Volume 40,   Issue 8                                  August  2005


Your USGlass Road Map to GlassBuild America 2005
With GlassBuild America 2005 just a few weeks away, it never hurts to plan ahead and map out just who you want to see and where they are located. If you don’t want to stop and ask directions to your favorite booth or that new company you want to see, bring USGlass with you and find it all with ease.

window profiles
Nordson’s Got a Nice Profile – Booth 3242 
Nordson Corp., the Duluth, Ga.-based producer of precision dispensing equipment, won’t have to bring its PW series profile wrapping application very far when it exhibits at GlassBuild America 2005.

The PW series provides window manufacturers what the company calls cost-efficient adhesive coatings in profile wrapping applications. The PW series application heads coat hot-melt adhesives on a variety of substances that are then applied to profiles of varying shapes and materials. The adjustment wheel adjusts coating widths from 5 to 350 mm and adjustments can be made during production. A back-up roller guides the substrates to the nozzle and the coating is delivered evenly and without an adhesive build-up on the edges, according to the company.

The PW application system is an alternative to the traditional roller coating systems and processes several hot-melt adhesives, including polyurethane (PUR) hot-melt.

handling and transportation
Everyone Needs Transportation – Booth 429 
Groves Inc., headquartered in McHenry, Ill., manufacturers transport racks in three sizes. All are constructed of dipped galvanized steel.

The newest addition to the line is the TR-10, capable of handling 10,000 pounds. The company also manufactures the TR-4482 with 48-inch load height and the TR-4496 with 60-inch load height. Both the TR-4482 and TR-4496 handle up to 4000 pounds.

Optional caster kits are available for the 4000 pounds racks.

Heigh-Ho Workhorse, Away – Booth 842 
F.Barkow, the Milwaukee-based manufacturer of glass transportation equipment, will bring one of its most popular products, the Workhorse, to GlassBuild America 2005.

The Workhorse features an enclosed 9-foot aluminum and fiberglass body with aluminum glass carrier and 7-inch ledgeboards with rubber covers. Inside the Workhorse, an interior storage bin that is 42-inches long with three shelves, and a self-sorting, fold-away worktable can be found. Built on a 2006 Ford F350 Chassis/Cab, The Workhorse comes with automatic transmission and a V8 gas engine.

The company is offering a discounted price for the carriage while at the show.

insulating glass
TruSeal is Besten the Business – Booth 3456 
TruSeal Technologies Inc., a Beachwood, Ohio-based manufacturer of warm-edge spacer systems for insulating glass (IG), and Besten Equipment Inc., a manufacturer of IG equipment and machinery (both part of Quanex Building Products Group) will exhibit together at GlassBuild America 2005 and demonstrate a variety of IG spacer and application technologies.

Among the technologies the two companies plan to demonstrate at the show is a new version of the Totally Automated Production Equipment – Advanced Technology (TAPE-AT) system. The line features an automated “hands free” spacer application platform that, when combined with TruSeal’s IG spacers, allows manufacturers to increase productivity while producing an array of IG unit sizes, according to the company.

The companies also forecast having the tilting air float table designed for large and odd-shaped IG applications at the show, and a high-performance sealant, Purfect Glaze™. The Purfect Glaze keeps glass from sliding, stiles and rails from bowing and allows users to wrap windows within five minutes, according to the company.

Edgetech’s Super Performance Growing – Booth 2222 
Cambridge, Ohio’s Edgetech I.G. Inc., has partnered with insulating glass equipment companies Bystronic, Lisec, Billco, For.El and Spadix, to promote and demonstrate numerous automated SuperSpacer equipment options available.

Edgetech will feature its newest product offering, the SuperSpacer TriSeal™, a silicone foam Warm Edge spacer system engineered for the commercial glazing market. TriSeal’s triple-seal design incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal, a captive polyisobutylene primary seal and low moisture vapor transmission.

Additionally, Edgetech will also feature the UVEKOL® Glass Laminating System, which it now sells in the North American market for Cytec Surface Specialties, an Atlanta-based manufacturer of coating resins, additives and adhesives. The UVEKOL Glass Laminating System provides a fast and consistent way to laminate glass at a low investment and delivers the strength and durability needed to meet the world’s most stringent engineering standards—including Dade County Florida’s hurricane tests and Germany’s snow-load requirements for overhead glazing, according to Cytec.

By Jove, Bystronic Brings a Lot – Booth 1947 
Bystronic, headquartered in Hauppauge, N.Y., plans to exhibit its line of glass processing machinery operating under real-life workshop conditions at GlassBuild America.

Among the machines the company plans to bring are the Verticut, an automatic vertical CNC shape cutting system featuring an integrated residual sub-plate storage and management unit and automatic breaking capability. The system offers users enhanced yields, a quick change-over of glass quality, smaller batches for simplified sorting, and reduced space requirement. It works best for flat glass processors who cut a variety of glass types and do not always need to cut-up entire full size sheets, according to the company. The system demonstrated will be the definitive series-production version.

