Volume 39,  Issue 12,  December 2004

Tools and Supplies
Wobble Light Designed to Brighten Building Sites
The Wobble Light, from Wobble Light LLC of Hoffman Estates, Ill., was designed to provide high-powered illumination, lighting durability and safety for construction applications. According to a company news release, Wobble Light is durable, easy to set up, self-righting and nearly impossible to damage. 

A polycarbonate dome protects the light’s bulb from direct contact with hard objects and debris, while also providing a shield from open bulbs and metal housings. The light also features a floating shock system and internal ventilation system, and several can be strung together. The portable light offers directional light in a variety of wattages and can illuminate an area in excess of 100 feet in diameter, according to company information. 
Info+ www.wobblelight.com or call 847/230-3640.

DFI Releases Glass Restoration System 
Diamon-Fusion International Inc. (DFI), based in San Clemente, Calif., is now offering its Restoration-Protection-Maintenance (RPM) System to service products that use its nanocoating technology. 

The system offers a range of products designed to restore an existing surface and then protect it by applying DFI’s hydrophobic nanocoating. It includes a professional restoration kit that will allow licensed professional companies to service the already installed glass markets and a consumer maintenance kit. 
Info+ www.diamonfusion.com or call 800/213-0793.

Grove Introduces Its Newest Shims
Grove Structural Shims, of Leominster, Mass., has introduced two new versions of its leveling and alignment aids. One ¼-inch thick sheet measuring 4 by 24 inches is scored into 12 2- by 24-inch sections. An adjustable 3/8-thick, 5- by 5-inch shim is also available. Both products are made from ABS plastic material.

According to information provided by the company, fireproof shims are also now available by special order.
Info+ www.groveproductsinc.com or call 800/724-7683.

Shower Enclosures
CRL Introduces New Pivot Hinges
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL), has added its Cardiff Series pivot hinges for use on the 5/16-inch to 3/8-inch safety glass in frameless shower doors.

“The Cardiff Series pivot hinges have the ability to be inset from the wall, thus allowing clearance for towel bars and other projections,” stated Brad Murphy, manager of CRL’s technical sales department in a company press release.

Further noted in the press release, the hinges are self-centering and the top or bottom mounts can be mounted to floor and ceiling or floor and header. The hinges also come in glass-to-glass mount designs and right and left hand offset bracket wall mounts.

The five basic finishes in which the hinges come are brass, chrome, satin chrome (matte), brushed nickel and oil rubbed bronze, though other finishes can be special ordered.
Info+ www.crlaurence.com or call 800/421-6144.

Coastal Industries Adds to Paragon Series
Coastal Industries, of Jacksonville, Fla., has introduced its new Paragon 3/8-inch bypass shower enclosure. The enclosure features 3/8-inch tempered glass panels, the thickest on the market according to company information, as well as a stay-clean, self-draining track. There is also a choice of a solid aluminum bar or a more traditional brass bar, available in silver, gold and brushed nickel finishes. 

Additionally, Coastal has added to the Paragon series a new anodized, oil-rubbed bronze finish as a design option. 
Info+ www.coastalind.com or call 904/642-3970.

U.S. Horizon Publishes Updated Catalog
U.S. Horizon, based in Valencia, Calif., a manufacturer and distributor of architectural and shower door hardware, has published its new and updated product catalog. The catalog features more than 40 pages of products and new designs. Copies are free and available online or by telephone. 
Info+ www.ushorizon.com or call 877/728-2874.

Machinery and Equipment
Wood’s Quadra-Tilt Requires Less Operator Force 
The two variations of the new Quadra-Tilt lifters from Wood’s Powr-Grip Co. Inc., based in Laurel, Mont., were designed to reduce the effort of tilting loads between flat and upright positions. The MRTA8HV11DCS and MRTA811DCS lifters feature a four-bar tilt mechanism so that the operator force needed to tilt a load is less than half the force typically required for a manual tilter that pivots around a single point, according to a company news release. When a load is tilted to either the upright or the flat position, the lifter maintains the load position automatically without using latches, eliminating the tendency for a load to kick back at the operator’s knees.

