Volume 39,  Issue 11,  November 2004

Distribution & Production

Solutia Raises Prices on PVB Products; Cities Increased Demand
St. Louis-based Solutia Inc. is raising its prices 29 cents per square meter for its full range of Saflex and PVB products. A Solutia news release said the continued growth in demand for polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer has accelerated the need to invest in new capacity in order to meet its customers’ future needs and assure supply reliability. 

At the same time as the need for investment in new capacity, the prices of key raw materials used in the production of PVB products have continued to rise and supplies of those same materials have become tight. 

“Solutia remains strongly committed to the announced price increase as a means of maintaining the most reliable service and certainty of supply for our customers,” said Mitch Pulwer, general manager, Solutia laminated glazing interlayers. “Customers’ demand for PVB products has dramatically increased year after year. The announced price increase allows Solutia to reinvest in capacity.”

DFI Announces Agreement With ALCOA 
Diamon-Fusion International Inc. (DFI), developer and distributor of the Diamon-Fusion patented nanotechnology, based in San Clemente, Calif., has announced a marketing agreement with Alcoa, a Pittsburgh-based producer of primary and fabricated aluminum. The agreement provides Alcoa the capability of applying DFI’s proprietary surface protective coating at Alcoa’s U.S. manufacturing facilities, in certain glass related markets, at a national level. The agreement also facilitates a co-marketing synergy between the two companies, according to a DFI news release. 

“This strategic alliance with Alcoa represents a new milestone for DFI, and it solidifies the leadership we have achieved as a developer and supplier of surface protective coatings,” said Guillermo Seta, vice president and executive director of DFI global operations.

DFI has also announced its agreement with Wardrobe & Bath Specialties Inc. (WBS), a wardrobe and shower door manufacturer, to have its low-maintenance coating applied to the WBS product line.
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Thornton Industries to Fabricate Bevelpane™
Ohio-based Thornton Industries has entered into an agreement with Glasslam NGI, of Pompano Beach, Fla., to fabricate Bevelpane decorative glass. Thornton Industries, one of 16 Bevelpane licensees worldwide, specializes in the manufacturing of decorative door lites.

According to a Glasslam news release, Bevelpane has numerous benefits over traditional beveled glass, including cost-effective, intricate and highly complex designs, increased sound deadening and blockage of 99.9 percent ultraviolet rays.

Ferro and TherMark Make Licensing Agreement
Ferro Corp., based in Cleveland and TherMark LLC of Los Angeles have settled a dispute over a patented laser marking technology and also established a licensing agreement that allows both companies to practice and promote a laser-marking technology under applicable patents.

Several years ago both Ferro and TherMark developed materials that enabled lasers to make high-contrast, permanent marks on a variety of surfaces. The agreement gives both companies the ability to market each other’s products and processes without concern about infringing their patents. Ferro will be the exclusive distributor worldwide of TherMark’s marking materials, excluding certain limited pre-existing license agreements TherMark already had in place. TherMark will serve as an authorized distributor of Ferro’s marking materials.

CPFilms Adds Equipment to Martinsville Facility
CPFilms Inc., a division of Solutia Inc., has announced that it will be installing new metallizing production equipment at its manufacturing facility at the corporate headquarters in Martinsville, Va. The new metallizing line joins three other lines already in place and is intended to in-crease the company’s capacity.

In addition to producing solar control window films for commercial, automotive and consumer markets, other applications to be supported by the new line include static-dissipative packaging, graphic arts, automotive badging and specialty labels. 

Combined with existing coating and laminating technologies, the company’s new metallizing capabilities can produce hybrid specialty film products.

The line will be housed in a specially-constructed 9,000-square-foot addition to the Martinsville plant. In keeping with other clean-room production areas, the new unit will operate in a climate-controlled environment. It will feature digital optical monitoring capabilities to control the consistency of the metal deposition on the film. Plasma treatment capabilities will be incorporated to meet increasing market requirements for enhanced adhesion of metal depositions to film substrates. 

“Acquiring this new metallizing line will help us continue to grow and enhance our solar control window films business, as well as take advantage of emerging new business opportunities in the precision coating segment,” said Keith Dalton, vice president of coating and laminating and vacuum coating. 

The new facility is scheduled to be in operation in 2005. 


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