Volume 39, Issue 5, May  2004


Triple Seal Installs European 
Cutting, Storage and Loading System

Triple Seal Ltd. a manufacturer of insulating and tempered glass located in Toronto has installed a cutting, loading and storage system from Ferrari and Cigarini of Italy. The company says the systems, which were manufactured in Italy, were adapted for its North American production requirements. 

The glass racking system consists of four combined, automatic racking systems that contain 72 racks, which can hold 80 lites of glass. The company says the racks “telescope” together and one position opens automatically when signaled by the loader. The system features two loaders: one that handles glass sizes up to 102 by 144 inches and one that handles sizes up to 130 by 204 inches. The system feeds three automatic glass cutting tables with automatic loading belts, edge deletion and automatic laser alignment.

According to the company, the loader automatically moves along the telescopic storage systems to pick up the glass from the only open rack. The machine features a carriage with a fixed arm above the storage system, which moves along rails. Glass is picked up by the carriage through suction cups with a vacuum circuit. The glass is brought to the loading table, which is part of the carriage, is placed against rollers and released in a vertical position. The loader then moves to the glass cutting table and at the same time the loading table moves to a horizontal position. 

In addition, the loader is synchronized with a CMS automatic glass cutting table, which feature edge-deletion systems for soft-coated products.

Absolute Glass Protection Inc. of Las Vegas, which distributes and applies safety and security film laminates, is forming a separate company to promote sales and distribution internationally … Systems & Components Group, which represents companies that produce components for the window, door and insulating glass industries, has formed a representative alliance with CRP Sales, which was started by Curt Pomerville, formerly with McKeegan Sales and Equipment … 
WBS to Apply DFI Coatings on Product Line
Diamon-Fusion International Inc. (DFI) of San Clemente, Calif., has reached an agreement with Wardrobe & Bath Specialties Inc. (WBS), a wardrobe and shower door manufacturer to have its low-maintenance coating applied to the WBS product line.

“The demand in the market place compelled us to find the most efficient and durable coating for our product lines,” said George Stanton, WBS president. “Our customers have been asking for the Diamon-Fusion coating and we are very excited to have DFI’s technology since it will add value and a new competitive edge.”
Info www.DFInanotechnology.com.
Info www.wardrobeandbath.com.


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