Volume 39, Issue 10, October 2004

The Ninth Annual Guide to 
Machinery and Equipment

Including glasstec Product Spotlights

The Ninth Annual Guide to Glass Equipment and Machinery provides a comprehensive look at some of the newest equipment being offered to the glass industry. The chart on pages 56-57 lists categories of machinery and includes product descriptions and information, as well as company contact information. Information was compiled from completed forms that asked companies to list what machines they made and into which of several listed categories the machines fell. 

This special section also offers a close, detailed look at just some of the machines available. In addition, this section highlights some of the products you’ll find at glasstec 2004, taking place November 9-13 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Drilling Equipment
TD-2.5 Glass Drill Available from Sommer & Maca 
Cicero, Ill.-based Sommer & Maca’s automatic feed TD-2.5 vertical two-sided glass drill was designed to be a compact, accurate and affordable machine. Measuring 120 inches long by 48 inches wide, the TD-2.5 accommodates glass up to 1 ¼-inch thick and produces holes up to 5 ½ inches thick. The 115-volt motors are horizontally mounted on adjustable tracks and the pneumatic feed drilling is controlled with a joystick lever. Motor speed, vertical glass movement, coolant pump and air pressure are all controlled from the front-mounted operators station. A hand-operated glass clamp secures the glass in position during fabrication. 

The maximum glass sheet size that the machine can fabricate is 60 inches long by 100 inches wide, while the maximum drill depth from the edge is 32 ½ inches. 
Info+ www.somaca.com or call 800/323-9200.

Benteler Expands Product Range With New Equipment 
“tecLine made by Benteler,” is the newest product line from the Germany-based company Benteler Mechanical Engineering. The line includes machinery for processing glass in areas that include washing, grinding, drilling and laminating. 

One new machine is the tecDriller NC1, a single-spindle drilling machine designed for “one off” and small-volume production runs. The machine features an NC-control system and a patented quick-change-drill-system.

Also included in the new line is the small tecWasher for washing glass lites with a width up to 1000 mm. Small glass panels with minimum dimensions of 148 mm long and 50 mm wide, and with thicknesses of 1.5 to 12 mm, can be conveyed and washed safely. The washer is also available with the maximum working widths of 1300 mm and 1600 mm.
In addition, working with its co-operation partner, WSP, Benteler will be introducing the WSP HighCon tempering line. The company says that with its convection technology, cycle times are reduced, compared to traditional radiation furnaces.
Info+ www.benteler.com or call 49 521 542 536.

Cutting Lines
For.El Offers Arrissing Machine Additions
For.El has enhanced its automatic arrissing line to now include a vertical cutting line for laminated glass. The company says the machine is the only one on the market that cuts glass in a vertical position.

In addition, For.El offers an automatic line for double-glazed panes. According to the company the line can process double-glazed panes, stepped structural panes and triple-glazed panes.
Info+ www.forelspa.com or call 00 39 0422 840507.

Billco Adds New Features to CNC Cutting Machines
Billco Mfg. of Zelienople, Pa., has added new features to its line of CNC glass cutting machines.

One of the new features is laser marking for permanent placement of logos, ID marks or barcodes on glass parts in combination with the cutting process. According to Billco, each system is engineered to meet specific customer requirements. The machine is available in one-frame-two-bridge configurations based on the company’s patented high-speed Ultra™ series cutter design.

In addition, Billco has added an edge deletion option with its cutting machines. With this option, any shape that can be cut can be edge deleted automatically. Billco says this eliminates double handling of coated glass and improves the quality and consistency of the edge-deletion process. The feature is available on the standard CNC 2200 series and the Ultra series cutter. It can be ordered in either a two-bridge configuration or a multi-purpose one-bridge version.

Billco’s dual-head Ultra series glass cutting machines are designed with the capability to convey and cut two pieces of stock glass up to 72 by 96 inches simultaneously. It is designed for large-volume insulating glass manufacturers using coated glass products. With this machine, two matching glass lites—one clear and one low-E—can be cut side-by-side at the same time or in an alternating sequence using identical cutting layouts for each. The machine can also process one large stock lite at a time, up to 96 by 130 inches.
Info+ www.billco-mfg.com or call 724/452-7390.

Pistorius Provides Choice of Cut-off Saws
Hauppauge, N.Y.-based Pistorius offers both manual and pneumatic models of its 12-, 16- and 20-inch precision chop type single cut-off saws. The saws feature high-efficiency sawdust ducts and low operating noise. For mitering aluminum, the Protex metered pulse type lubrication system is available. The saw’s modular building design and the range of available accessories allows for a custom design of the machine to match a job’s specific cutting requirements. 

