Volume 39, Issue 7, July  2004

Overhead Overview
A Look at Recent Skylight Developments and Products

Skylights can bring so much to a room: lots of light, openness and, in some cases, the feeling of being outdoors. If skylights are speced for your next job, take a look at some recent innovations in overhead glazing.

Naturalite and Skywall Offer Skylight Options
Two divisions of the Terrell, Texas-based Vistawall Group have released new skylights for commercial use. 
The Zytolite from Naturalite Skylight Systems was designed as a virtually unbreakable and thermally efficient skylight specifically for warehouses, distribution centers and retail and mass merchandising centers. A multi-wall product glazed in a thermalized frame, Zytolite is composed of a single sheet of 8-mm, UV-protected polycarbonate that is designed to resist condensation. Zytolite features clear-over-white glazing in a single composite sheet, utilizing a single-dome configuration that offers the energy benefits of a double dome. 

The company also offers self-flashing skylights in several models with curbs included. The self-flashing skylights have extruded aluminum frames and retainers. They are available single-glazed or double-glazed with curved, SunHunter or pyramid-shaped domes. Thermalized units with double-wall, insulating construction and double domes also are available, as well as models with non-thermalized frames with double-wall insulating curbs. Single- and double-dome units are designed for both single-ply and built-up roofs. Naturalite reports that units have been tested to the new NFPA standards, and models that meet ICBO and Metro Dade County hurricane-resistance standards are available as well.

Skywall Translucent Systems offers panels for hip ridge, ridge, double pitch, pyramid, octagon, curved and segmented barrel vaulted skylights. The panels are available for use in curtainwall, canopies, clerestories and custom configurations. A variety of grid patterns, including shoji, staggered or square, are also offered.
Info www.naturalite.com or call 800/527-4018.

E-Z Lites Now Available from Acurlite 
Acurlite of Berwick, Pa., has available a unitized, pre-glazed skylight called E-Z Lites. Pyramid sizes range from 16 to 64 square inches with a 7/12-pitch for easy lifting and installing. It is also available in double-pitch sizes up to 4 by 8 inches.

According to its maker, E-Z Lites can hold glass thicknesses ranging from ¼ inch to 1 5/16 inch. Standard sizes come with 1-inch and 1 1/8-inch insulating glass. Standard colors include clear, anodized or bronze painted aluminum. Custom colors and sizes are available upon request.
Info www.acurlite.com or call 570/759-6882.

Trim Tones Make Fasteners Blend In or Stand Out 
Major Industries Inc., of Wausau, Wis., offers Trim Tones as a new option for hiding exterior fasteners on selected skylights and translucent curtainwall. Trim Tones provide a recessed connector system with flat, color-co-ordinated trim that blends into the finish color of the retainer caps. With eight colors to choose from, the company says the flat trim strip can also be used to create an accent stripe. 
Info www.majorskylights.com or call 888/759-2678.

Wasco® Offers Hurricane-Resistant Skylights
Available from Wasco Products Inc. of Sanford, Maine, are a selection of skylight products designed to meet Dade County, IBC/IRC and other codes for skylights used in Wind Zone 3 coastal applications.
The company’s SkyWindows® feature hurricane-resistant laminated glass, and are available in fixed E-Class, GS and Architectural series models.
Info www.skylighting.biz or call 207/324-8060.

New Multi-Tube Skylight Available from Sun-Tek
The newest skylight available from Sun-Tek Skylights of Orlando, Fla., is the Spyder multi-tube system. According to the company, the system can deliver natural light to up to four rooms through a single roof opening. 
The Sun-Tek tubes fit between rafters and trusses, collecting sunlight in a leak-proof dome installed on the roof and then reflecting the light through a lens cover to rooms below. The system requires at least 4 feet of attic space as well as a self-built curb and flashing. An optional pre-built, 3 ½-inch height aluminum curb is also available. 
Info www.sun-tek.com or call 800/334-5854.

Naturalite Skylights Once Again Featured in Gaylord Hotel
A massive skylight structure is featured as part of the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, a new resort in Grapevine, Texas, that is owned by Gaylord Hotels (owners of the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville). Memphis, Tenn.-based Knedak Bobo Group served as the project architect; Naturalite manufactured and installed the skylight. (Naturalite also manufactured the system used in the Opryland Hotel.) 

Gaylord Hotels wanted the resort to feature a signature glass dome, similar to the one found in the Opryland Hotel. Naturalite manufactured a dome for the Texas hotel’s Lone Star Atrium. 

For the job the company created a custom BMS 3000 skylight for the atrium that features a large, gold star at the top of the cupola skylight, centered in the main atrium skylight. More than 140,000 square feet of skylights was used for the total project. Typical slope glazing used ½-inch laminated glass, while vertical glazing used 1-inch insulating glass. The finish is clear anodized. 


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