Volume 40,   Issue 8                                  August  2005


Pilkington: Hot off the Press
In an effort to provide the industry with more information about its Pyrostop™ fire-resistant glass and Pyrodur™ fire-protection glass products, Pilkington has released a new product brochure and technical data sheet.

The Pyrostop product is both fire-rated and impact-safety rated for blocking heat and protecting people and valuables from fire. Pyrodur offers the same features, and was also designed to meet the needs of the 20-minute fire protection market. It provides thermal protection as well.

The products are produced in Germany and warehoused and assembled for the North American market at company’s facility in Toledo, Ohio. Products are distributed in the United States by Technical Glass Products.

handling and transportation
CRL Introduces Glass and Slab Dollies
C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has announced it has introduced new glass and slab dollies for the facilitation and handling of glass and stone.

“These dollies are designed to provide additional stability while transporting glass lites or stone slabs within the shop environment or from a truck to delivery site,” said Bill Gyore, CRL product manager. “They all feature solid rubber wheels and vulcanized rubber trolley channels to protect the glass or stone against chipping or damage while being moved.”

New Vista*Vision Available from Vistawall
Vista*Vision 6.1.2 estimating/price catalog software is now available on CD from Vistawall Architectural Products of Terrell, Texas. Offered in both standard and professional versions, the software includes features that the company says will give glaziers a substantial increase in quote output.

Both versions of Vista*Vision 6.1.2 use a Microsoft Desktop (MSDE) search engine and enable customers to price various door sizes, including medium and wide stile doors. The software also includes additions for certain storefront systems. The professional version also includes shop drawing creation capabilities and Vista*CAD, which gives glaziers the ability to make changes to details and elevations in CAD. The standard version includes a 90-day trial usage of the shop-drawing tool.

window hardware
New Casement Operator is a Snap 
Ashland Hardware Systems has launched its new casement operator, which offers stability and structural performance with a snap-on crank handle. The operator attaches to a sill and eliminates any wobble during operation. It incorporates a two-axis mounting system instead of the traditional stability tab, which fastens to the optimum area of the window sill. 

Designed to have a slim, compact design, the operator blends with the window system easily. The crank handle snaps quickly and securely onto the operator spindle without a screw attachment. A wear-resistant powder paint formula over a durable zinc yellow-dichromate surface ensures the operator is corrosion resistant.

Ashland has also expanded its line of LX-series sash locks for hung and slider windows. The new LX-3, LX-4 and LX-5 include strong positive-feel operation, a variety of popular styles and competitive pricing, according to the company. 

The LX-5 contains a new spring-action lever that delivers a firm feel and response to the lock’s open and closed positions. The spring design reassures that the lock is not left between the open and closed positions. 

Vision Gets a New Handle
Vision Industries has unveiled its newest sash lock and latest casement folding handle. 
The sash lock, called 600GT, has a cam mechanism that makes it smooth to operate and tamper resistant. 

The company’s new casement folding handle, 1670, features a zinc die-cast body and a plastic injection-molded socket. The handle grip swivels and allows the sash to open even in windy conditions. When it is not being used, the handle folds easily to its out-of-the-way position, according to the company. 

D-Latch Reinforces Vinyl Windows
Hill Design Products Inc. of McHenry, Ill., has released the D-Latch, a window component that helps reduce stile deflection. The hardware is mounted in the sash at a position to contact with the frame jamb return leg and engages into the jamb when the window is in the closed position, interlocking the sash to the frame. Designed for new construction and replacement windows, the product eliminates the need for typical window reinforcements, providing a cost savings for window manufacturers, according to the company.

alternative glazing
GE’s TOR-GARD Gives New, Different Protection
GE Advanced Materials, headquartered in Brighton, Mich., has introduced new TOR-GARD BAL40 window glazing and framing that it says passes FEMA 361 Chapter 6 testing for debris impact resistance for community shelters. The protected side of the window (the interior) is a mar-resistant GE Lexan sheet, and the exterior side, or the threat side, features a glass surface. 

The window’s framing, HP600T architectural framing system, is aluminum construction that the company says meets UL® 752 specification for security-ballistic protection up to a level IV rating using a 30-caliber, lead-core, soft-point bullet. Company literature also states that the window glazing system complies with ASTM E 1886-97.

