Volume 39, Issue 9, September  2004


YKK AP Announces Expansion in Georgia
Located in Dublin, Ga., YKKAP America’s 800,000-square foot national manufacturing center will be undergoing a capacity expansion. According to an announcement from Oliver Steppe, senior 
vice president, expansion efforts, which are slated for completion in the third and fourth quarter of this year, will include work force additions, additional machinery and tooling and further automation in its custom door and window fabrication plant.

Fenzi North American Moves Thiover Production 
Fenzi North America, a subsidiary of the Tribiano, Italy-based Fenzi Group, has moved production of its Thiover polysulphides to a new plant in Toronto. According to a news release from the company, opening the new plant gives it a more effective presence in line with the needs of the market. The company also believes it will be able to better avoid fluctuations in exchange rates and ensure timely deliveries to customers. 

The polysulphide sealant facility was designed for maximum automation and in observance of environmental protection laws. 

Cardinal, Craftsman Add Ashton Lines
Seaming lines from Ashton Industrial will be installed in the new plant of Cardinal Glass, in Roanoke, Va., as well as its existing Tumwater, Wash., plant.

According to an announcement from Ashton, the seaming line being installed in Roanoke will include on-line edge deletion of coated lites and automatic laser marking. 

At Cardinal’s Washington plant, Ashton will provide a customized, high-speed seaming/arrissing line. According to Ashton, the line is specially conceived to directly link the cutting and breaking operation to a tempering furnace. Lites are staged automatically around the system and delivered to the furnace load bed without contacting the coated glass surface. 

In addition, Craftsman Fabricated Glass has selected Ashton’s fully automatic seaming line for the expansion of its Houston tempering facility. The tailor-made plant includes multiple, selectable operating modes that allow processing of rectangular and out-of-square lites, seaming and edge deleting and laser marking of mixed glass sizes at high speeds. A special feature allows lites to be directed to either of two furnaces and automatically buffers lites between furnace loads. The line includes an Ashton stainless steel washing and drying machine with a double drying zone. 

Hartung Plans for New Fabrication Plant in Washington State
Hartung Glass Industries of Seattle will open a new 50,000-square-foot fabrication plant in the Seattle area. The new plant is intended to complement current and expanded product lines, such as tempering and insulating glass. It will offer enhanced overnight service to Northwest glass users and specifically target window manufacturers with high-performance, soft coat, low-E needs. The resulting increased capacities will also enhance the company’s service levels under its certified fabricator program. “This additional facility will feature a new triple bay, state-of-the-art tempering furnace and related fabrication equipment,” said Nick Sciola, president. 
The new plant is scheduled to open by the end of this year. 
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