, Chairperson, Bill Coddington, W. S. Coddington Consulting
• Emergency Egress Task Group, Chairperson, Mark Gold, Solutia Inc.
• Laminated Glazing Reference Manual Task Group, Chairperson, Julie Schimmelpenningh, Solutia Inc.
• Product Labeling Task Group, Chairperson, Julie Schimmelpenningh, Solutia Inc.

The Mirror division consists of companies that silver flat glass and their suppliers. Some sell predominately through the mass merchants, some distribute through traditional flat glass channels and others are O.E.M. suppliers to other manufacturers.
• Technical Committee
• Promotions Committee, Chairperson, Randy Brooks, Gardner Glass Products Inc.
• Canadian Standards Committee, Chairperson, Lee Harrison, Walker Glass Co. Ltd.

The Tempering division is comprised of companies that produce fully tempered and heat-strengthened glass products for the consumer, architectural and automotive markets.
• Standards & Engineering Committee, Chairperson, Doug Sampsel, Tempered Glass Inc. Construction Subcommittee, Chairperson, Al Lutz - PPG Industries Inc.
• Educational Subcommittee, Chairperson, Cliff Monroe, Arch Aluminum and Glass Company
• Roll Wave Subcommittee, Chairperson, Ren Bartoe - Vesuvius McDanel
• Center-Punch Fragmentation Subcommittee, Chairperson, Cliff Monroe, Arch Aluminum and Glass Company.

Affiliate Members
The affiliate membership is available to individuals within ancillary professions involving the design, specification, use or testing of architectural and automotive glass products. Affiliate members cannot vote but will receive membership discounts on educational programs and materials. The following are eligible to join as affiliate members:
• Architects
• Consulting Firms
• Engineers
• Specifiers
• Test Laboratories
• Education and Networking

Develop and refine your management skills through meetings, seminars and a correspondence course while maintaining the contacts and personal relationships that are so essential to effective networking with peers, suppliers and consumers. Events and resources available include:

• Glass Week™
• GANA Fall Conference
• The Building Envelope Contractors division’s BEC Conference™ and Contract Glazing Educational Conference™
• The Laminating, Tempering and Insulating divisions Glass Fabrication Educational Seminar™
• The Mirror division’s Fall Meeting and the
• GANA Blueprint Reading & Labor Estimating Course

Technical Services
GANA maintains technical excellence with a strong technical staff and the industry’s leading technical publications. Referenced by the government, architects, specification writers and the industry, these publications provide solid technical support.
• GANA Glazing Manual
• GANA Sealant Manual
• GANA Engineering Standards Manual
• GANA Laminated Glazing Reference Manual
• GANA Fabrication, Erection and Glazing Hours Manual
• GANA Fully Tempered Heavy Glass Door and Entrance Systems Design Guide

Timely communication is essential in today’s fast-paced business environment. GANA’s new publication Glass Reflections, its website www.glasswebsite.com, Glass Information Bulletins, Special Bulletins (issued on an as-needed basis), monthly Safety Bulletins and periodic Human Resource Reports all serve to keep members informed. In addition, GANA endorses USGlass magazine as its official publication.

Codes and Standards
Have a direct say in building and energy code issues through GANA’s participation in the Glazing Industry Code Committee (GICC). Be a part of developing and revising consensus standards and guidelines that directly affect your products. GANA’s general counsel keeps you up-to-date on the changes in energy and environmental regulations as well as building code changes and state or federal legislation or regulations that may affect your 

Staff Support
With meetings, education, technical support, communication, technology and general counsel, the GANA staff responds to the needs of our members as well as the industry. The result is an 
ongoing joint effort between the staff and GANA’s members to provide you with the best and widest variety of professional services available. 

GANA Meetings and Events

Glass Week™
Glass Week is an annual meeting for all six divisions of GANA. Dating back to 1987, the meeting provides a wide range of technical and general information during individual committee meetings and general sessions. Glass Week attracts industry leaders, suppliers and peers from across North America. Glass Week 2005 will be held February 5-10, at the Royal Pacific Resort in Orlando, Fla.

Building Envelope Contractors Conference™
The annual Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference addresses a number of issues affecting the building envelope industry. Attendees discuss industry trends and challenges with peers, suppliers and customers. Conference sessions feature technical, business, legal and industry panel discussions. The 2005 BEC Conference will be held February 20-22, at the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

Contract Glazing Educational Conference™
In addition to the annual BEC Conference, the BEC division hosts a Contract Glazing Educational Conference, which provides project managers, estimators and contract department personnel forums for educational development and interaction with their peers. The conference features a tour and two vigorous days of educational programming and discussions led by industry leaders and outside experts. The 2004 Contract Glazing Educational Conference will be held May 13-15, at the Wyndham Minneapolis Airport in Minneapolis.