The New Royal in Warm Edge Technology
Developed in partnership with Index, the Royal Group Technologies of Woodbridge, Ontario, has recently introduced the Royalinex™ warm edge spacer bar. The bar is designed to meet and exceed existing standards and the growing demand for energy-efficient fenestration products. 

The company says the new spacer bar, which is made from proprietary second generation thermoplastic engineered resin, provides a low thermal expansion co-efficient, and is chemically compatible for use with high-performance glass.

The company says the spacer has been formulated to meet both the physical and chemical requirements of energy-efficient windows, so it can also be used toward achieving Energy Star® requirements.

“We are listening to our customers and their customers’ customers. Royal Group will continue developing innovative products to meet consumer demand,” said Angelo Bitondo, president of the company’s custom profiles division. “Today’s consumers are educated, savvy and demand the best products and services.”

machinery & equipment
It’s Not DiGiorno, It’s (Curtainwall) Delivery
Explore1.ca, a Toronto-based manufacturing and consulting service for glass and aluminum companies, has developed a hydraulically-powered forklift mounted 5 Axis End-Effector. It features a vacuum connection system for lifting and positioning large pre-glazed curtainwall panels and other architectural components.

According to company information, the 5-Axis End-Effector mounts to the tangs of most 6,000 to 10,000 lbs. variable reach forklifts. The end-effector can lift and position panels up to 3,000 lbs. using hydraulic power and up to 16 vacuum cups in customizable configurations. Six remote functions enable installers to take panels from a horizontal plane, such as crates, to a vertical plane, such as an installation wall, as well as position the panel.

Fleischle Introduces Screen Printers for Small Sizes
Fleischle eKfm, along with its North American agent Casso-Solar Corp., has introduced the “LV” line of screen printers for smaller glass sizes and the “TP” line for precision printing. According to a company press release, the LV printers are ideal for the appliance glass industry, where multiple colors are applied and inks are dried between each print station.

The Fleischle “LV” printer will print to glass sizes of 31 inches by 39 inches at a rate of 7.5 prints per minute (an eight second cycle). The glass is centered automatically within .1 mm and the printer is fully automatic with Fleischle’s Plane Printing Plate Technology (PPPT™). Other features include automatic operator safety features that open the system if the safeties are activated and a high-speed shuttle transfer up to 1.2 m/sec.

The TP printer prints to glass sizes of 52 inches by 79 inches at a rate of 4.3 prints per minute on the largest format (a 14 second cycle). Minimum glass size is 20 inches by 40 inches, with thickness ranges of .070-inch to .75-inch. For the TP system, the glass is run in the short edge leading mode and automatically centered within .0004-inch. 

Other features of the TP system include laser measuring of the glass length, anti-drip squeegee, storage for 150 recipes/parts setups and a high-speed shuttle transfer up to 4 feet per second. The printer can be integrated with infrared, convection or UV dryers.

The E-Series Pump Now Available from KMT
Effective, efficient and economical—that’s how KMT Waterjet Systems describes its new E-series pump. According to information from the company, the new series was designed to be less expensive than its full-featured series, but to remain efficient, open and functional.

The pump can produce continual pressure of 52,000 psi in order to allow for fast cutting over low-pressure systems. It also has a large, slow-stroking, high-pressure plunger, for long production runs.

Ashton Rolls Out Several New Lines
Ashton Industrial, a machinery development company headquartered in the United Kingdom, has rolled out a new, straight-line version of its arising line, which “occupies little more floor space than vertical machines,” according to a company brochure. 

A new, full-square layout is also on the company’s drawing board, for limited space applications. The design allows each lite to pass through an arising station on each of four conveyor runs. After the fourth arrisser, the final conveyor leading to the washing machine passes over the top of the initial loading station in the same manner as a fly-over.

Ashton Industrial also now offers a fully automated application line for the Clearshield™ low-maintenance glass coating. The company has been working closely with Ritec International, inventors of the Clearshield easy-clean glass coating system, to develop an automatic application line that applies the liquid to random sizes, shapes and thicknesses of glass. The system is run by a PLC control that automatically maps the size and shape of each lite, and then sprays on the liquid accordingly before passing the glass through a curing chamber and a final rinse cycle.

