Volume 39,  Issue 11,  November 2004


Insulating glass
TruSeal Offers Standard and Contour Muntin Bars
TruSeal Technologies Inc., of Beachwood, Ohio, is offering both standard and contour muntin bars for insulating glass window applications. The muntin bars are non-gassing painted aluminum, which the company says eliminates the risk of chemical fog between lites of glass. 

Standard bars with seam butts are sold in 12-foot 6-inch lengths typically and have a minimum air space of 0.25 inches. Five sizes, as well as a pre-cut and pre-notched program, are available. Contour bars have welded seams to prevent twisting during the manufacturing process. They are also sold in 12-foot 6-inch lengths, with a minimum air space of 0.375 inches. Both bars are available in a variety of standard colors.
Info+ www.truseal.com or call 216/910-1500.

Machinery and equipment
AGM Announces the Introduction of the New Phantomatic T-5
AGM USA of Pineville, N.C., has introduced the Phantomatic T-5, a three-axes CNC automatic fabrication machine center designed for the window, door, storefront and curtainwall industries. According to information from the company, companies that are currently using hand jigs, copy routers and punch tooling can perform all of these procedures on the T-5.

The company says the T-5 uses three axes to fabricate on five sides of a profile, and, in some instances, six sides. Likewise, AGM says handling and flipping of profiles is reduced dramatically, resulting in accurate fabrication, a decrease in mistakes and fast job completion. 

The T-5 also allows for two separate workstations; while one side of the machine is fabricating the other side can be loaded with the next set of profiles. Each side of the machine has two profile stops so it can fabricate two completely different profiles of various lengths on one side while two completely different profiles of various lengths are loaded on the other side. The company says the T-5 gives users the freedom to do large production jobs on one side while doing small custom jobs on the other side.

“It has reduced our overall fabrication time for jobs by at least 50 percent, and because the T-5 has a sound dampening guard cabinet with laminated glass front panels, it has made the shop dramatically quieter—we love it,” said Marty Morasse of Granite State Glass (an EFCO fabricator) in regards to his company’s recent purchase of a T-5.

The software package utilized by the Phantomatic T-5, as well as all the other models of aluminum fabrication CNC machines offered by AGM, are in a Windows environment and consist of Camplus, Shape, Job and Drill. AGM says this software allows for rapid definition in a graphic 3-D mode of all fabrication operations to be performed on the work piece. Only a few minutes are needed to pass from the design stage to actual machining. Also, thanks to a user-friendly guided interface, operator tasks are simplified. 

In addition, for those working in the window and door industries the software can be integrated with AGM’s front-end software, Frame Project Pro, which is a series of programs for controlling one or more areas of the window and/or door manufacturing process. Both software packages can be updated as new versions become available. 
AGM says its mission is simple: “To provide the best proven machinery, automation and software, along with service and support … in the most professional manner.” 

According to AGM, the introduction of the Phantomatic T-5 for the window, door, storefront and curtainwall industries will make it fun and profitable to “embrace automation.”

PPG Introduces Solarban 60 Starphire Glass
PPG Industries Inc., based in Pittsburgh, has introduced Solarban 60 Starphire glass, a new architectural glass that offers the clarity of Starphire glass with the solar control characteristics of Solarban 60 solar control low-E glass.

The new glass allows users to specify ultra-clear glass for vision glass, skylights, entries and spandrels without sacrificing energy performance, according to a company news release. The product can be either annealed or tempered, and also features high fade resistance and light transmittance. In addition, the company is lowering its prices for Starphire, bringing it out of its niche classification as a premium product so that it can be more frequently used in projects from storefronts to skylights. 
Info+ www.ppgglazing.com or call 800/377-5267.

AFG Industries Expands Glass Offerings
AFG Industries of Kingsport, Tenn., has introduced several new glass products. First, the Heavy Krystal Pattern glass combines the versatility of heavy float glass with the upscale appearance of a low-iron substrate. This new line features four designs—rain, glacier, textured flutex and marquis—that are each available in 6-mm and 10-mm. 

In addition, AFG has developed Renoir™, a non-glare pattern glass designed to limit glare on framed prints and artwork. The company says the lightly textured pattern glass enables the true appearance of the image to be seen through the glass, without the negative effects that some expensive acid-etched products have on certain colors. Renoir is available in traditional picture frame thickness and can be ordered cut to size.

AFG has also introduced its Glass Block™, a new glass texture that simulates a traditional glass block wall. 
Info+ www.afg.com or call 800/251-0441.

Fire-rated glazing
SAFTI Introduces New Options for Wood-Clad Frames 
SAFTI, a San Francisco-based manufacturer of fire-rated glass, has introduced its new series of wood-clad frame covers created by Eggers Industries. 

The frame covers can be snapped onto the company’s GPX™ Snap-Together fire-rated aluminum frames after installation. They can be changed at any time to accommodate new tastes or design without compromising the protective integrity of the system. The Snap-Together frames are listed by ITS and UL for 45-, 60-, 90- and 120-minute applications and meet all the hose stream and temperature rise requirements of the national building codes. In addition, the company offers security frames that meet UL 752 (1995), Level 3, requirements for bullet-resistance and ASTM F 1592-01 impact test requirements, Grade 1, for sledgehammer attack resistance.

The new wood-clad frames are available in numerous species of decorative wood, including maple, cherry, oak, anigre and mahogany, as well as most architectural make-ups.
Info+ www.gpxframing.com or call 415/822-4222.

AluFlam and Vetrotech Saint-Gobain Announce Partnership
AluFlam and Vetrotech Saint-Gobain have partnered to create aluminum fire-rated doors and frames.

