Volume 39, Issue 4, April  2004


machinery and equipment
Glasstech Introduces ERH2-C3™ Furnace
Based in Perrysburg, Ohio, Glasstech Inc. has introduced the ERH2-C3, a new system for tempering high-performance, low-E glass. According to information from the company, the system processes these products efficiently by utilizing hot air convection nozzles above and below the glass surface to heat both sides of the glass equally, translating into short cycle times and increased productivity compared to other systems.

The ERH2-C3 is capable of heating high-performance coated glass in 30 to 35 seconds/mm of thickness. The company says this takes up to 70 seconds/mm on purely radiant heaters.

“The primary challenge posed by low-E coatings is that they reflect much of the radiant energy striking the top of the glass during the heating process, which means added time is needed to reach temperatures at which glass can be tempered,” said Jim Schnabel, vice president of product development. “Convection-assisted heating enables Glasstech to achieve heating times for high-performance coatings similar to those attainable on uncoated glass.”
The new system features Glasstech’s patent-pending Time-Profiles Con-vection heating system, which allows for variation of heat transfer throughout the heating cycle to match the needs of the low-E glass being processed.
Info www.glasstech.com or call 419/893-9600.

Glasslam Introduces Safety-Plus® II
Glasslam NGI Inc. of Pompano Beach, Fla., now offers Safety-Plus II hurricane impact-resistant glass—a 3/16-inch-thick glass that utilizes a single .90-mil interlayer to pass Dade County large-missile-impact testing. It is available in all thicknesses of glass and can be annealed, heat-strengthened, tempered, monolithic and insulating glass. Likewise, Glasslam says Safety-Plus II is equipped with an ultraviolet stabilizer and a 99.9-percent blocker.

In addition, Glasslam offers the Supreme™ hurricane doorlite, a simple-to-install framing system that fits any steel or fiberglass door. The insert can protect against both hurricanes and intruders and can come quipped with insulating glass, both clear, decorative or with internal muntins. In addition, the system has an easy snap-together aluminum frame that uses no screws or plastic caps and comes primed and ready to paint to match the door.
Info www.glasslam.com or call 954/975-3233.

Polytronix Offers Polyvision™ Glass
Polytronix of Richardson, Texas, has introduced a new version of its Polyvision glass, also known as privacy glass or electrically switchable glass. The product is based on a patented technology called Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal by Kent State University.

Polyvision glass is designed to turn from milky white to transparent or vice versa at the flip of a switch. The company says it is ideal for interior applications such as conference rooms, executive offices, homes, bank teller windows, dividers in hospital intensive care areas and more.

According to the company, Polyvision has 5-percent or better transmission than other products in existence, reduced haze, wider viewing angles and looks more like regular glass when the power is on, yet still maintains image blocking power when the power is off.
Info www.polytronix.com or call 972/238-7045.

doors and door hardware
Panic and Deadbolt Handles Now Available from CRL
C. R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) of Los Angeles now has available panic and deadbolt handles for single and double ½- or ¾-inch tempered glass doors.

“These new panic and deadbolt handles, manufactured in our Los Angeles facility, are designed to allow maximum view and present a contemporary look to tempered glass doors,” said Barry Sutherland, director of commercial hardware. “They provide an economical means to satisfy both security and life safety requirements, while adding to the aesthetics of the entrance.”

The new handles are available in a selection of finishes. Customers can choose from brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, polished brass and custom architectural finishes, such as oil rub bronze.

CRL says all handles are BHMA/ANSI Grade 1 (stainless steel) or UL305 listed (brass). Handles come ready-to-install on 36- to 48-inch wide doors that range in heights of 84 inches to 108 inches. CRL also offers accessories to complement these products including door stops and strikes, electric strikes and keyed access pads.

In addition, CRL has announced the introduction of its glass door bottom rod panic device handles in brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel and polished brass finishes for the same size glass doors. Custom handles are available, as well as a selection of more than 20 matching exterior pull handles.
Info www.crlaurenceco.com or call 800/421-6144.

Adams Rite Templates Available Online
Pomona, Calif.-based Adams Rite now offers its current product templates in Adobe PDF format available for printing or download from its website, www.adamsrite.com

To access the templates, click on the “templates” tab on the main Adams Rite web page. This will take the operator to a list of categories of available templates, including the 3000 Series fire-rated exit devices, 8000 Series life safety exit devices, the RITE Door® and electric strikes.

In addition, the website offers catalog listings, part listings and installation instructions
Info+ www.adamsrite.com or call 909/ 632-2300.

tools and hardware
DeWALT Introduces DW082K Plumb Bob
Baltimore-based DeWALT has introduced a new self-leveling plumb bob. The DW082K laser plumb bob self-levels and finds plumb in seconds with no vials or knobs to adjust. The laser produces a bright dot with a faint cross-hair pattern, making it easy to find the center of the beam. 

The DW082K is designed for door installers and steel framers and is built to withstand wear and tear on the job site. It is equipped with an impact-resistant, over-molded housing to protect the lasers. The tool operates with four AA alkaline batteries.
Info www.dewalt.com or call 800/4-DeWALT.

Pinpoint Offers Angular Measuring Kit
Pinpoint Laser Systems of Newburyport, Mass., has introduced a new precision angular measurement and alignment kit for industrial applications. Pinpoint says the new alignment systems deliver highly accurate alignment capability in a compact, easy-to-use, affordable package. The system can measure and check precision angles over surfaces that are up to 20 feet in length, according to the company, and comes equipped with the Microgage 2000 laser transmitter. The transmitter projects a collimated laser reference beam that is captured, upon transmission through its angle measuring prism, by a receiver connected to a digital display. As the beam moves along the receiver, a digital readout displays the measurements necessary for checking angular alignment.
Info www.pinlaser.com or call 800/757-5383.

Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries’ Coil and Extrusion Coatings Group now offers a line of infrared reflective coatings that meet the Energy Star® requirements for roof products to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by a standard structure. The Duranar® SPF Coatings are specially formulated using infrared reflective pigments to increase the reflectivity of medium to dark colors (Info www.industrial-coatings.com or call 800/258-6398)...


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