Another new product that Ashton Industrial has available is its free programmable robotic arm arising/seaming design, the ROBO-SEAM. The machine was designed in conjunction with FANUC Robotics and is able to collect data on the glass size or shape from on-line data links, FIFO lists or bar-code readers. The glass is collected by the robot using a vacuum suction frame, passed through Ashton’s diamond belt arising machine and then placed directly into a washing and drying station. Random glass sizes can be fed directly from a breakout table to the robot via a conveyor link, which indexes each lite.

Alternatively, for processing large runs of equal-size pieces, the glass can be collected directly from a stillage. The ROBO-SEAM can handle glass sizes up to 4000 x 2000 mm in thicknesses to 12 mm or more.

A fourth innovation from Ashton Industrial includes a multi-level buffer conveyor that provides an alternative to “parking” lites when an arising line has to pause for any reason.

Olbricht Introduces ROTOMAT
Olbricht, a manufacturer of preprocessing machines for the flat glass industry, is presenting a new rotary grinder, the ROTOMAT 600.

The grinder is part of a complete line that is made for manufacturers, according to the German-based company. The minimum grinding diameter is 4 inches, with a maximum grinding diameter of 50 inches. The line cuts down raw glass and handles the arts through the breakout grinding and washing process to the finished product. 

In connection with the approved Olbricht CNC and PLC control, the automatic line is capable of producing high-quality glass for the optoelectronic, appliance glass and automotive glass industries, according to the company.

Bystronic Gets Smart 
Bystronic, the glass fabrication machinery company headquartered in Hauppauge, N.Y., has introduced smart’lamicut, a new cutting and separating table for processing laminated glass. The machine is capable of cutting and separating glass up to 126 inches by 100 inches.

The machine’s software system controls the critical processing parameters such as cutting speed, cutting and breaking pressure and heating periods. Digital stops ensure accurate and fast manual glass positioning and automatic scoring on both sides of the glass ensure clean and accurate glass separation, according to the company.

Glassline Gets Edgy
Glassline Corp. of Perrysburg, Ohio, has developed an edging line that relieves some of the problems associated with conventional edge-grinding systems. The new system line is a single-sided finishing machine for seaming or pencil-edging glass. The system eliminates changeovers for part size, as is required on typical double-edger-type systems. This allows processing any size part, one after the other, in a continuous fashion without stopping, according to the company. It utilizes diamond wheels and provides a high quality edge, with high edge strength, according to the company. The system is especially suitable for companies seeking just-in-time and lean production processes and/or companies with low volume and highly variable production runs. 

You Auto Seam This!
Bromer Inc. now offers its Bromer automatic seaming machine, designed to “improve productivity and quality” while occupying a third of the floor space a regular seaming line would require.

The patented seaming cycle is set to seam four glass edges or three different glass lites at the same time. A static seaming is guaranteed through the use of suction cups that retain the glass lite to assure a uniform result, according to the company. 

Bromer also offers an option for cutting line holders that change the way lites “free-fall.” A covered rubber arm supports the glass lite by sliding between the separated sheet and the stack. Suction cups pull back and the arm pushes the sheet toward the table top, allowing the sheet to free-fall smoothly, eliminating any shaking of the glass sheet.

Magnetron End Blocks – More than Meets the Eye
Bekaert has introduced a new generation of ACV3 end blocks, part of the company’s rotatable magnetron technology. With the new upgrades, the end blocks “integrate two advanced techniques to respond to the requirements and challenges of high power AC sputtering and the needs for improved robustness under a wide variety of operating conditions,” according to a company news release.

The upgrades to the end blocks include an improved current transfer technique in the form of a drum type slip ring to maximize possible current density and minimize brush wear, and advanced water sealing that the press release describes as self-lubricating and wear resistant.

These added features add to the double dynamic seal for both water-atmosphere and atmosphere-vacuum with intermediate leak checking capabilities that help avoid catastrophic failure and proactively detect seal break-down proactively without the need for interrupting a running coating campaign, according to the company.

RiteScreen’s Right Screen
RiteScreen has introduced the Moose Advan-Edge patio door screen. The Elizabethville, Pa.-based company has combined the strength and styling of the 3-inch Moose extruded aluminum profile with the performance of the Advan-Edge roller system to create the upgrade screen option for patio door programs. The inset mor-tised handle with lock can be added for a unique look, according to the company.

Architects Get Custom
Hydro Aluminum North America of Baltimore, Md., has debuted its new terrace door series. The T-5000 door series is ideal for single story and multi-story condos, hotels and office buildings in single and pairs in-swing and out-swing configurations, according to the company. Each door is built of heavy-duty aluminum and is custom made for each project and custom finished with a range of AAMA-certified finishes and colors. 