The units also feature 360-degree manual rotation, movable pads and removable arms designed to accommodate a variety of load sizes and shapes.
Info+ www.powrgrip.com or call 406/628-8231. 

Horizon Rolls Out its New Carriers
Horizon Fabrication, of Jackson, Wis., has added an A-frame roll-out carrier to its line of glass carriers. The carrier is 7 feet long and 56 inches high, with 5-inch usable spaces. According a company news release, this carrier can be used interchangably with the roll-out windshield carrier on the same track mounted in a pick-up truck.

All of the company’s carriers come in powder coated steel, aluminum and stainless steel. 
Info+ call 262/677-8391.

Glas-Weld Upgrades Scratch-Weld System
Glas-Weld Systems, based in Bend, Ore., is now offering its new Scratch-Weld water feed system for the Scratch-Weld II system. The new water feed system is designed to remove light, medium and deep scratches from all types of glass including mirrors, annealed and tempered glass. According to the company, the new system allows for better control and is less complicated than the original. 

The new water feed system includes a sprayer arm assembly, pressurized water bottle, bottle holder with suction cups and belt attachment. The complete Scratch-Weld II system includes a high torque machine, the water feed system, backer pads and proprietary disks in three sizes, an infrared thermometer, one pound of scratch removal compound and instructional materials. 
Info+ www.glasweld.com or call 800/321-2597.

A.W.T. Introduces New Drying System
Chicago-based A.W.T. World Trade Inc. has created the Jet-Stream™ Q-Series quartz drying system, a modular graphic drying system that combines quartz heating technology, variable air recirculation and ambient in-line cooling to provide flexible control for curing conditions for water-based, solvent-based and thermal-set inks and coatings.

The Jet-Stream Q-Series heating chambers are equipped with high-energy quartz tubes that raise the temperature of ink solids a curing level up to 450° F. Drying is enhanced by a fully adjustable air recirculation/exhaust system that creates even heat distribution via forced-air “jet streams” and expels saturated air. For jobs involving solvent-based inks, exhaustion can be increased to remove volatiles efficiently and avoid rewetting the substrate. 

The Jet-Stream Q-Series is available in conveyor widths of 48 inches, 60 inches, 80 inches and 102 inches. 
Info+ www.awt-gpi.com or call 773/777-7100.

Greenheck Offers New Products Catalog
Greenheck, of Schofield, Wis., is offering a new architectural products catalog showcasing its line of louvers and other architectural products. The catalog includes product descriptions, engineering drawings, renderings, features and performance charts. The available louvers include wind-driven rain louvers and those that meet Miami-Dade requirements. Thin-line, drainable, non-drainable, sight-proof, adjustable, combination, acoustical and fabricated models are also available. 
Info+ www.greenheck.com or call 715/359-6171.

Bath Products
Bear Creek Offers Decorative Sink Bowls
Bear Creek Glass, of Birmingham, Ala., has introduced a product line of handcrafted glass sink bowls. The four styles available, Ocean, Splash, Fusion and Classic, are infused with colors such as ruby, cobalt, amber and tortoiseshell. 

“All of our glass products begin with a 2100 degree molten glass that is hand-gathered from a furnace,” said Joe Thompson, owner of Bear Creek Glass. “Artists then choreograph the steps that coax this molten glass into its final expressive form.”
Info+ 205/324-9339.

Paragon Offers Structural Glass Systems
Paragon Architectural Products LLC, of Scottsdale, Ariz., now offers turnkey structural glass systems for commercial and high-end residential projects. With a focus on creating transparent, spatial architecture, Paragon fabricates glass and steel for fin walls, spider walls, cable-net systems and cable-truss/steel-truss systems. In addition, the company offers engineering, design assistance and shop-drawings. 

“Paragon is very aggressively pursuing structural glass jobs by offering competitive pricing, innovative design and prompt lead times,” said Ian Patlin, vice president. 
In addition, Paragon is offering Naturalam, a decorative, laminated safety glass that features natural wood interlayers. Standard interlayers include zebrawood, American cherry, Japanese cypress, white sycamore, bird’s eye maple and white ash. The glass is suitable for applications such as counter tops, wall systems/partitions, flooring and stair treads, doors and water features.

