Volume 39, Issue 7, July  2004


ICC Hearings Lead to Code Changes 
for Fire Protection Glazing and More

During the International Code Council’s (ICC) code hearings that took place in May, changes to the International Building Code were approved that will affect glass and glazing. The following is a summary of the codes that will be affected and how they will change.

• FS15: Will re-organize the code sections related to fire-protected openings for clarity;
• FS78 and FS80: Now require specific identification of fire-protection-rated glazing;
• S84: Includes a complete revision of structural provisions to bring the code into agreement with ASTM E1300-02. The technical changes include a shift from 60 second, non-factored load charts to three-second charts (to be consistent with ASCE-7). Factor tables have been deleted from the code since they are included in ASTM E1300;
• S86: Now includes a reference to laser labeling as an acceptable means of labeling glazing; and
• S88: The entire section regarding glass in floors and sidewalks has been removed. This means the prescribed design methodology that was contained in the code cannot be used in designing glass in floors and sidewalks; it means a more rigorous design method must be employed;

In addition, code changes to S85-03/04 were also approved, limiting the use of wired glass in all building structures in areas subject to human impact (see related story in the June 2004 USGlass, page 28).
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