Volume 39, Issue 6, June  2004

The 21st Annual Guide to 
New Products and Services

The latest in window and door hardware, machinery and equipment and software and supplies—not to mention all forms of decorative glass, laminated glass, glass coatings and cleaners—are spotlighted in the following pages. Once again, the 21st Annual USGlass Guide to New Products and Services offers 
a sampling of the most recent innovations within the industry.

Joseph Machine Company Offers New Welders 
Joseph Machine Co. of Dillsburg, Pa., offers two new four-point welders, the H4W and V4W, both capable of welding four 90-degree corners simultaneously. The two welders feature parallel welding and clamping systems, advanced heat plate thermodynamics and a network-capable computer interface. Both the H4W and V4W have standard frame welding capacities of 60 x 60 and 80 x 100, but the V4W also offers a capacity of 90 x 120. The H4W is additionally available with an automatic unload conveyor system.
Info josephmachineco.com or call 800/457-7034.

Bekaert Unveils Sputter Systems
Belgium-based Bekaert VDS n.v. offers a line of sputtering systems. The dual-cathode systems include the components necessary for glass-coating processes including end-blocks, gas distribution, magnet bars, PLC control, etc. The company’s rotating magnetron technology can now be integrated with various types of glass coasters.
Info www.bekaertvds.com or call 32 9 381 6161.

GTA Offers Washing Machines for Flat Glass
German manufacturer GTA is offering washing machines for flat glass in the United States for the first time. The product line is being distributed by Richter Enterprises of Newnan, Ga. 

The company’s most recent offering is a 56-foot long washing machine for a coating line. It features lucor removal, polishing bridges, a high-pressure pre-rinse, roller brush washing section and drying air knives. 
GTA provides both horizontal and vertical lines, and typical widths range from 16 inches to 130 inches. Machines are made in a corrosion-resistant structure with stainless steel housing, and also include brushes developed for glass cleaning. 
Info www.richterenterprises.com or call 404/642-6610.

Salem Adds to CMS-TecnoMetal Line
Salem Distributing Co. of Winston Salem, N.C., has introduced two new machines to the marketplace. The CMS-TecnoMetal BOB multi-tasking center can edge, bevel, mill, drill and engrave. All functions are computer controlled with five interpolated axes and a correction axis to ensure precision processing. In addition, the center features a thin glass process and opposed head drilling for cleaner holes and production times.

Salem is also distributing the CMS-TecnoMetal TL 3.70S-cutting table, which incorporates a four cutting head turret that automatically selects the proper wheel for the thickness of the glass being cut. Scoring pressure also is automatically set to match the selected cutting wheel.

In addition, Salem is distributing the Clean 20, which is designed to separate glass dust from water, and is made of stainless steel and has no moving parts. It can be installed in most any working area with minimal adjustments. 
Info www.salemdist.com or call 800/234-1982.

Glasstech Unveils Electric Radiant Heating Systems
Glasstech of Perrysburg, Ohio, has introduced two new convection-assisted, electric radiant heating systems, the ERH2-C2™ and the ERH2-C3™. These systems can be used on low emissivity (low-E) glass coatings and utilize special nozzles with built-in preheaters to deliver hot air to the glass surface.

According to the company, the ERH2-C3 also features a Time-Profiled Convection heating system, which allows for variation of heat transfer throughout the heating cycle to match the needs of low-E glass being processed. 
Info www.glasstech.com or call 419/661-9500.

Glassrobots Introduces RoboTemp™ Line
Glassrobots has introduced RoboTemp™, its new multiconvection flat tempering line, which combines the abilities of true convection furnaces and radiant furnaces, offering both convection and conventional heating abilities.

Through forced convection, hot air is circulated inside the furnace and blown onto the upper and lower glass surfaces through encapsulated heating elements that form the system’s nozzles. The heating speed is as low as 26 to 30 seconds, depending on the glass thickness. The heating profile can be separately adjusted for each load. 

