Volume 39, Issue 10, October 2004


shower doors
US Horizon Offers Frameless Shower Door Hardware 
US Horizon Mfg. Inc., of Valencia, Calif., a manufacturer and distributor for the frameless shower door business, has announced it is now stocking and delivering solid brass u-channels and headers for both 3/8- and 1/2-inch glass. 

According to a company news release, the u-channel and header finishes are identical to all of its hinges since they are plated to the same solid forged brass. Both the u-channel and header are available in 20 finishes for immediate delivery.
Info+ www.ushorizon.com or call 877/728-3874.

adhesives and sealants
Hafele Offers New UV Glass Bonding Process
Hafele America Co., of Archdale, N.C., offers its new UV glass gluing hardware suitable for glass/glass, glass/stainless steel, glass/granite and glass/wood combinations. The process makes use of UV glass bonding through a process that enables the creation of furniture pieces with a UV adhesive glue bond. 

According to information from Hafele, the process works as follows: clean the surfaces to be glued, heat them with a hot air blower or hair dryer and apply the adhesive for a special UV light bonding of the materials, creating a strong surface connection.
Info+ www.hafeleonline.com or call 336/434-2322.

skylights and overhead glazing
Sunshine Rooms Inc. Offers New Unit Skylights
Galaxy skylights are now available from Sunshine Rooms Inc. According to the company, these come ready to set on a curb. The pre-assembled, pre-glazed units are available in a variety of shapes including pyramids, octagons, ridge lites and double hips in a selection of pitches.

In addition, the skylights come in a variety of glazing options including its high-performance SilverCoat Max with E-Z clean. Frame finish options include baked enamel and fluoropolymer paints as well as anodized finishes.
Info+ www.sunshinerooms.com or call 316/838-0033.

blast-resistant glazing
Skywall Introduces New SmoothSeal Details
Skywall Translucent Systems, part of Terrell, Texas-based Vistawall Group, has introduced SmoothSeal details for its skylight sills and purlins. 

According to a company news release, SmoothSeal uses its advanced translucent skylights (ATS) where the rafter bay spacing is 5 feet on center and the slope is 30 degrees. The new product uses a special backer rod along with a silicone sealant and was designed to provide a clean look for skylights. Since SmoothSeal eliminates the use of a purlin cap, there is no ponding of water above the cap. 
Info+ www.vistawall.com or call 800/869-4567.

Security Line Features Blast Products
Based in Cranberry Township, Pa., TRACO has announced that its line of security products now includes its blast products and impact-resistant line of windows and doors.
According to the company, its blast products represent a full range of fenestration solutions, which have been tested to stringent federal performance standards. The products are designed primarily for the government and defense sectors, but are also ideal for buildings on the periphery of potential targets, such as civilian structures and public gathering places.

TRACO’s impact products have been designed to meet strict building codes and tough coastal weather challenges. The company says products are tested to withstand the most severe hurricane-force wind loads. 

TRACO provides its impact products from Texas to Maine, the Caribbean, Central and South America and the Pacific Rim Islands.
Info+ www.traco.com or call 724/776-7143.

insulating glass
Viracon Announces New Warm-Edge Technology
Viracon of Owatonna, Minn., has announced the development of a stainless steel material technology option for warm-edge spacers.

“Applications in which the interior humidity requirements are higher than normal prove challenging for most glass specifiers when working with insulating glass units (IGUs),” said Rick Voelker, technical director. “Aluminum spacers have higher thermal conductivity that results in higher U-values at the edge of the glass. As a result, there is a potential for condensation formation in situations where higher interior relative humidity levels must be maintained.”

According to information from Viracon, the spacers were designed specially to incorporate the low thermal conductivity of stainless steel to overcome such a challenge.
“With the lower thermal conductivity of stainless steel, we maintain a lower edge-of-glass U-level,” added Brad Austin, senior vice president. “The lower the edge-of-glass U-value, the less likely you are to develop condensation.” 
Info+ www.viracon.com or call 507/444-3490.

machinery and equipment

Bystronic Introduces “Smart’Cut S” 
Bystronic Inc. has introduced the “Smart’Cut S,” a CNC cutting machine for the residential window and door market.

According to Bystronic, the machine handles glass sizes up to 72 inches by 96 inches, reduces labor through an automatic free-fall loading system, processes glass for more than 800 insulating glass units per shift and is available with optional edge deletion for low-E glass. It also features user-friendly software with optimized cutting sequence that reduces cutting time and material waste. Other features include proportional cutting speed and pressure regulation to ensure scoring for easy breakout and edge quality.
Info+ www.bystronic.com or call 800/247-3332.

Granco Clark Introduces Non-Contact Temperature Probe
Granco Clark, of Belding, Mich., has introduced a non-contact temperature measurement assembly for the aluminum extrusion industry. The aluminum billet thermometer system (ABTS) is designed to function in aluminum billet furnace chambers. The new probe’s infrared temperature sensor provides readings without touching the billet, so that overused contact points do not give inaccurate readings. 

