Volume 40,   Issue 12                      December  2005


Thumping Curtainwall
Dear USG:
Some time ago my company was commissioned to design a custom curtainwall system for a medium-rise office building. After the curtainwall was installed and punched out and the tenants had begun moving in, we received communication from the owners saying that the curtainwall was producing a thumping noise. After investigating the problem, we could not find anything in the design or the installation that would cause the noise. The owner then hired an acoustical consultant, who, after several weeks of carefully monitoring the curtainwall, also could not determine the cause.

As the building approached 100-percent occupancy, the issue became a larger and larger problem as more tenants began to complain about the noise. We then asked to see a complete record of the complaints and discovered that all complaints were issued between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. There was no mechanical or construction activity in the building to account for this recurring problem.

We were brought out to monitor the thumping noise during the reported times. After discussing the issue, we discovered an unoccupied space on an incomplete floor that some of the women working in the building had been using as an ad hoc aerobic exercise studio after lunch without the owner’s knowledge. After this revelation, the thumping noise was quickly removed by eliminating the deep bass from the boom box being used for the aerobics.
So keep in mind that such problems may not always be in the design or execution of the building systems themselves.
Peter M. Muller
Curtainwall Consultant
Peter M. Muller Inc.

Sensational Sales Rep
Dear USG
Having recently retired after 38 years in the skylight industry, I feel compelled to respond to Lyle Hill’s recent columns titled The Sales Rep and The Sales Rep ... Part Two.

Hill relates past experiences with Craig MacGregor, whom I have known and dealt with for the past 15 years. At one point in his commentary, Hill states, “And I will also admit that you are one of the most responsive and consistent suppliers that we have.” I heartily echo that praise.

I have personally dealt with (one way or another) a veritable army of sales reps during my tenure and MacGregor is far and away the finest of the bunch. He is a tough negotiator, never compromising his company’s position, but will bend over backwards to ensure his clients’ 

MacGregor is not one to toot his own horn, so I will do it for him. Please tell Hill to keep up the good work. His column is always entertaining and thought-provoking.
Don Armentrout
Former Production Coordinator 
Imperial Glass Structures
Wheeling, Ill. 

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