The company also offers it double end cut-off saws, available with manual or CNC automated length sizing, straight or angle cuts on both ends and manual load and removal. Performance is close to vibration free and in some cases, multiple operations, such as sawing and drilling, can be done simultaneously or sequentially, according to the company.

In addition, a #10G electronic digi-miter gage was designed to allow the operator to make error-free stop settings and to eliminate parts cut incorrectly. Designed specifically for the Pistorius line of double-miter saws, the gage can be used on nearly all machines of similar designs with only a few adjustments. Powered stop positioning at 40 inches per second is featured, as well as auto-locking at the desired size. The one-piece extruded gage bed is available in a wide variety of lengths. 
Info+ www.pistorius.com or call 631/582-6000.

Washing Machines 
Washing Machines Available from Richter Enterprises
GTA, of Erkenschwick, Germany, provides glass washing machines for horizontal and vertical coating lines. Typical widths of lines range from 16 to 130 inches. All of the German company’s machines are made with a corrosion-resistant structure in stainless steel housing. 

The washing machine’s design takes glass preprocessing into account, whether it comes from a warehouse, a float line or a coating, silvering or laminating process. Coatings on the glass are detected with sensors and the operation of the machine can be changed into different modes to protect the glass being washed. 

GTA is represented in the United States by Richter Enterprises Corp. of Newman, Ga.
Info+ www.richterenterprises.com or call 404/642-6610.

Tools and Accessories
EDTM Offers Tools for Measuring for Fenestration Products
Available from Electronic Design to Market (EDTM) is the Glass-Chek+ digital and air space laser meter with low-E detection. According to the company, from a single side of a window this equipment displays the thickness of both lites of glass, the air space and overall thickness of the window. Measurements are shown on a two-line digital display in inches (fractions or decimals) or in millimeters. The company says the meter is ideal for detecting glass deflection in sealed windows. It can also detect low-E coatings on the nearest lite of glass.
Info+ www.edtm.com or call 419/480-1098.

Bohle Offers Developments in Tools and Accessories 
Bohle Ltd. of the U.K. offers tools and accessories for the glass industry.
Some of its new developments for glass processing include products for edge working and glass drilling.

In addition, Bohle’s stand will feature the latest developments to the ClearShield glass surface protection system that are available in Europe through Bohle ClearShield GmbH, a joint venture between Ritec International and Bohle AG.
Info+ www.bohle.ltd.uk or call 49 2129 5568 0.

Strainoptic Stress Measurers Introduced
Strainoptic Technologies, of North Wales, Pa., has developed the GASP series of polarimeters to enable manufacturers of tempered or heat-strengthened glass to inspect and measure stress in an easy, non-destructive manner. The instruments confirm full tempering to ASTM C1048 requirements and ensure that an optimal value of residual stress exists within the glass. Surface stresses ranging from 0 to 25,000 psi may be measured. The polarimeters can also be used for safety glass applications and to optimize furnace settings, assure conformance to specifications and to monitor residual stress values. 

In addition, the company has introduced the 1500-TG series, a fully automatic system for high-speed, on-line measurement of stress. Installed at the furnace exit, the system senses and reports the temperature for each lite emerging from the furnace and displays the value on a computer monitor in numerical and graph form. Data acquired from each measurement is saved for off-line analysis or storage. 

The software displays single- or multiple-point edge stress values, as well as maximum, minimum and average stress values for any single scan, individual batch and shift. 

San Jung Provides Tools for the Glass Industry
San Jung Commercial Co. Ltd., a manufacturer and supplier of tools for both the flat glass and stained glass industries, as well as a representative for Mitsubishi Glass Cutters, will be exhibiting at glasstec. The company will offer its Leponitt line of tools as well as Mitsubishi cutters.
Info+ www.sanjung.com or call 886 22556 6188.

Tempering Furnaces
Edmund Erdmann Introduces New Convection System for Tempering
The German company Edmund Erdmann GmbH will be introducing its Jetstream Convection®, a new system for tempering flat glass.

According to the company, the new system allows users to maintain high quality and flatness, and increase productivity by up to 20 percent, depending on the type of glass.
The system features jet stream blowers that are designed to help reduce production costs by increasing air exchange. In addition, air consumption occurs in an area approximately 10m3 /h and m2 in the furnace chamber.