The company will also feature the smart’cut S, an automatic CNC shape cutting machine for glass up to 72 x 96 inches, which includes an automatic free-fall station. Bystronic will also display and operate smart’lamicut, an economical laminated glass cutting machine. 

Also during the show, Bystronic plans to debut its SuperSpacer® line, which consists of a washing machine, automatic SuperSpacer application robot, an assembly and gas-fill press designed to process two units simultaneously and a hot-melt sealing robot.

Jordan Comes Well Equipped – Booth 3770 
The Jordan Glass Corp. of Miami, plans to showcase equipment manufactured by three Chinese glass equipment fabricators: SAME Co. Ltd., Zhongshan Deway and Qunxing Machinery. Among the machines that the company plans to bring to the show are waterjets by SAME and a convection tempering furnace geared toward the shower enclosure industry made by Qunxing Machinery. Cold glass processing equipment, including bevellers, profilers, flat edgers and vertical drills from Zhongshan Deway will also be on the show floor.

Jordan is the exclusive American sales and service agent for each company and views the introduction of Chinese machinery into the U.S. market as “opening up doors to small and medium size glass companies previously limited to large fabricators. The quick return on investment … generated by these machines and the redistribution of production control to the immediate installer is quickly catching on,” said Rick Dominguez.

Bromer Brings Two – Booth 3448 
Bromer Inc., which will be sharing its booth with newly formed Ziemer (see What a Ziemer!, page 62), plans to bring its newest, most-recently patented innovations to the show. The Bromer automatic seaming machine “reinvents conventional seaming line processes” with its seaming cycle that seams four glass edges or three different glass lites at one time. The machine can be applied to any line, according to the company.

Also new on the floor for Bromer will be the Sableuse-free-fall arm that allows the cutting line holder a new option in how free-fall is operated. It utilizes a covered rubber arm that supports the stack by sliding between the stack and the lite. A suction cup separates the sheet from the stack and the rubber-covered arm pushes the lite toward the tabletop, allowing it to free-fall smoothly, according to Bromer. A video presentation of the process will be shown in the booth.

See More of CMS – Booth 3638 
CMS North America, headquartered in Caledonia, Mich., and its parent company CMS S.p.A. of Italy, are planning to bring three machines to the Atlanta show: The TL 3.70 S, the B7 2.03 and the Vertec.

The TL 3.70 S is the flagship machine for the company’s line of cutting tables. It is designed for shape cutting glass up to 108.25- by 145.6-inches and accessories include an optional shape reader and a multiple cutting head. The TL 3.70 S can accommodate glass from 3 mm to 25 mm thick. For those who need more than three axes, the B7 2.03 offers both a sixth and seventh axis, to aid in the beveling process. 

The B7 uses a 22-position automatic tool charger and 13.5 HP spindle for drilling, milling, notching, edging, v-grooving and writing. Its head can tilt to 90 degrees to apply a flat edge to contoured pieces. The B7 can handle glass up to 74.8- by 110.2-inches and from 3 mm to 50 mm thick. CMS’s newest machine is its Deltaprogetti Vertec, unveiled initially at glasstec 2004 in Düsseldorf. The Vertec is equipped with two spindles, each with an eight-position tool changer, that allow for internal cooling of the tools. 

External cooling is done through the support rings, which also create a cushion of water to dampen vibration. The machine’s modular design allows the operator to load manually or from conveyor and works in conjunction with edgers and washers. It can also be equipped with automatic load and unloading equipment. 

Oy! Glassrobots Introduces New Flat Tempering Line – Booth 1048 
The RoboTemp™ flat tempering line, recently introduced by Glassrobots Oy of Pirkkala, Finland, combines convection furnaces with radiant furnaces.

Using convection heating, coated glasses can be tempered at nearly the same rate as clear glass, and mixed production (clear, tint and coated) of the same thickness can be run in the same batch, according to the company.

Additionally, Glassrobots has introduced the TFA3evolution™ technology for modern windshield bending, allowing for the bending of windshields with sags up to 32 mm.

Hegla: ReMasters of the Universe! – Booth 4048
Hegla Corp., the Atlanta-based subsidiary of Hegla International, building equipment supplier headquartered in Beverungen, Germany, will show its Hegla ReMaster automated system to visitors. The ReMaster automatically stores remnant pieces from the cutting process and automatically feeds them back into the cutter as needed.

The ReMaster can be used with manual and automatic breakout systems—both new and existing—and is not limited to working with Hegla equipment. According to the company, the automating function manages what remnants are saved and what is discarded to improve overall glass yield and the machine eliminates safety and quality issues involved with the process.