The probe is available as an option on Granco Clark furnaces and can also be retrofitted to existing furnaces with PLC temperature control.
Info+ www.grancoclark.com or call 616/794-2600.

A.W.T. Expands Rack-It Line
Chicago-based A.W.T. World Trade Inc. has expanded its line of Rack-It drying and storage racks with the addition of new tabletop and mid-size models. 
A new tabletop rack with 25 shelves sized 12 by 16 inches is now available, along with five new mid-size racks in 40, 50 or 100 shelf configurations of 18 by 24 inches to 20 by 26 inches. Spacing configurations of either 1-inch or 2-inch between shelves were designed for maximum solvent evaporation. On heavy-duty industrial models, spring action and adjustable tension is featured in each shelf for loading and unloading of storage materials. All steel-welded components with powder-coated finishes are used in the construction of the rust- and solvent-resistant racks. 
Info+ www.awt-gpi.com or call 773/777-7100.

UAP Supplies Bevel Bonding Product
Universal Imports (UAP), of Lancashire, England, a supplier of non-ultraviolet white light bevel bonding products, has announced the launch of its Glassmaster White Light Pro. 
The new white light bonding adhesive is one in a range of specialized branded products that include low- and medium-viscosity adhesives. A range of light boxes designed to remove the problem of ambient light and workstations are also available. The workstations measure 5 feet by 2 feet and come with a tray and shelves. 

The adhesive also features new style labels and packing designed to make the bottles of adhesive easier to handle. 
Info+ www.universal-imports.com or call 44 (0) 161 763 5290.

Anver Offers Custom Vacuum End-Effectors
Anver Corp., of Hudson, Mass., has announced that it now offers custom vacuum end-effectors that are designed to bolt onto outdoor mobile cranes and boom extensions for handling large glass panels at a job site.
The end-effector is designed to hold 10- by 40-foot panels weighing up to 10,000 pounds. The systems feature special foam vacuum pads and fully redundant vacuum systems, and are constructed with a 4:1 safety factor. Power source options include the host equipment’s hydraulic and electrical system or remote vacuum generators powered by electricity or compressed air. 
Info+ www.anver.com or call 800/654-3500.

Niles Offers Process for Bending Pre-Finished Extrusions

Niles Aluminum Products of Niles, Mich., has developed a process that allows metal to be curved in its pre-finished condition, often without requiring refinishing afterwards. According to company information, this process is more cost-efficient than curving raw metal and applying the finish afterwards.

“Not only does our process save money, but it also speeds turnaround time, helping to meet tight deadlines,” said Don Ort, president. “We do not anneal or preheat metal to make it bendable, as this may damage the finish. As a result, tensile strength of the metal is maintained, and there’s no need to re-temper materials.”
Info+ call 269/683-1191.

tools and supplies
Pinpoint Introduces Precision Shim
Pinpoint Laser Systems, of Newburyport, Mass., has introduced the Microshim, a precision adjustable shim. The Microshim allows for height adjustments of 0.001-inch and is able to lift and support 10,000 pounds. According to company information, applying adhesive to the two sliding surfaces allows for adjustments before the Microshim is permanently locked to a specific height. 

Each shim is milled from a solid block of aluminum and protected by a hard anodized coating. All lifting hardware is fabricated in stainless steel. 
Info+ www.pinlaser.com or call 800/757-5383.

Construction Concepts Unlimited Introduces Wave-Shaped Shim
Construction Concepts Unlimited Inc., of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has introduced its Wave Shim, a self-tensioning shim with a wave-shaped compressible body.
According to a company news release, the product is able to hold its inserted position without relying on screws or bolts because the wave-shaped body exerts outward pressure. Made from fire-resistant, high-impact, durable plastic, the shims stack 1/16-inch to achieve a desired thickness. Each shim has breakaway tabs, as well as slots and holes for string lines and other functions. 
Info+ www.ccuinc.net or call 866/224-7528.

Beta Max Inc. Introduces New Max Climbers 
Beta Max Inc., of Melbourne, Fla., has introduced its Max Climber 5700 mast climbing work platform. The new work platform features a double tower system with a lifting capacity of up to 5700 pounds. The system has a maximum platform length of 70 feet and a maximum working height of 265 feet. Each base unit is powered by 2-x-1.5 KW motors and operates on 230V/3 phase power. According to company information, the Max Climber is easy to transport and doesn’t require a forklift or crane for installation. 

In addition, the company offers its Max Climber 3300 transport platform hoist system, which was designed to provide an easy and safe method of lifting general building materials. It features a payload lifting capacity of up to 3300 pounds and a single-masted system equipped with a side- and front-loading basket extendable to 165 inches long by 59 inches wide. An unloading ramp with side fencing, roof enclosure and certified safety brake system is included for worker safety. Tandem rollers and a dual two-speed motor drive system are also included. Each base unit is powered by 5.5-7.5KW motors and operates on 400V/3 phase power.
Info+ www.betamaxhoist.com or call 800/233-5112.

