Volume 39, Issue 9, September  2004


A Few Thoughts About a Few Things
by Lyle R. Hill

I COULDA SAVED ‘EM … a lot of time and money!!! According to research performed at the University of Zurich, it has been determined that “People are often eager to punish wrongdoers even if the revenge brings no personal gain or actually costs them something. Instead of cold, calculated reason, it is passion that usually plants the seeds of revenge.” They didn’t need a study to reach this conclusion. I could have told them this. And while we’re on it, the more Irish you are, the farther you will go to see justice triumph, regardless of the cost. 

WE DEMAND A RECOUNT … there’s no way they could be right!!! According to a recent study performed by a legal think tank in New York, New Jersey has been determined to be the most corrupt state in the country. Knowing how the New Yorkers despise the people from Jersey, I think the study was flawed. And the people of Illinois, and from the city of Chicago in particular, are not taking this sitting down. We know that there is no way in the world that anyone could ever out corrupt us. We demand a recount … and naturally, we would like to be in charge of it.

OK, I’ll VOTE … As long as it’s nice out and the polling place isn’t too crowded!!! I had originally decided to sit this one out cause I’m sick of politics and neither presidential candidate is doing much for me. But Barbara Streisand has now publicly declared that if George W. is re-elected, she will immediately pack up and leave the United States. So now, I just gotta vote!

WATCH FOR IT …It’s really pretty nifty!!! A company from the Denver area is now introducing a software program that links buyers and sellers of flat glass products in the most efficient way I have seen yet. I recently received a demonstration of it and it’s terrific. It should eliminate the use of verbal and faxed orders and will also eliminate the need for reviewing supplier confirmations. It’s quick, efficient and can deal with vendor specific products and ordering requirements. They’ve tested it and are now looking for a supplier or two to take it to the next level. This is the future!

And a lot of flat glass guys wish it wasn’t!!! A large, well-known networking firm has been soliciting flat glass replacement companies to sign up for its insurance company oriented program that processes glass claims for homeowners. It’s not a new program, but it has gained a lot of momentum. I’ve received several calls during the past 90 days from people who are concerned that the flat glass side of the industry is headed in the same direction that the auto glass guys went a few years ago. At this point, I feel that we still control our own destiny … and we need to learn from the mistakes of others. More on this at a later time!

GLASS REPS TAKEN HOSTAGE…And may not be released soon!!! Word coming out of Colorado is that two sales reps for a large glass manufacturer have been taken hostage by a renegade group of glazing contractors … some reported to be Irish and out for revenge. The group’s leader, a roughish character who goes by the name of Mickey O’Plate, has vowed to hold the two hostages until the company they work for eliminates all energy surcharges. The company has reportedly responded to O’Plate’s demand by saying that he can keep the hostages because the surcharge makes more money for them than the reps do. I’ll try to keep you informed as this situation develops.

THEY SHOULDN’T HAVE ... Taken it all so seriously that is!!! I read in the last issue of USGlass that Joey Farthington … inspired by statements credited to Johnny “The Mooch” Rago … has decided to leave the glass industry and pursue a career elsewhere. This brings to three, the total number of people who claim The Mooch and I are responsible for their exit from our industry. The real question is … should we apologize … or should they be thanking us? 

As always, thanks for listening and don’t forget to vote, if for no other reason than to help Barbara OUT. 


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