The company says maintenance is minimal since no mobile parts are in the hot air system, no hot air lines are necessary and there is no quality loss due to scaling. The needed air pressure is below one bar and additional compressor and filter systems are not required.
Info+ www.edmund-erdmann.com or call 0049 208 7805.

Glassrobots Introduces RoboTemp™ Line
Glassrobots has introduced RoboTemp™, its new multiconvection flat tempering line that combines the abilities of both true convection furnaces and radiant furnaces to offer both convection and conventional heating abilities.

Through forced convection, hot air is circulated inside the furnace and blown onto the upper and lower glass surfaces through encapsulated heating elements that form the system’s nozzles. The heating speed is as low as 26 to 30 seconds, depending on the glass thickness. The heating profile can be separately adjusted for each load. 

Through the convectional mechanism, the heating power of each element can be adjusted so the temperature of the air blown onto the glass surface matches with the required profiling. The FuzzyTemp™ heating control facilitates automatic adjustment.

According to the company, rapid and even heating guarantees flatness of the glass during the heating process, resulting in distortion-free optics and minimal iridescence. In addition, the air temperature inside the furnace can be lowered. Traditionally the temperature in the furnace is 700° to 720° Celsius; in the RoboTemp it can be reduced to as low as 680° Celsius. The company adds that since there is no direct radiation the line can also process low-E and other coated glass.
Info+ www.glassrobots.fi or call 358 3 3132 3000.

Glasstech Unveils New Electric Radiant Heating Systems
Glasstech of Perrysburg, Ohio, will feature a number of bending and tempering systems. 
The FCH2™ forced convection system, for example, is fired by natural gas and is designed to temper low-E flat glass. The company says the system can heat clear glass at a rate of 30 seconds per millimeter of thickness and high-performance, soft coat low-E at a rate of 33 seconds per millimeter.

Glasstech will also offer two new convection-assisted, electric radiant heating systems, the ERH2-C3™ and the ERH2-C2™.

The ERH2-C3 utilizes hot-air convection nozzles above and below the glass surface. This, according to the company, ensures that both sides of the low-E are heated equally. Clear glass is tempered at a rate of 30 seconds per millimeter of thickness, and most high-performance coated products at 35 seconds per millimeter.

On the ERH2-C2, nozzles are located above the glass line, delivering heat to the top coated surface of the glass. The company says heating times for low-E glass range from 40 to 50 seconds per millimeter of thickness.
Info+ www.glasstech.com or call 419/661-9500.

Tamglass to Introduce Safety Glass Machinery
From Tampere, Finland, Tamglass plans to introduce a variety of machinery developments for manufacturing safety glass.

Included in the line-up is a new flat tempering product series that features three new tempering lines: the HTF Super™, the ProE™ and the ProConvection™.

The HTF Super, according to Tamglass, features the QMS™ quality monitoring system and fast production changeovers. The ProE comes with CGSB™ booster option for more capacity, and is capable of processing glass sizes at a maximum of 3300 mm by 6000 mm. It also features the new Reactor™ online monitoring system. The ProConvection features the TAPC™ automatic process control system and a 2460 furnace size for architectural glass.

In addition, Tamglass will be introducing its new laminating lines for architectural glass. The series is available in several sizes and options, including versions with up to 100 percent capacity and super low-E capability. 

Other new developments from Tamglass will include the CBTS system for bending and tempering large sizes, and the HTBS™ for spherical and laminated glass.
Info+ www.tamglass.com or call 35/833723111.

Adelio Lattuda Demonstrates New Straight-Line Edgers
Two new straight-line edgers by Adelio Lattuda will be on display. The T.L.R. series is designed to handle large glass lites, while the A.L. 7 AV has been designed for edging medium-sized glass.

Included in the T.L.R. series is the T.L.R.13 AV Cerio SP80 and the T.L.R.15 Cerio SP80. Both are designed for 80-mm glass thicknesses and loading lites that weigh up to 1.100 kilos.

The A.L. 7 AV is an electronic straight-line edging machine with a variable angle designed for medium production.
Info+ www.adeliolattuada.com or call 00 31 832 713.

Seaming Lines
Ashton Prepares with New Machinery

Ashton Industrial plans to demonstrate a fully working automatic seaming line during the show. Ashton says the line seams random lite sizes ranging from 6 by 12 inches up to 134 by 72 inches at a rate of 7 to 12 seconds per lite. The machine includes in-line edge deletion, laser logo marking and washing/drying. In addition, fully automatic stackers will load and unload lites onto racks at the end of the line.

