Volume 39, Issue 5, May  2004


The Glass Connection
GANA Website Offers More for Members
by Brian Pitman

The Glass Association of North America (GANA) recently debuted a comprehensive update to its website at www.glasswebsite.com. The philosophy of the update is to provide the industry with quicker access to even more information than previously available. Visitors can find industry news swiftly, information about membership in GANA and its numerous activities, as well as hands-on technical data for the architectural glass industry itself.
The same philosophy went into the construction of the GANA members’ only website, which has been available online for the past 15 months. The website, easily accessed from www.glasswebsite.com, is a secure area with information available only to GANA members. Once members enter the login information (provided by GANA), they gain access to this network of information. Each company is provided with a specific user ID and password. To gain access to your company’s login information, email us at gana@glasswebsite.com.

At Your Fingertips
The members’ only site offers numerous features. Visitors may download registration lists to many of the successful GANA events, including Glass Week and the BEC Conference. The networking potential of these lists make them some of the most downloaded documents on the site. Additionally, members may download entire presentations from the events, providing a virtual study guide to enhance the efficacy of the meeting.
An added enhancement to the networking potential is the perpetual availability of the GANA member roster in PDF format. The document is updated on a bi-weekly basis to provide visitors with the most current information, including new members. This gives members instant access to the information they require.

The website also features an internal bulletin board to enhance intra-association communication among members. The forum is organized by topic, with each division having a location to discuss issues from float glass to insulating glass, as well as holistic issues within the association, such as membership, meetings and industry-wide technical topics.

GANA’s website also offers its members a documents archive. Visitors may download issues of Glass Reflections, the GANA newsletter, from as far back as two years, as well as safety bulletins released by the association as guidance for members in keeping their companies’ employees safe.

Division Information 
In addition to the features provided to all members, each GANA division has a separate home page on the site. The members will find a full listing of the various committees, task groups and subcommittees in each division, including a membership roster. Additionally, the minutes from each meeting are available online as a perpetual repository of action and consideration by each group. Division members may also download the available marketing/promotional materials as well.

GANA headquarters is currently implementing a new set of features that will become available to members in the third quarter of this year. These features will include the ability for members to access and pay their annual dues, change contact information instantly and receive a historical listing of any activities in which they participated, including meetings, manual orders, etc.

Additionally, GANA constantly evaluates the features to respond to the needs of its members. New feedback forms for the entire website, including the new features on the public side of the site, will be available for comment.

Finally, if you or your company is interested in GANA, its website, www.glasswebsite.com, or its many activities focused on members in the industry, visit us online and learn more. Visitors can even apply for membership online. 


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