The company will also celebrate it’s 10-year anniversary in conjunction with the fall show in the same city. The Atlanta site serves as the company’s sales and service support hub in the United States. The company also has satellite offices located in Ohio and California. 

Hegla International has been building equipment for the glass industry for nearly 30-years, specializing in automated loading, stacking, cutting and handling equipment.

HSS Grenzebach Speeds Into Port at GlassBuild –Booth 2976 
Grenzebach Corp. of Newnan, Ga., the U.S.-affiliate of Hamlar, Germany’s Grenzebach Maschinenbau will bring its high speed stacker (HSS) to the show in September. The HSS allows float lines to handle small format glass at high speeds and can stack lites as small as 12- by 18-inches at a rate of up to 90 lites per minute. The device stacks tin in or out, rotated or non-rotated, multiple rows and layers and can handle up to 73- by 97-inches.

Billco to Display CNC LM Cutting Machine, FlexiGlyde and Workhorse-V – Booth 1924 
Billco Manufacturing of Zelienople, Pa., will introduce FlexiGlyde, the redesigned CNC LM cutting machine with edge deletion and the Workhorse-V Washer.

The automatic spacer application table called FlexiGlyde, which performs at 1200UPS, offers quick precision and accuracy in the application process. It can be adjusted to meet the speed at which the rest of the line is running to reduce unnecessary wear on cables, bearings and other components, according to the company. 

Its dual-application head option allows for the application of two different spacers to better accommodate a variety of tasks posed. Designed to assist both in-line and stand-alone operations, its fully-automated glass thickness feature minimizes any change over time to allow for more uptime. 

The company will also be showcasing the CNC LM cutting machine with edge deletion, designed to meet demands for fast and efficient methods of edge deletion. The machine, which can operate at lineal speeds of 4500IPM, is capable of deleting any shape or contour to ensure uniform material removal.

Dual drive motors deliver accurate positioning at any location on the table and the table vacuum creates overlaid deletion and score paths. 

The Workhorse-V Washer will also be displayed. It comes equipped with a heavy-duty pre-spray section, a four-corner lift system, a drying section which allows for speeds up to 40 feet per-minute and a conveyor interface that allows the washer to tie-in to downstream equipment control systems. A range of zero consumption water savings options that can minimize the amount of water needed is also offered. 

fire rated glass
Hot Stuff in Hot’Lanta – Booth 735 
The Vetrotech Saint-Gobain booth will have two of the company’s fire rated products: the All-Glass Door and the VVDS framing system.

The All-Glass Door has a 20-minute fire rating, and is made with the company’s Safeglass (a float glass made of earth alkaline and silicate), which has a higher softening point, increased viscosity and improved resistance to thermal shock than conventional float glass, according to the company.

The VVDS framing system is based on European technology and provides a narrow profile for a fire-related solution for ratings of 60-minutes or greater. The VVDS system is designed for glazed door, wall and window sections.

Door and wall sections function as fire barriers and offer a higher level of lighting and visibility without compromising fire or life safety, according to the company.

Don’t Miss USG! – Booth 3082 
Representatives of USGlass magazine and its sister publications Auto Glass Repair and Replacement (AGRR) and Door and Window Manufac-turer magazines will also be at the show next month. Stop by booth 3082 and meet the Key Communications staff.

Magnum CP … Keeping the World Safe – Booth 1619 
Llumar Magnum safety and security film by Martinsville, Va.-based CPFilms, will be displayed at the show, promoting the film’s ability to reduce glass damage and injuries. The line of films offer physical strengths from a “break strength” of 101 pounds-force per inch-width to 373 pounds-force per inch-width and a “puncture strength” up to 226 pounds-force.

Llumar films are made to be professionally installed on the interior lite of glass and are distortion-free, optically clear and provide 99-percent protection from ultraviolet rays, according to the company.

What a Zeimer! A New Exhibitor – Booth 3448
Zeimer Inc. is making its first appearance at GlassBuild America 2005. The independent company that offers operation optimization in the glass, stone and building product industry is now a new North American resource for project management, engineering, design, layout, product and installation startup supervision and other services.

Company president Elmar Zeidler will be present at the booth to introduce the company and its services to visitors. 

Building Up Excitement for glasstec 2006 – Booth 3467
Messe Düsseldorf North America, hosts of the bi-annual glasstec show, will exhibit at GlassBuild America to promote glasstec 2006, the 19th international trade fair, scheduled for October 24-28, 2006, in Düsseldorf. The Messe booth will have both visitor and exhibitor information available, as well as brochures with information about hotel and travel arrangements.

anchoring systems
Tension at the Halfen Booth – Booth 954
Halfen® Anchoring Systems, the Converse, Texas-based division of Meadow Burke Products, part of MMI Products Inc. and North Amer-ican distributor for Halfen-Deha VmbH, headquartered in Düesseldorf, Germany, will be promoting its Detan tension rod system at the show.