The T-5000 series of door and frame systems is manufactured at Hydro’s operation in Cassville, Mo., but many design elements come from Europe. The doors were designed in close collaboration with Domal, a European building system company of Hydro Aluminum.

“Domal is a recognized world leader in aluminum doors and windows. We drew on their decades of experience and applied that knowledge to our design. We then were able to manufacture the perfect product for this rapidly growing North American terrace door market,” said Ed Woods, national architectural sales manager. 

mirrors and mirror hardware
Hang-It All
Andscot Co. Inc. of Franklin Park, Ill., has introduced Hang-It, an adhesive bracket hanging system designed for hanging flat decorator mirrors.

The system includes instructions for centering and applying the bracket that, according to the company, can support a mirror weighing up to 40 pounds. The adhesive is said to be able to adhere to all mirror paint backings that meet industry standards.

skylights and overhead glazings
Smooth Sailing for Skywall 
Skywall Translucent Systems of Terrell, Texas, has announced the availability of SmoothSeal details for skylight sills and purlins. SmoothSeal is designed for use on Advanced Translucent Skylights™ where the rafter bay spacing is 5-feet or less on center, and the slope is 30 degrees or less.

According to the company, SmoothSeal features a special backer rod along with a silicone sealant and is an effective weatherseal; since there is no purlin cap, water does not pond above the cap.

The Sky’s the Limit
Gammans Skylight Systems has introduced the TRU-ARC Barrel Vault framing system, which provides a true curved sightline rather than a segmented vault, according to the company. The TRU-ARC system utilizes a hybrid system has no splices in the direction of the slope and provides for unjointed guttering for positive control of condensation and weepage. 

The system has also undergone hurricane testing that the company says qualified a wide variety of skylight configurations and sizes in both large- and small-missile skylight applications. The approved products include pyramids, ridges, single slopes, hipped ridges (with and without gable ends), polygons and other shapes.

Natural Progression of Naturalite Products
Naturalite Skylight Systems, part of the Vistawall Group, now offers Factory Mutual-approved high-load heat and smoke vents that the company says are capable of opening against high snow and wind loads.

The high-load line is available with metal lid, single acrylic dome and double acrylic dome, each of which are capable of opening against a 40 psf simulated snow or wind load and can lock in the open position.

All of the Naturalite Factor Mutual approved smoke vents now come standard with fall-protection glazing that, according to the company, has been tested to OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.23 (e) 18.

tools and supplies
DeWalt Introduces Six-in-One Driver
Tool manufacturer DeWalt has introduced a six-in-one driver for power drills and drill drivers. Multiple combination bit sets and sizes are available, ranging from Phillips, square drive and square recessed to nut driver, Torx® and slotted driver. The tool allows the end user to change and store six different drivers in one unit. The driver is equipped with pro-grade nutsetters and an engineered tip design that the company says helps reduce stripping. A ¼-inch shank fits all 3/8-inch and ½-inch chuck drills.

Linetec’s Finishes Support Green Building
Linetec, an independent high-performance architectural metal finishing company headquartered in Wausau, Wis., now provides finishes and services that support green building and sustainable design loads, such as Kynar 500®. Such finishes may also contribute to building projects seeking the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), company information indicates.

Energy Saver; Mold Fighter
Pine Ridge Builders, headquartered in Jamestown, N.D., has introduced a new product, EnergyBlock, designed to help seal gaps made by electrical outlet and light switch boxes and keep energy costs down.

Made of specially-molded foam insulation, the EnergyBlock fits almost perfectly around and behind electrical boxes, according to a press release by the company. The press release also states that electricians can complete the installation in less than two minutes and that the EnergyBlock meets the International Building Code requirements for inhibiting flame spread and smoke development.

Eurostyle Glass Colours Inc. of Boca Raton, Fla., now offers colored glass coatings to its product line. The company says the color coatings can be chemically bonded to glass, and glass can be cut, drilled and edged after the coating is applied.

PolyMask Corp., a joint venture of 3M Company and Sealed Air Corp., has introduced protective UV tapes that adhere to and provide protection to a variety of substrates, including glass and metal. The tapes can be used on products in transit or on construction sites to protect products from sunlight exposure. 

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