According to company information, the interlayers have been tested in large format sizes, with tempered and annealed compositions available. Naturalam can also be insulated for exterior applications.
Info+ 480/767-8266.

Storage and Handling 
Hardigg Air Cushions Designed to Protect Products from Shock
Air cushioning devices that can perform as pallet runners or load feet for lift truck or pallet jack entry have been introduced by Hardigg Industries Inc., of South Deerfield, Mass. Skid-Mate cushions are designed to protect products from shock and vibration damage by attaching to any platform or pallet, or directly to product bases, with a single 5/16-inch bolt. Additional cushions can be used for especially heavy or sensitive pallet loads.

The load cushioning devices are made of polyethylene and measure 5 ¾ inches in diameter and by 2 7/8 inches in height. A thick spacer disk gives the product a 4-inch final height. According to a company press release, they are suitable for storage applications between –40 degrees Fahrenheit and 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and feature a low coefficient of friction. 
Info+ www.hardigg.com or call 800/542-7344.

Laminated Glass
Solutia Offers SaflexAC for Reduced Sound
St. Louis-based Solutia Inc. has developed SaflexAC, a new protective interlayer for laminated glass. According to a company press release, with SaflexAC, superior acoustic attenuation performance can be achieved with the same overall glass thickness as traditional laminated glass.

“SaflexAC addresses the reflective and absorptive challenges that architects and designers often encounter, and offers up to a 10 dB sound reduction in the project design,” said Julie Schimmelpenningh, Solutia’s technical applications manager. 
Solutia’s tests on laminated glass configurations with SaflexAC show a sound transmission class rating (STC) value of 36—a 2 STC unit improvement over standard laminated glass of the same configuration. 
Info+ www.solutia.com or call 314/674-1000.

Fire-Rated Glazing
Hope’s and InterEdge Introduce New Curtainwall 
Hope’s Windows, of Jamestown, N.Y., and InterEdge Technologies, of Sausalito, Calif., have announced the availability of a two-hour fire-rated curtainwall system that utilizes Hope’s framing and Pyrobel glazing from InterEdge.

According to Randy Manitta, vice president of sales for Hope’s, the new HighLite transparent wall system has nearly unlimited boundaries. 

“Solid walls are now a thing of the past,” said Manitta. “With our unique design, including a minimal 3-inch profile, we offer unobstructed light and viewing opportunities.”

The same framing system in combination with alternative Pyrobel products can be used in 60-minute or 90-minute applications. The HighLite framing system is available in stainless steel or finish paint as required. Glazing panel size is 43 ½ inches by 88 inches, or 3,828 square inches clear view.
Info+ www.firesafe-glass.com or call 877/376-3343 or www.hopeswindows.com or call 716/665-5124

VETROTECH Saint-Gobain Expands Product Line
VETROTECH Saint-Gobain of Auburn, Wash., has designed a new butt-joint, 60-minute fire-rated wall system that the company says eliminates the need for vertical mullions. The new Swissflam Structure-60 is designed to offer maximum transparency while complying with fire and building code requirements. It is available using an H-profile gasket (dry-glaze) or silicone joints (wet-glaze).

According to company information, the product is ideal for use as partition walls in offices, shopping centers, schools, airports and other locations where maximum visibility is desired.

VETROTECH has also created a new, gel-free version of Contraflam. Contra-Flam N2, which acts as a barrier to radiant heat transfer, combines tempered safety glass with special clear intumescent interlayers to meet fire rating and impact safety (CPSC CAT II) criteria.
Info+ www.vetrotech.com or call 888/803-9533.

Window Film
Bekaert Specialty Films Expands Films Lines
Bekaert Specialty Films of Clearwater, Fla., has expanded its line of Panorama designer and safety window films to include .008-inch thick products that are designed to help hold shattered glass in place.