Through the convectional mechanism, the heating power of each element can be adjusted so the temperature of the air blown onto the glass surface matches with the required profiling. The FuzzyTemp™ heating control facilitates automatic adjustment.

In addition, the air temperature inside the furnace can be lowered. Traditionally the temperature in the furnace is 700 to 720° Celsius; in the RoboTemp it can be reduced to as low as 680° Celsius. The company adds that since there is no direct radiation the line can also process low-E and other coated glass.
Info www.glassrobots.fi or call 358 3 3132 3000.

Casso-Solar Offers Laminating Systems
Casso-Solar Corp. of Pomona, N.Y., offers laminating systems that include a freefall load table, two lay-up conveyors with vacuum lift, pop-up table and pneumatic bridge, IR preheat oven with pre-press, IR tack oven with three zones convection heating sections and tack press and more.

In addition, each laminating system includes a complete control system, including a main control panel with PLC as an option for controls of ovens, rotary presses conveyor and unloading system. Local control boxes are also provided for lay-up equipment 
Info www.cassosolar.com or call 800/988-4455.

CRL Introduces New Patio Windscreen Posts >>
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. (CRL) has introduced a line of patio windscreen posts for use with ½-inch tempered glass.

CRL patio windscreen posts feature eight glass pockets with snap-in covers that allow glass to be positioned in increments of 45 degrees. The system is engineered to be strong enough to support gates, and no horizontal support rails are needed. 
Info www.crlaurence.com or call 800/421-6144.

tools and supplies
Frank Lowe Now Offering Separator Pads
Frank Lowe of Farmingdale, N.Y., has introduced the Flow-E™ separator pad, which is a dense vinyl cast on a static cling foam designed for use on soft coat low-E and other high-performance glass. Since Flow-E has no adhesive on or between the pads, there is no adhesive residue left on the glass.
Info www.franklowe.com or call 631/777-2707.

laminated glass
Glasslam Makes Impact with Safety-Plus® II 
Glasslam NGI of Pompano Beach, Fla., has introduced Safety-Plus II, a urethane-based hybrid impact-resistant glass. According to the company, Safety-Plus II will not de-laminate at the edges when exposed to water or moisture infiltration. In addition, the product has reached design pressures of up to 339 psf and has successfully passed new South Florida impact and cycling tests with glass sizes as large as 72 by 144 inches in both monolithic and insulating units.
Info www..glasslam.com or call 954/975-3233.

Two New Laminated Interlayers from Arch
Arch Aluminum & Glass, of Tamarac, Fla., has introduced two new laminated interlayers. According to the company, Solar Command™ repels ultraviolet rays and reduces infrared rays, while offering low reflectance, virtually no color and posing no corrosion concerns.

Arch is also offering Sound Zone PLUS®, an acoustical laminated interlayer that can reduce sound transmissions by as much as 5 decibels. According to the company, Sound Zone PLUS operates well in cold weather and features the top visual and mechanical properties of any product in its class. 
Info www.archaluminum.net or call 800/432-8132.

adhesives and sealants
Dow Corning Introduces New Window Assembly Sealant
Dow Corning™ of Midland, Mich., has introduced the new InstantGlaze window assembly sealant. According to the company, this hot-melt silicone allows manufacturers to fabricate high-quality windows at speeds up to four times faster than tape glazing, while delivering the longevity and flexibility of a traditional silicone sealant.
Info www.instantglaze.com or call 989/496-4400.

Capital Tape Unrolls New Structural Glazing Tapes 
Cleveland-based Capital Tape has introduced the Gaska VK series of structural glazing tapes. The company says that these high-density, foam tapes, coated with aggressive acrylic adhesives, are designed to meet stringent performance standards required for curtainwall silicone glazing applications.

According to the company, the VK1826 and VK2526 are compatible with all major silicone sealants used in the field, and exhibit compression-resistant properties and functional performance in structural silicone glazing applications.
Info www.capitaltape.com or call 888/888-TAPE.