Glass Fabrication™
Glass Fabrication is an annual series of insulating, laminating and tempering educational seminars, co-sponsored by the Insulating, Laminating and Tempering divisions of GANA. This two-day seminar features general glass industry topics for morning sessions and detailed insulating/laminating/tempering topic breakout sessions each afternoon. Glass Fabrication 2004 was held March 29-31, at the Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport in Pittsburgh.

GANA Fall Conference
The annual GANA Fall Conference provides the opportunity for members to participate in committee meetings, general technical sessions and human resources presentations. This meeting is scheduled for September 18-21, 2004, at the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville, Tenn. 

GANA Calendar of Events

Contract Glazing Educational Conference™
May 13-15, 2004
Wyndham Minneapolis Airport 

GANA Fall Conference
September 18-21, 2004
Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
Nashville, Tenn.

Glass Week
February 5-10
Royal Pacific Resort, Universal Studios
Orlando, Fla.

Building Envelope Contractors Conference™
February 20-22
Monte Carlo Resort and Casino 
Las Vegas.

Glass Week
January 28-February 2
Marriott Laguna Cliffs Resort.
Dana Point, Calif. 

To receive more information on any of these events 
visit the GANA website at www.glasswebsite.com or 
call 785/271-0208. 

GANA Profiles

Mirror Division
Randy Brooks, Gardner Glass Products

Randy Brooks, chief operating officer at Gardner Glass Products, has been involved with GANA for the past five years and is currently serving as the association’s mirror division, promotions committee chairperson.

He says his involvement in GANA stems from the belief that mirror is an underutilized product.

“Everything you read [about mirror] seems to be negative,” he said. “[Mirror products] offer an opportunity to sell value. That mindset needs to be shared to help the industry as a whole,” he said.

And, according to Brooks, it’s GANA’s technical focus that makes it unique. 

“Technically, GANA is very strong, so it’s a good resource,” he said. “Also, the group that runs the association does a good job. They are efficient and strong technically as well.”

He also stressed the importance and benefits of GANA for the industry.

“It’s a good vehicle for companies to share knowledge and information,” he said.

Building Envelope Contractors Division
Andy Gum, President, Thomas Glass Co.

Thomas Glass Co.’s involvement with GANA dates back to the Flat Glass Manufacturers Association (FGMA) days, so the company’s president, Andy Gum, is no stranger to the association. 

“The first FGMA meeting I attended was in Newark, N.J.,” said Gum. “That was the meeting that became the GANA squaretable meeting.”

Thomas Glass is actively involved in many aspects of the construction industry, so GANA involvement has been a natural fit.

“We’ve always had the philosophy of being involved with the glass and construction industries,” said Gum. “It’s a culture in our company.”

Gum is not the sort to sit on the wayside and watch as others take on the tasks and responsibilities to shape and influence the industry. He serves as chairperson for the BEC division as well as a GANA and Association Services Corp. board member. Under Gum’s tenure the association has developed and moved the BEC Conference forward.

“That’s now a significant conference,” he said. “This year it had greater attendance than Glass Week.”
He was also involved with revamping the Blueprint Reading and Estimating Course, development of the Project Managers Reference Manual and the creation of what is now the Contract Glaziers Educational Conference.
There are a number of aspects about GANA that Gum says differentiate it from other industry associations. But most important to him is the contract glazing focus.

“There’s no other association out there for the contract glazier,” said Gum. “If I wasn’t involved as a leader in the division, there’d be no other place to go.”

Laminating Division
Julie Schimmelpenningh, Architectural Testing Applications Manager, Solutia Inc.

Julie Schimmelpenningh’s involvement with GANA began in the early 1990s when she began attending meetings. Since then she has become a major voice of the association, actively involved in a number of projects and task groups within the association’s laminating division. She has contributed time to the Laminated Glazing Reference Manual, product labeling task group and marketing committee presentations, just to mention a few areas of involvement.

“Being involved in GANA is a way to bring our customer’s needs to the industry,” she said. “It’s a format that keeps it pertinent to the glazing industry.”

In addition to GANA, Schimmelpenningh is also involved in other organizations, such as ASTM International and ANSI, but says it’s GANA’s focus that differentiates it from other groups.