“The beauty of the Panorama window film series is that it is a virtually unnoticeable product, offering several valuable benefits—reduced energy consumption, furnishing preservation, improved occupant comfort and enhanced exterior aesthetics—to home and business owners,” said Jeffrey Plummer, vice president of sales and marketing. “Now with the new safety film being four times thicker than a standard solar control window film, it further protects occupants from the hazards of broken glass, delivering an ideal safety solution to customers in key markets—including commercial businesses and coastal residential communities.”
Info+ www.bsf.com or call 800/736-0200.

Silverstar Coatings Can Help Keep Out Heat
Glas Trosch Holding AG, of Bützberg, Switzerland, offers Silverstar Combi Neutral 62/45, 50/37 and 50/25 coatings. The coatings are created through a high-vacuum magnetron process and feature high thermal insulation properties, low energy consumption, balanced total energy transmittance and selective high translucency. 

According to a company brochure, the Silverstar coatings allow for a transparent structure and ensure an externally uniform appearance from all angles. The outer seal of the coating is formed by a new, ceramic-like surface, which protects the glass from chemical and mechanical influences such as corrosion or scratches. Color-matched spandrel glazing is also available.
Info+ www.glastroesch.ch or call 41 0 62 958 52 10.

Span-Kote Offers Protective Coating
Span-Kote Industries Inc., of Port Coquitlam, British Colombia, offers a 100-percent elastomeric coating that it says provides adhesion, abrasion resistance and elasticity for fallout-protection. 

The coating is applied as a spray that cures within 24 hours of application. According to a company brochure, the product can be applied to annealed, heat-strengthened or tempered glass substrates and offers a distortion-free appearance. The coating is available in four standard colors, or designers can log onto Span-Kote’s web page and use the CBN assistant program to choose a color from a full color palette. 
Info+ www.spankote.com or call 866/473-0029.

Adhesives and Sealants
TruSeal Offers Purfect Glaze
Purfect Glaze window glazing sealants offered by TruSeal Technolo-gies Inc., headquartered in Beachwood, Ohio, have earned the 2003 Technology Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan, a market consulting firm that publishes information and intelligence on emerging high-technology and industrial markets.

According to a TruSeal news release, Purfect Glaze was selected for the award because of the unique technology it adds to the window sealants market. The reactive urethane adhesive glazing sealants are designed to bond quickly to glass, window sashes or frames, and the sealants handling strength allows windows or doors to be stacked vertically and shipped in line. 

The sealants are available to the United States residential window and door industry, for general, special and high-strength IG applications. 

In addition, the company has added 5- by 7-inch product samples of Insuledge™ and DuraSeal™ sealants to its online ordering system. Packaged in blister packs, the samples are intended to demonstrate the products’ unique designs.

Also from TruSeal are GridLoc™ muntin end clips. The company says the GridLoc’s flexibility and ease-of-use make it ideal for use with its flexible spacer systems.

GridLoc end clips feature a thin attachment lip and special positioning legs that are designed to allow for easy repositioning of muntin bars and a secure retention of the bars within the IG unit. The company says the narrow lip locks the end clip in place between the sealant and the glass.

The clips are available in both black and gray and can accommodate a variety of airspaces and muntin bar profiles.
Info+ www.swiggle.com or call 216/910-1500.

Scapa Offers New Acrylic Foam Tapes
Scapa Industrial, of Windsor, Conn., has introduced a new line of high-performance acrylic foam tapes for industrial assembly applications. 
The Acrylon acrylic foam tapes are intended to create permanent bonds, replacing mechanical fasteners, liquid adhesives, spot welds and other fastening. The tapes were formulated to resist solvents and moisture and to withstand vibration. All 19 products are flexible, compressible and conformable for easy application 
to intricate contours. 

Vistawall Introduces StormMax Storefront
Terrell, Texas-based Vistawall has introduced its StormMax FG-5000 impact-resistant storefront system. The system was engineered to provide protection against wind-borne debris and has been tested to meet full compliance with the requirements of Miami/Dad County Protocol 201, 2002 and 203 and Southern Building Code Congress International. The system was tested with Vistawall 84-inch by 98-inch MS-375 impact-resistant entrance doors.

According to a company news release, the FG-5000 was developed so that it could be shop- or field-glazed. It allows for anchor inspection before or after glazing. Factory-painted Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 and factory-anodized finishes are available.  