The system is manufactured from both carbon steel and stainless steel and provides bracing or structural support, according to the company. Available in a variety of sizes, adjustment for length is hidden within the system and is provided without the use of turnbuckles or exposed threads.
Product features of the system include diameters from ¼-inch to 3¾-inch in stainless steel up to 1¼-inch, and a load capacity up to 604,790 pounds.

Pro-Strength Flexibility From Proglaze® SSG – Booth 1531 
New Proglaze® SSG structural silicone glazing sealant from Beachwood, Ohio-based Tremco Commercial Glazing Systems provides protective glazing systems with added strength and flexibility, and its quick green strength allows units to be moved fast, according to the company.

The silicone sealant used within the protective glazing system is critical when undergoing testing required by many building codes and other agencies, according to the company. The sealant helps to capture and absorb the energy generated by severe, sustained wind loads and hard impact while maintaining positive adhesion. System protection is achieved through the sealant’s tensile strength and tear resistance.

Designed to perform under demanding two- or four-sided structural glazing applications, it has tensile strength at maximum elongation of 350 psi. Its quick green strength limits deformation of bead or cracking during the cure process and allows fast movement during in-plant glazing. In addition, it will cure to approximately 0.75 inch in depth in a closed glazing pocket within 21 days and up to one inch in 28 days, according to the company.

The one-part, high modulus, neutral cure glazing sealant can be used for sealing joints within window or wall systems as well as a cap, heel or toe bead. It can be applied with conventional caulking equipment, and tooling is recommended immediately after application to ensure firm contact with the joint interface. 

Flooring with a Midas Touch – Booth 248 
Goldray Industries will bring its laminated glass flooring to the show and to compliment the line, the company will also bring its newly released five-part standard product line. The line includes glass wall cladding made with LCBA, Satin Etch glass, ceramic frit, traction control frit (for glass flooring and stair treads) and the company’s newest product, technographic interlayer.

A New Wedge for Glazelock – Booth 449
Glazelock Shims Inc. of Kankakee, Ill. has manufactured a Wedge-Lock wood composite shim, designed to maintain alignment when compressed together.

The shim is 11/2 x 8 inches in size, tapered and made out of recycled wood, polypropylene and other natural products. The company says the technology reacts to varying shim situations automatically and will optimize any job, whether shimming a window or a cabinet, when combined with its unique locking system. 

tapes and adhesives
Taping Up the Capital – Booth 1252
Capital Tape Co., a Cleveland-based supplier of industrial pressure-sensitive tapes, will showcase its VK series of structural glazing tapes. 

The VK series features high-density products that are coated with acrylic adhesives and are designed to meet performance standards required for structural silicone glazing applications, according to the company. The VK tapes are silicone compatible and available in several thicknesses.

Capital Tape will also exhibit its complete line of products that are used for mirror mounting, door and window glazing, trim attachment, bath enclosure sealing and structural glazing.

Grove Products Shimmies Up the Wedge – Booth 733
Grove Products Inc., headquartered in Leominster, Mass., has announced the newest addition to its line of leveling and alignment aids, a ruled tapered wedge shim.

The 8-inch long, 1½-inch wide, solid wedge tapers from ¼- to 1/16-inch in thickness, features a ruler marked in 1/16-inch increments molded directly into the shim and is pre-scored in 1-inch segments so that the product can be broken off once the wedge has been put in place.

Grove Products will imprint the customer’s business name and contact information on the back of the shim when ordered in volume. The shims currently are available in black, but can be custom made in other colors.

LAMATEK Line Grows by Leaps and Bounds – Booth 1428
LAMATEK, a tape and gasket manufacturer for the fenestration industry, has added to its product line. Among the company’s new products are butyl sealing gaskets specifically designed for aluminum and wood window and door manufacturers, and Extreme Environment Gaskets: high-tack gaskets engineered for low surface energy materials and cold weather applications. 

LAMATEK will also bring its Protek film to the show. The film is residue-free, removable and transparent and is designed to protect easily-scratched surfaces while keeping them clean.

CRL Railing Out a New Catalog – Booth 1018 

C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL), a Los Angeles-based supplier to the glazing, architectural, construction, industrial and automotive industries, is introducing the new HR06 Railing Systems Catalog at GlassBuild 2005.

The company’s entire architectural railing line is featured in the 224-page, full-color catalog, including all the necessary components such as fasteners, alignment systems and tools. Technical specifications data to aid in choosing the right railing system for each application is also included.

CRL is now designing and manufacturing its own premium railing systems, including its exclusive ARS aluminum railing system and AWS aluminum windscreen system, which are also listed in the catalog.


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