Volume 39, Issue 6, June  2004


Reflecting the Possibilities
Mirror Division Gets Proactive With the Industry
by Drew Mayberry

The Glass Association of North America’s (GANA) mirror division has begun working within the industry to become a catalyst for positive changes in the demand for mirror products. The division, formerly the North American Association of Mirror Manufacturers (NAAMM), joined GANA in 2000 to better address the needs of the industry. That merger has created a more efficient structure, which has been beneficial for both mirror manufacturers and suppliers.

Online Connection
For a number of years, our focus had primarily been technical. In 2003, the division began to market the mirror industry with the launch of its website, www.mirrorlink.org. The website focuses primarily on information for consumers and design professionals. Supplemental information is included for mirror manufacturers and suppliers as well. The site gives its audience a sound basis on the aesthetic enhancements provided by mirror, including design philosophies and a gallery of applications to get the designer started. The site also provides its audience with a strong technical background on mirrors, the silvering process and proper handling and care techniques.

Mirror Awards
The division recently announced an ambitious new project to further the marketing of the mirror industry to both consumers and design professionals as well. The Mirrorlink.org Design Awards is a national design competition recognizing innovative mirror designs and installations in residential and commercial applications. Entries are already being submitted, with the winners to be announced next year at GlassBuild America and the American Society of Interior Designers annual conventions. With the national recognition accompanying this competition, our goal is to give the public a better understanding of why designing with mirror can be the cutting-edge application they are looking for in the home or business.

Codes and Standards
The division has also made a strong impact in the codes and standards arena with its integral efforts to finalize and publish the ASTM C 1503 Standard Specification for Silvered Flat Glass Mirror. This standard is a big step toward unifying the industry in bringing a quality product to the end consumer. With this accomplishment, the division has made the commitment to realize the goal of improving the consistency of mirror quality standards.

Information Sources
Another new project is the revamping of a former NAAMM document titled Mirrors: Handle with Extreme Care. This informational piece found widespread distribution when it came out a decade ago. In that ten years, though, mirror technology and information available has ad-vanced, and the technical committee of the mirror division is revising the document to reflect those advances. Once completed, the new document will be available for free to the industry and consumers via our website. It will outline the best ways to clean and handle mirrors, providing added value to the information available in the marketplace.

For more information about the slate of activities and projects scheduled or information about joining GANA’s mirror division, visit www.mirrorlink.org or contact the GANA office at 785/271-0208. ______________________________________________________________________________________

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