Volume 39, Issue 8, August  2004


decorative glass

JBGS Acquires New Color Coating Process
Recently, Joel Berman Glass Studios (JBGS) acquired the North American rights to process a new commercial color coating for glass that allows specifiers to chose from an unlimited spectrum of color options.

The Berman Glass Color Coating system is developed through a specially modified urethane that under precise manufacturing conditions, bonds to the glass. The depth and vibrancy of color is striking, and because of the unique manufacturing process, the resulting glass is resistant and durable.

In addition to transparent, translucent and opaque coatings to match any Pantone color or submitted color samples, metallic and premium metallic are available in silver, gold and bronze, or silver with distressed bronze backing. 

Numerous decorative and functional applications for the color coated, flat and textured glass exist, from full height wall panels and partitions to counter and vanity tops, and feature walls or privacy screens. Additionally, a special back color coated glass serves well as a back splash for kitchens and baths, or as a clean-looking wall covering, further multiplying the creative possibilities.

The glass in the photo above is tempered and comes ¼-inch (6mm) thick with edges that are flat machine polished. An aluminum channel runs along the top and bottom of the panel for simplified installation, and non-acidic silicone is used in its center to secure the glass.
Info www.bermanglass.com or call 604/684-8332.

Select Products Ltd. Earns Certification
Based in Portage, Mich., Select Products Ltd. has announced its SELECT 85-inch SL27 HD continuous geared hinge has passed the U.S. Department of State (DOS) tests for high-security applications and 
is now DOS-approved for use in State Department entrances. 

“Our hinge has exceeded 12 million cycles so far in independent durability tests, so we were confident it could also resist aggressive assaults,” said Bob Cronk, SELECT national sales manager. “The top-to-bottom, frame-to-door contact and 50-plus fasteners withstand abuse better than the three to four contact points and 32 screws of a butt hinge.”

According to the company’s announcement, testing included forced entry and ballistic resistance of Structural Systems tests (SD-STD-01.01). The testing was done at White Laboratory Inc. in Street, Md., and was part of required strength testing of DOS building entrance systems, which is a precautionary measure to protect American embassy personnel. 

The hinges earned the DOS’ highest protection level, 60 minutes.

U.S. Bulletproofing manufactured the door on which the hinge was mounted.
Info www.select-hinges.com or call 800/423-1174.

Artwork in Architectural Glass Releases New Specialty Products
Artwork in Architectural Glass has announced a new line of specialty decorative laminated glass products, including dichroic, holographic and other specialty laminated glasses. The products meet all ANSI standards and are suitable for any interior application. 
Info www.artworkinglass.com or call 770/266-7134.

UltraGlasTile Is Available in Decorative Designs 
UltraGlas Inc., of Chatsworth, Calif., offers the dimensional architectural UltraGlasTile as an alternative surface for kitchens, baths and other specialty areas in the home. The glass tile collection features embossed surfacing, including linen textured field tiles and more than 20 deco and liner designs, accents and trims, all available in 31 colors.
Info ultraglas.com or call 800/777-2332.

Skyline Introduces FOTOglasTM
Chicago-based Skyline Design has developed FOTOglas, a proprietary sandblasting process for transferring images onto glass. Images are etched into the surface of the glass permanently and designs may be developed by further adding color and altering the scale.

According to company information, FOTOglas can be used anywhere typical glazing would be used. The company says it offers quick turnaround on the product as well.

Block sizes are available up to 56- by 124-inches and in thickness of 1/4-, 3/8-, 1/2- and 3/4-inches. Other options include plate, tempered, laminated and insulating for exterior glass. The images may be etched on one or both sides of the glass.
Info www.skydesign.com or call 888/278-4660.

machinery and equipment

Vitrododi Offers Beltex and Pulilux 
Vitrododi, based in Milan, Italy, offers a range of machines for manufacturing plate glass. 

The Beltex 104 single belt machine, for example, uses wet processing and features four rectified cast iron rolls, one of which is rubberized, and a 230-kilogram carpentry body. The Beltex 111 is a cross belt machine that features wet processing for seaming with six rectified cast iron rolls, two of which are rubberized, a 2600- by 1500-milimeter castor table and 1120- by 870-milimeter table with water-bath ball castors for self-cleaning in a stainless steel tank. 

The Pulilux 48 scratch-removing lathe removes marks from glass surfaces with liquid cerium oxide. Molavit 550 and 551 cork lathes, pumice dispensers and Pulilux 49 felt lathes for bevel polishing are also offered.
Info www.vitrododi.com or call 39 02 33501225.

Granco Clark Presents New Infrared Die Oven
Granco Clark, of Belding, Mich., has introduced an infrared die oven that measures the temperature of the die as it is heated. 

According to company information, the new oven reduces heating time, bringing a die to heat in less than an hour. It also allows for production flexibility, making it possible to put dies in the oven closer to when they are needed. A thermocouple measures the temperature of the die as it is heated in order to ensure it reaches the correct temperature. 
Info www.grancoclark.com or call 616/794-2600.

Anver Unveils New Vacuum Products
Anver Corp. of Hudson, Mass., has introduced several new vacuum products. Its new vacuum lifters are compact and fully adjustable for handling standard, double-pane insulating architectural glass windows in the plant or field. Designed to lift and position lites into window frames, this product features soft rubber vacuum suction cups with non-skid surfaces to counter shear forces that grip lites from the front surface. They also have telescoping arms and adjustable pads to accommodate almost any size window, according to a company brochure. Available in 4- or 8-cup units, the lifters can be supplied in 500- to 2,000-pound capacity versions and are equipped with high flow pumps, vacuum reservoirs, check valves, large filters and safety alarm systems. Powered by 115 VAC, DC battery or compressed air, they feature all-welded steel frames and can be lifted by virtually any crane.
Info www.anver.com or call 800/654-3500. 

Hoaf Infrared Technology Introduces the Heatbox
Hoaf Infrared Technology, based in the Netherlands, now offers the Heatbox, a gas-working kiln for the autoclave-free lamination process. The Heatbox features a capacity of 50 kW for an average load and 196 kW for a full load. 
Info www.hoaf.nl or call 714/374-9188.




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