Solar Innovations Offers Glass Wall Options
A news release from Solar Innovations Inc., of Myerstown, Pa., says it offers a complete line of curtainwall systems with ornamental details and accessories that can be combined to create custom products. The curtainwall systems create an easy transition to a sloped glazing system, creating a single unified structure. 
In addition, the company is offering a folding wall panel in 1-inch insulating, ¼-inch tempered, single pane or 9/16-inch laminated, single pane. The panel is available with out-folding or in-folding, top or bottom load and a thermal or non-thermal frame. Individual panel sizes are available up to 36 by 120 inches. 
Info+ www.solarinnovations.com or call 800/618-0669.

Mapes Industries Develops New Laminated Infill Panel
Mapes Industries, of Lincoln, Neb., has developed a laminated infill panel designed to meet or exceed ASTM E 1886-97 missile impact and ASTM E 1996-02 windborne debris tests. The panels can be glazed into standard curtainwall or window framing systems, are available in various thickness and can be made with most common architectural finishes, including porcelain, Kynar, anodized and baked enamel.
Info+ www.Mapes.com or call 800/228-2391.

Skywall Announces New Translucent Curtainwall System
Skywall Translucent Systems, part of Terrell, Texas-based Vistawall Group, has introduced SW-250 translucent curtainwall.

The SW-250 has been fully tested for air and water, and is a high-performance curtainwall system. Its face cap measures 2 ½ inches and may be designed with various interior mullion depths to meet loading and aesthetic requirements, according to a company press release.

The system has clean sightlines, concealed fasteners and optional Kynar®500/Hylar®5000 or factory-anodized finishes. It is available with fixed glass or operable windows.
Info+ www.skywall.com or call 800/259-7941.

Door and Door Hardware
Select Hinges Geared Continuous Hinge Passes 15 Million Cycles in Independent Testing
Select Products Ltd. of Portage, Mich., has announced that its full mortise geared continuous hinge has surpassed 15 million open/close test cycles.

According to the company, through the Physical Endurance Swing Test, its aluminum SL11-HD hinge is mounted to an FRP door that is 3 feet, 4 inches wide by 7 feet, 2 inches tall to simulate a real-world situation, such as in a school entrance. A piston initiates the door’s open/close cycle 16,600 times a day, around the clock, seven days a week, according to company information. 

“We’re not aware of any other independent test that has put a hinge through this many cycles,” said Bob Cronk, Select vice president of sales and marketing. “Our unique manufacturing processes—Pair-Matched™ hinge leaves, Teflon® and graphite lifetime lubricants and anodizing after machining—combine to achieve this durability.”

The hinge has been in testing at Architectural Testing Inc. in St. Paul, Minn., since September 2002. Select says it plans to continue the testing until the hinge fails.
Info+ www.select-hinges.com or call 800/423-1174.

Kaba’s E-Plex E5031 Listed In BHMA Certified Products Directory
Kaba Access Control, based in Winston-Salem, N.C., has announced that its E-Plex E5031 series lock is now listed in the Builders Hardware Manufacturer’s Association’s (BHMA) certified products directory for ANSI/BHMA A156.25 electrified locking devices, grade 1. 

According to a company news release, the E-Plex E5031 is the only pushbutton lock that is currently certified and listed in this category.

The new E-Plex 5000 series is a programmable pushbutton lock with up to 100 access codes and a 3,000-event audit trail. The new lock combines the features of the Simplex mechanical pushbutton locks with the added security and features of electronic access control.

In addition, Kaba has introduced the battery-less PowerLever Prox 9000, which combines PROX with PIN access to provide dual credential access control for up to 3,000 individual user codes. The lock allows either single or dual credential access for access-control flexibility and is compatible with most brands of exit devices. 

In addition, Kaba’s Simplex 1000 series mechanical pushbutton lock is now available with a lockout feature. 

Lockout allows users to prevent combination entry by activating the lockout feature from the inside of the door. When lockout mode is active, entry is only possible using the lock’s key override. The feature previously required ordering an add-on kit. 


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