DeWalt Puts ALC Technology into Two New Corded Drills
Baltimore-based DeWalt has put its patented anti-lock control (ALC) technology into two, heavy-duty ½-inch corded drills. This technology controls the reactionary torque that occurs when bits lock up during drilling. 

The company’s ALC technology senses a stall or lockup situation and produces rapid pulses to break the bit free. If the bit cannot break free, the tool shuts off, reducing the risk of damage. The user can then release and re-engage the trigger for normal operation. 
Two drills are available with ALC, the DW239 and DW249. The DW239 features a high power 7.8 amp motor, non-slip grip and variable speed control from 0 to 850 rpm. The DW249 additionally offers a third-gear reduction and variable speed control from 0 to 600 for higher torque drilling requirements.
Info+ www.dewalt.com or call 410/367-2700.

shipping & transportation
Laminations’ ChannelLock Designed to Protect Products
Appleton, Wis.-based Laminations has introduced the ChannelLock as a new way to protect the edges of long, narrow products, such as doors, windows and panels, during shipping and storage.

ChannelLock uses two pieces of V-board that slide together and lock without the use of glue or rivets. Made from laminated paperboard, ChannelLock is available with legs of 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 inches and in channel widths of 3 to 6 inches. The adjustable features are designed to allow each configuration to accommodate an additional .50 inches in width, up to a maximum of 6.5 inches. ChannelLock is available in calipers of .160, .250 and .320 inches and lengths from 18 to 96 inches. Outer legs can be printed with a company’s logo or message to maximize marketing impact. 
Info+ www.laminationsonline.com or call 800/925-2626.

F. Barkow Inc. Adds Hardwood Floors to Mongoose and Trailers
Milwaukee-based F. Barkow Inc. has announced it is now installing 1 3/8-inch ship-lapped hardwood floors in the bed of its Mongoose glazing body, as well as on its 8-foot and 12-foot trailers. According to company information, the hardwood is sturdier and more weather-resistant than the plywood it was using previously on the Mongoose. The company says this upgrade has been made without adding any cost to the customer.
Hardwood has been used on Barkow’s P-Model glazing bodies and large transports for years, as well. 
Info+ visit www.barkow.com or call 800/558.5580.

New EGP Website Looks at Hot Glass
The newly renamed Engineered Glass Products Co. (EGP), of Chicago, previously Marsco, has announced it is offering Hot Glass products created through heated glass technology. A new website highlights current applications for the products. Possible applications include Hot Glass products for use in restaurants, hotels, architecture, office furniture and more. 

Hot Glass products use transparent thin film conductors to provide uniform heating across the entire glass surface, according to a company news release. The new site provides an explanation of heated glass technology, its history and its benefits, which include uniform heat distribution and a sanitary, transparent heating surface. 
Info+ www.egpglass.com or call 615/385-1100.

MSK Corp. Develops PV-TV Solar Panel
MSK Corp., of Tokyo, in conjunction with Kaneka and the Japanese architects Taiyo Industries, has developed amorphous silicon solar technology used to produce PV-TV solar panels. The photovoltaic glass panels, measuring 1-meter by 1-meter, were designed to fit a wide range of building applications and offer thermal insulation, solar heat gain protection and protection from ultraviolet rays.

During the manufacturing process, a laser inscribes a series of ultra-fine lines onto the panel. According to a MSK news release, this process allows 10 percent of visible light to be transmitted through the glass, enough for sufficient light to enter a building even during cloudy conditions, while protecting against excessive solar gain. In addition, an amorphous silicon cell with 10 percent, 5 percent or 1 percent transparency is placed between two lites of glass and a charge box is attached to collect the energy generated by the window. 
Info+ www.msk.ne.jp/english or call 81 3 3342 3838.

Roos International Expands Its Product Line
Roos International Ltd. Inc., of Deerfield Beach, Fla., has expanded its product line with new Texturglas products that include a sound-absorption wall covering, a block liner and a specially formulated adhesive.

The Texturglas sound control system was specifically designed to meet new emerging code requirements for the school, hospitality and health care industries, as well as the expanding home theater market segment. Designed for both ceiling and wall applications, the system offers a paintable surface, sound absorption and reduction of outside noise.
In addition, Roos block liner was created as an alternative to skim coatings on walls and ceilings. The liner covers masonry, tile, knockdown texture, plaster, paneling, brick and block surfaces. 

The company also offers the new Roos Ecofix starch-based powder adhesive, specifically developed for use in installing Texturglas products. According to company information, environmentally friendly Ecofix is made from regenerated, degradable materials and was designed for use in all temperatures. 
Info+ www.roosintl.com or call 800/888-2776. 


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