The line that Ashton will be showing is part of a new purchase by Houston-based Craftsman Fabricated Glass.
Info+ www. ashton-industrial.com or call 44 0 208 551 4046.

Laminating Lines
Casso-Solar to Provide Infrared Oven and Process Equipment

Casso Solar Corp. of Pomona, N.Y., will be exhibiting at glasstec with its custom-engineered infrared oven and process equipment. Included in its offerings is a complete flat glass laminating line with special IR and convection combination tacking oven.

The laminating line includes a free-fall load table, two lay-up conveyors with vacuum lift, pop-up table and pneumatic bridge, IR preheat oven with pre-press, IR tack oven with three zones convection heating sections, tack press, acceleration conveyor and a tilt unload conveyor.

In addition, Casso-Solar is developing an autoclave-less process for complete laminated glass production.
Info+ www.cassosolar.com or call 800/988-4455.

Fire-Rated Glass
CGI Offers Fire-Rated Glass Products

A number of different fire-rated glass products will be available from the U.K.-based CGI International. One such product is the company’s Pyroguard, wireless, stockable, fire glass, distributed in the United States by Oldcastle Glass. In the United States Pyroguard has been tested to the 20-minute fire standard and has achieved a Category 1 impact rating.

Also available is Fireswiss Foam, a fire-rated insulating glass made for Pyroguard.
Info+ www.cgii.co.uk or call 00 44 7960 6060.

Edgetech IG Launches Structural Glazing Spacer 
Edgetech IG Inc. has announced it will launch a new spacer designed for structural glazing at glasstec. Called TriSeal, the spacer will be premiered along with a new, fully automatic TriSeal Lisec line. 

The company says the new Super Spacer® TriSeal™ features the TrueWarm® No Metal technology and provides thermal performance and condensation resistance. TriSeal can be used with both structural and captive glazing applications, and is compatible with silicone structural sealants, as well as secondary sealants for captive glass, such as polyurethane, polysulfide, DSE/DSA’s or hot melt butyls.

Like other Super Spacer products, TriSeal consists of the same desiccated silicone foam material, acrylic adhesive that holds the spacer in place on the glass and a multi-layer vapor barrier. The company adds that TriSeal provides ultraviolet resistance, extreme temperature performance, fast dew-point drop, compression-set resistance, color stability and enhanced sound dampening.

In addition, the spacer’s triple-seal design incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal for immediate unit handling, captive polyisobutylene primary seal for enhanced gas retention and low-moisture vapor transmission. It also features an outer structural seal for structural glazing performance.
Info+ www.edgetechig.com or call 740/439-2338.

TruSeal to Exhibit its Dual Seal Spacer System
Insuledge™ and Dura-Seal™, dual seal spacers from Beachwood, Ohio-based TruSeal Technologies will be on display during glasstec. TruSeal’s European equipment supplier, Simec S.P.A., will also be in the booth providing application demonstrations of both products.

Insuledge is a hollow, flexible, non-metal insulating glass spacer. The company says the spacer’s dual-seal design allows it to be dual sealed with most common structural and thermoplastic insulating glass secondary sealants, including polysulfide, polyurethane, hot melts and curable hot melts.

DuraSeal, according to the company, is also designed as a true dual-seal system. Its multi-layers result in condensation resistance, warm edge of the glass temperature, a continuous moisture vapor barrier, argon gas retention and low total window U-values.
Info+ www.truseal.com or call216/910-1500.

New Screenprinting Line Available from Fleischle

The newest piece of equipment from the German company Fleischle is the TP-A line for edge-to-edge screen-printing, which features a fully automatic screen-cleaning system.
According to the company, when printing edge-to-edge ink often accumulates underneath the screen after a certain amount of time. Fleischle says with its new system the screen does not have to be dismounted for cleaning, and is instead cleaned by dry printing it against an absorptive paper that moves from roll to roll automatically.
Info+ www.fleischle.com or call 845/354-4420.

Lovati Fratelli to Display Machinery for Grinding, Polishing and More

The Italian company Lovati Fratelli will demonstrate its new numerical control machine, the BEM 31, designed for grinding and polishing edges of shaped glass with internal curves, external curves, straightline sides and mitred corners. The company says the machine is particularly suited for processing low-E glass since the surface of the coated glass does not come into contact with suction pads or transport rollers.

In addition, the machine can be equipped upon request with two tilting tables for loading and unloading glass. Also included is a washing system for the suction pads and grinding area that can be activated when required. The system can be used for pre-rinsing processed glass before being transferred to the washing machine.
Info+ www.lovatifratelli.com or call 39 02 488 0276.