JLM Republishes Big Binders
JLM Wholesale of Oxford, Mich., has announced the return of “Big Binders,” featuring detailed product and ordering information. These catalog binders will be shipped with JLM’s latest brochure and an interactive CD to existing customers. 
Info www.jlmwholesale.com or call 800/522-2940.

Mirart Adds to Acrylic Mirrored Accessories Line
Mirart Inc. of Pompano Beach, Fla., has added glass mirror plates to its line 
of acrylic mirrored accessories. According to the company, all plates are oversized for extra coverage and packaged on an attractive blister card that minimizes breakage and allows them to be displayed easily in showrooms.
Info www.mirart.com or call 800/327-8944.

Vistawall Introduces Wood-Like Aluminum Product 
Vistawall Architectural Products of Terrell, Texas, has introduced Natura™ an aluminum product that looks like wood. The wood-grain design is applied directly to the metal and baked to make it durable and to minimize maintenance.

According to the company, Natura provides architects and building owners with both the beauty of natural wood and the strength and durability of aluminum. The product is available in three wood finishes: maple, noce and cillego.
Info www.vistawall.com or call 800/869-4567.

Wausau Engineers New Unitized Curtainwall System 
Wausau Window and Wall Systems™ of Wausau, Wis., is now manufacturing the 7250 U-Wall unitized curtainwall system. According to the company, this pre-glazed system offers pronounced sight lines, operating vents and aluminum feature panels. In addition, Wausau claims that by spanning vertically from floor-to-floor, the 7250 U-Wall reduces dependence on field weatherseals and accommodates dynamic movements without placing undue stress on glass and sealants.

“With 7250 U-Wall, installation time virtually can be cut in half,” said Steve Fronek, vice president. “The faster we can help close up the building’s exterior skin, the faster that building can open for business.”
Info www.wausauwindow.com or call 877/678-2983.

Sota Glazing Unveils Newest Curtainwall Innovation
Toronto-based Sota Glazing Inc. has created the Thermo3, a new series of unitized pre-glazed curtainwall designed to improve the framing’s thermal performance and overall wall performance of building envelopes. 

According to the company, the increased performance of the Thermo3 can reduce operational costs and contribute to the sustainable future of building envelopes. In addition, its unique design can accommodate a variety of finishes, infills and features.
Info www.sotawall.com or call 866/846-SOTA.

shower doors
New Door System from Southeastern Aluminum Products
Jacksonville, Fla.-based Southeastern Aluminum Products has introduced the Signature pivot door system, a clamp-on device with a base plate that utilizes the weight of the door to self-center, eliminating the need for notches and hinge hardware. Designed for 3/8-inch glass, the Signature pivot can be installed as a wall mount from floor-to-ceiling or in a standard header configuration, and works either as a stand-alone door or in a custom combination with a variety of fixed panels.
Info www.southeasternaluminum.com or call 800/243-8200.

alternative glazing
Sheffield Introduces MAKROLON® GP
Sheffield Plastics of Sheffield, Mass., is offering its MAKROLON GP polycarbonate sheet. A polished surface, UV-stabilized polycarbonate designed for use in glazing and industrial applications, Sheffield says MAKROLON GP has 250 times the impact strength of float glass and 30 times that of acrylic. In addition, the MAKROLON GP polycarbonate sheet meets major building code requirements for a CC-1 rating in construction applications. Featuring a UL 94-VO rating on gauges .220 inches or above in clear and .236 or above in color, the polycarbonate sheet is backed by a limited warranty against breakage.
Info www.sheffieldplastics.com or call 800/254-1707.

decorative glass
Cast Glass Offers Styles and Patterns
A variety of patterns and styles of architectural, decorative glass are available from Cast Glass Images Inc. of San Marcos, Calif. The company’s products can be used in applications including windows, partitions, bath enclosures, ceiling panels and more. Products can also be bent, tempered and laminated. 
Info www.cast glass images.com or call 888/658-8886. 

glass racks & trucks
F. Barkow Solves Pickup Truck Problem
To address the problem of pickup truck sidewalls that spread due to carrying heavy glass loads, F. Barkow Inc. of Milwaukee has introduced the 700 series Pick-Up Box Stabilizers. According to the company, the 700 series transfers payload from the top of the sidewalls to the floor of the box, preventing the sidewalls from splitting.