“GANA is developing and working specifically on glazing materials for the fenestration industry; others are more spread out,” she said. 

And the success of the organization, she says, lies within its people. “The members are willing to 
put aside their competitive issues and work to [better the industry].”

She continued, “Being involved with GANA gives [me] a sense of satisfaction to see something 
completed. For the industry, GANA [is important] because it provides a fast-track to resolve issues in a 
quick manner; it aligns the industry to work through the issues.”

Insulating Glass Division
Brad Austin, Senior Vice President, Viracon

GANA sets the direction for the industry,” said Brad Austin, who has been involved with the association for 18 years and was recently appointed secretary for the association. 

Austin has been involved in a number of activities and projects within GANA. He has served as a presenter for both Glass Week and the Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference, and has also been active in helping to plan sessions and presentations for the BEC Conference. Austin believes it’s important for individuals to be involved actively in the industry in which they work.

“I’m proud to help the industry I’m in get better,” he said. “I think a healthy industry is supported by a healthy association that looks out for the best interests of the industry. A strong membership that is active and involved in the industry will only help [it] get better.”

While Viracon is involved in various other industry associations, Austin says the one attribute that sets GANA apart is its focus on the overall glass industry.

“GANA looks at the total glass industry, and sees the need for specialized areas,” he said. The new IG division is such an example.

“It’s germane to one part of the marketplace (commercial IG).” He explained they were hoping to have members of the BEC division become involved, since they are the customers of IG manufacturers.

And, it’s the overall involvement and participation of members in different aspects of GANA that Austin says makes the association successful.

“We have very good leadership and enthusiastic leadership. [We’re working] to develop products that people gain value from,” he said. “GANA has brought a more professional organization to the glass industry, which has helped make it more successful,” he added.

Flat Glass Manufacturers Division
Mauro DiFazio, Director Sales and Marketing, Versalux Flat Glass, Visteon

As chairperson of the flat glass manufacturers division, Mauro DiFazio’s involvement with GANA is in its early stages, beginning when he took on his current role with Visteon last November. However, he has already recognized its importance. 

“GANA is important [for us], because we’re (the flat glass division) the primary manufacturers and that’s the start of the process,” he said. “It’s important to know what’s going on in the industry and to figure out how we can grow the industry.”

Currently division members are working to create a website within the GANA structure that would provide information and an understanding of what glass is. In addition, the division has created an education committee that is working to educate users of glass on potential uses other than windows.

DiFazio said one attribute of GANA that has helped ensure its success in growing the industry is its focus.
“GANA is fully encompassing,” he said. “It’s not just worried about insulating or laminating … multiple divisions cover the industry.”

He added that the structure of the organization is another element that has contributed to success.
“There’s good cooperation among all of the divisions. Everyone understands the other’s area of expertise, so it’s a good fit.”

And according to DiFazio the biggest benefit of GANA, not just for members, but the industry overall, is the growth potential it offers.

“There needs to be a place where the industry can gather technical and non-technical information. There needs to be a place where users can get a better understanding,” he said. “We need to figure out how we can grow the industry, and this is good for us. Everyone will benefit if we can grow the industry.”

Tempering Division
Doug Sampsel, President, Tempered Glass Inc.

While Doug Sampsel is currently serving as chairperson of GANA’s tempering division, standards and engineering committee, his history with the association is more in depth. He has been involved with GANA since its inception and also served previously as president.

“[My involvement] goes all the way back to the Glass Tempering Association,” Sampsel said. He was also instrumental in the Glass Tempering Association’s transition in becoming part of GANA.

According to Sampsel, the one aspect of GANA that differentiates it from other organizations is the fact that members all share the same goal.

“We all share the same sort of need and desire to disseminate information,” he said. “We bring [the industry] up to a level of technical expertise, so we know how to answer questions.”

He continued, “[From a technical perspective] there’s a myriad of … complexities in the products we 
manufacture, and people need to know about them.” This, he explained, is a task that GANA 
members have taken on.

“We need to be at the forefront of how our products can be utilized,” Sampsel said. “GANA is one association that, by being a member, has all of that there for us to learn from.”

Having learned so much from being a part of GANA, Sampsel’s personal reasons for his involvement are straightforward.

“I feel I’ve grown up in it and taken so much from it, that I owe something in return,” he said, adding that it’s also good for the entire glass industry. “GANA is the major association for glass fabricators and primary manufacturers to show their vision and goals, and to learn about the industry, its products and its people.” 


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