While aluminum is traditionally not used as a fire-resistant material, the new system features AluFlam’s patented, insulated aluminum technology and Vetrotech Saint-Gobain’s clear, fire-rated, laminated glass (SGG Swissflam/ SGG Contraflam). 

AluFlam says the system has been tested, approved and is available worldwide.
Info+ www.aluflam-usa.com or call 714/899-3990.

Adhesives and sealants
Scapa Introduces PVC Foam Tape
Scapa, of Windsor, Conn., has introduced a single-coated PVC foam tape that can be used to provide a seal between the glass and frames in PVC, aluminum or wooden window systems and for beading in both internal and external seals. 

Scapa P3257 is a gray, medium-density, closed-cell PVC foam, single-coated with an acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive. According to company information, the tape offers resistance to dilute acids and alkalis, provides ultraviolet-resistance and provides a clean edge finish. The product is supplied on a paper liner and is available in 1/16- and 1/8-inch thicknesses. 

In addition, Scapa has introduced Duofoam S3608B-PE for window glazing, sound attenuation, mounting and gasketing applications. The tape is made up of 1/8 -inch black, cross-linked polyethylene foam tape, double-coated with a solvent-based, pressure-sensitive adhesive. 

The tape is designed to provide thermal insulation and perform well over a wide temperature range. In addition, it maintains a strong seal in high movement joints and provides high load bearing ability. Supplied on a red polyethylene release line, the tape is AAMA certified.

New literature on the company’s line of acrylic foam tapes for industrial assembly applications is also now available. The literature provides technical data and application information on the full line of the company’s Acrylon products. 

The new Acrylon acrylic foam tapes are designed to replace mechanical fasteners, liquid adhesives, spot welds and other permanent fastening methods. According to company information, the tape works well on a wide range of substrates including metals, glass, plastics, wood, composite materials and painted surfaces.
Info+ www.scapana.com or call 800/653-5316.

Gunther Introduces New Mirror Mastic
New Ultra/bond mirror mastic is now available from Gunther Mirror Mastics of South Bend, Ind. According to company information, the low VOC Ultra/bond has been developed to meet the stringent VOC requirements imposed by several Mid-Atlantic, New England and Western states. Low VOC Ultra/bond is designed to build out further for uneven walls and provide the installer with more time to make needed adjustments.
Info+ www.gunthermirrormastics.com or call 800/227-6181.

Venture Unrolls New Glazing Tape
Venture Tape of Rockland, Mass., has introduced the VG100 series security glazing tape, designed to increase throughput and reduce rework for window manufacturers. According to company information, VG100 has a unique adhesive system that allows manufacturers to stock window sub-assemblies for long durations without peeling away from the frame, increasing production flexibility and output. 

Venture VG100 is a 100-percent closed-cell polyolefin foam tape with a glass-bonding adhesive on the liner side and a versatile adhesive on the application side that bonds equally well to PVC-U, aluminum and wood. In addition, Venture VG100 series comes with a red filmic release liner that is designed to not tear upon removal.
Info+ www.venturetape.com or call 132/787-6555. 

Tremco Introduces Spectrem® 4-TS Field-Tintable Silicone Sealant
Tremco Inc. of Beachwood, Ohio, has introduced its Spectrem 4-TS silicone sealant. The company says the product is not only available in 53 colors, but is also field-tintable; it can be custom matched to virtually any color specified. 

The sealant offers ultraviolet-, dirt- and weather-resistance, as well as a high level of adhesion.

The sealant is formulated with the company’s patented advanced silicone technology (AST). AST is a polymeric reinforcing technique that is utilized to extend the tooling time, enhance dirt-resistance and minimize staining without affecting the outstanding performance properties inherent with silicone construction sealants, according to company information.
Info+ www.tremcoinc.com or call 216/292-5000.

Major Industries Adds Color to Guardian Line
Major Industries Inc., of Wausau, Wis., has introduced new color design tools to its Guardian 275 translucent daylighting panels. Spectra-Grid is made up of blocks of light transmitting color that signals artistic designs or visual significance to a building. According to a company news release, Spectra-Grid can create a stained-glass effect or incorporate particular colors within the face of a building. Also available, Trim Tones accent colors offer a way to cover visible exterior framing connectors. 
Info+ www.majorskylights.com or call 888/SkyCost.

Wausau Introduces 410i-HS Series Windows
Wausau Window and Wall Systems, based in Wausau, Wis., is now offering its 410i-HS series single slide windows with Insulbar thermal barrier. Configurations for the new series include half-slide, center-slide and end-slide, all with airtight fixed exterior glazing. 

Tested to meet requirements for air filtration, water-resistance and structural integrity, the windows carry an AAMA architectural window performance class rating of up to AW-60 and AAMA 1503 thermal results at 0.41 U-factor and 57 CRF frame. 
Engineered for energy efficiency with double-silicoated pile weather-stripping and hooded weeps with Mylar flaps, the windows can accommodate up to 1-inch insulating glass and are glazed with extruded aluminum glazing beads. 
Info+ www.wausauwindow.com or call 

Doors and door hardware 
New Stand-Alone Access Control Available from Marks USA 
Based in Amityville, N.Y., Marks USA has announced a new stand-alone access control. According to the company, the new I-Que Metro is an all-weather, heavy-duty, grade 1 construction lockset that has a 32-user capability and a black powder-coat crinkle finish. In addition, the keypad-programmable access control has functions for manual passage mode, first manager to arrive, double-code entry, PIN only function and eight programmable holidays.

The I-Que Metro runs on four AA batteries, which are included with purchase. It comes with either flush- or tactile-keypad styles and ME (black with 26D levers) or ME26D (26D trim and levers). According to the company, it is also ADA compliant, UL listed and comes with Marks’ lifetime mechanical and electronic warranty.
Info+ www.marksusa.com or call 631/225-5400. n


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