The 700 series stabilizer is supplied at no charge with each 700 series glass carrier, and can also be purchased separately for an existing rack.
Info www.barkow.com or call 800/558-5580.

doors and door hardware
DORMA Introduces the AGILE 150 
DORMA Glas of Upper Marlboro, Md., is now offering the AGILE 150, a high-performance glass panel sliding door system that operates on a track rail and features quiet, light-to-the-touch motion. According to the company, the modular system’s clamp-connected carrier is invisibly guided, adding to the unit’s clean, discreet appearance.

No glass drilling or machining is required for installment of the AGILE 150, and the entire unit features a minimum mounting height of 63 mm. In addition, the clamp-fitted roller carriers can be height-adjusted from +/- 5 mm, while the clamp fittings can grip glass thicknesses anywhere between 8 and 13.5 mm.
Info www.dorma-usa.com or call 800/451-0649.

Adams Rite Creates New Maglock
Adams Rite has introduced the MS™Maglock, a 2-by-4 inch, 4-pound magnetic lock that the company says has the strength of a mechanical lock. In the case of a forced entry, hardened steel mandibles clamp onto the armature, revealing the maglock’s 4,000 pounds of holding force. According to the company, the compact size of the lightweight lock was geared toward providing easy installation and out-of-the-way looks.
Info www.adamrite.com or call 800/872-3267.

Mayflower Introduces Two New Locknetics Locks
New York-based Mayflower Sales Co. Inc. is offering new Locknetics electromagnetic locks, the 40 and 70 series MagForce locks.

The 40 series has a 600-pound holding force and the 70 series has a 1200-pound holding force. Each lock features magnetic bond sensors for security, automatic voltage selection for simple connection and a built-in door status monitor for accurate indication of door position, according to the company.
Info http://mfsales.com/mayflowr.html or call 800/221-2052.

security glazing
Taking all the Hits 
Traco of Cranberry Township, Pa., has announced that its line of security products now includes blast products and impact-resistant windows and doors. 

Traco blast products include fenestration solutions that have been developed and tested to stringent, federal standards. According to the company, its impact-resistant products have been designed to meet strict building codes and have been tested to withstand the most severe hurricane force wind loads. 
Info www.traco.com or call 800/837-7002.

decorative glass
DecoTherm Process Licensed to Oldcastle and Arch 
Two companies, Oldcastle Glass and Arch Aluminum and Glass, have been licensed by IIMAK to produce glass through the DecoTherm process.

Using digital technology the process prints low- or high-resolution design images onto a ceramic decal substrate with a frit-based ink. The image is then transferred to the glass using a special adhesive and tempered to make a permanent image. The companies say that because the glass is heat treated, the image remains durable and resistant to fingerprints. 

The new process allows for images with a resolution of up to 400 dpi and, unlike techniques such as sandblasting, creates detailed images without compromising the strength of the glass. 
Info www.decotherm.net or call800/234-1000.

handling equipment
Bromer Introduces the Glass Retriever
Bromer Inc. of Terrebonne, Quebec, has introduced the Glass Retriever, which it says is designed to handle and retrieve glass pieces. According to the company, this product can save the user thousands of dollars per year by keeping lites that are stacked against walls or racks from being damaged, and making lites rejected from cutting lines reusable.

Additionally, Bromer offers a glass rack for trucks that is equipped with a patented pole system designed to stabilize the glass on the rack. The rack offers rubber surface protection to prevent damage and is easy to install, according to the company.
Info www..bromerinc.com or call 450/477-6682. 


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