New Hudson “Rolls” in New Roller Cleaning Services

Located in New Hudson, Mich., New Hudson Corp. offers In-Situ lehr roll-cleaning services. Through this method, the company says cleaning heads are introduced into the lehr through the lehr sidewall panels, allowing it to clean one roller at a time.
Info+ www.newhudson.com or call 248/437-1701.

Work Centers
Intermac Displays New Equipment Lines 

A number of new developments, including work centers, cutting lines and tables, edgers, drills and more will be available from the Italian company Intermac. 

New work centers include the Masters 45, 34 and 33. The Master 45 is a five-axes work center for machining flat glass. The Master 34 has four axes and is designed for grooving. The Master 33 work center is designed for companies that wish to increase productive capacities by acquiring a reliable work tool at a minimal investment. The Master 33 offers the option to add a fourth axis to further extend flexibility, allowing it to perform additional operations.

Other new lines from the company include the Genius CT, a cutting table for glass processing and Hart, a cutting line for laminated glass.
Info+ www.intermac.com or call 39 0721 483100.

Industry Events
GIMAV Gets Ready for Vitrum 2005

In preparation for Vitrum 2005, GIMAV, the Italian Association of Glass-Processing Machinery and Accessory Suppliers, will be exhibiting at glasstec and providing information about next year’s event. Vitrum 2005 is scheduled to take place October 5-8, 2005, at the fairgrounds in Milan, Italy.

According to GIMAV’s Renata Gaffo, 66 member companies will be exhibiting at glasstec in 13,100 square meters.
Info+ www.gimav.it.

iGm/FW Gears Up for ’05 Showing
Organizers of interGLASSmetal/FENESTRATION world 2005 (iGm/FW) will be on hand during glasstec to provide information about the next exhibition, which is scheduled to take place November 1-3, 2005, in Boston.

Exhibitor registrations are now being accepted. Organizers say exhibitors will benefit from extensive marketing support including print advertising, newsletters, direct/e-mail marketing, website links and the show directory and program. Exhibitors will also receive online access to show records, on-site lead retrieval, registered attendee and exhibitor lists, more than 100 show passes and booth enhancements.

iGm/FW is geared for the glass and fenestration industries. Organizers expect more than 6,000 decision-makers from around the world to attend next year’s event.

Decorative Glass
Regalead Offers Decorative Glass Products

Based in the U.K., Regalead, a supplier of decorative glass products, will launch its 2005 bevel catalog that features more than 80 new designs. Some of the new additions include door clusters and glue-chipped bevels.

Regalead will also offer new stained glass art film products. Many new styles and colors have been added, including ranges of pale, subtle shades, marble effects and metallic effects.

Film-cutting equipment will be available as well. Developed by APD of California, the cutters can also be used for cutting sandblast resists and plotting drawings with the pen-to-blade interchange.

Fusion tiles that can be bonded to glass in applications such as door panels, glazed partitions and furniture, will also be available.
Info+ www.regalead.com or call 44 161 946 1164.

PPG Offers EcoBrite® for Glass Decorating
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries will be offering its EcoBrite organic inks for decorating glass bottles and related items. The company says the technology offers decorators a line of easy-to-use, thermally cured, heavy-metal-free inks that can replace traditional ceramic inks.

The inks cure at low lehr temperatures (approximately 180º C), resulting in significant energy savings, according to the company.
Info+ www.ppg.com or call 412/434-3522.

Powdering Machines
Richter Enterprises Supplies Grafotec Powdering Machines

Available from Richter Enterprises are powdering machines from Grafotec, of Diedorf, Germany. The new Advanced Powder (AP) system is a mechanically and pneumatically operating nozzle application system, which allows for continuous operation for float glass applications. According to a company news release, the desired powder can be measured out in 1-percent steps, minimizing the powder consumption. A quick response time between glass plate recognition and powder applications allows the glass plates to be covered evenly, regardless of size, and to rest under the nozzles without undue powder accumulation. 
Info+ www.richterenterprises.com or call 404/642-6610. 

Ritec Displays ClearShield “Revolution”
This year Ritec International, creators of the ClearShield low-maintenance glass technology, will be on hand with its new ClearShield Revolution™ application machine. According to the company, the new machinery provides a cost-effective production process that is also floor space efficient. 

The ClearShield glass technology will also be available from Ritec.
Info+ www.ritec.co.uk or call 44 20 8344 8210. 



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