Volume 40,   Issue 12                      December  2005


Skylights Offer Fall Protection

Vertex2, a new line of economical fall-protection skylights glazed with high-impact acrylics, has been introduced by Naturalite Skylight Systems of Terrell, Texas. The skylights feature a double-dome design and are offered in both dome and pyramid shapes. An optimal thermalized curb construction reduces condensation inside the skylight and improves the overall performance of the unit.

The company says the skylights have been independently tested to provide fall protection per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standard 29 CFR 1910.23 (e) (8). The product has been tested to an impact of 1,000 foot pounds.

tools & supplies
Steel Framing 
Screwdriver Delivers Speed and Durability
DeWALT has introduced its 18V heavy-duty steel framing screwdriver (DC66KA). The screwdriver delivers optimal levels of speed, runtime and durability, allowing users to perform a variety of fastening applications. 
The tool is designed with a Versa-Clutch® system, which allows the user to regulate the amount of initial turning power to ensure the fastener is properly seated, which helps to eliminate stripping. It also features a dual-speed range of 0-900 and 0-2700 rpm. 

Tough as Nails

Ultra Quik Grip™ construction adhesive from LIQUID NAILS® is a new latex-based product formulated for use on common interior and exterior construction projects. The adhesive’s initial tack and high bond strength simplifies projects by eliminating the need for bracing and most fasteners. The low-odor, latex formulation makes it an ideal adhesive for use on projects in occupied interior spaces, according to the company. 

Potent Portables
Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. of Brookfield, Wis., has introduced the new V28™ line of cordless power tools using lithium-ion battery technology. The tools run on a battery that produces 28 volts of power and, according to the company, weighs slightly less than the current 18-volt battery.
Milwaukee says that the new 28-volt battery performs more work, delivers up to twice the run time, is fade-free, has consistent power throughout each usage cycle and also performs significantly better in extreme temperature conditions than Ni-Cd and NiMH batteries. 

machinery and equipment 
Start a Revolution 
The Italian machinery manufacturer Antonio Piazza Brevetti srl (APB), whose machines are distributed in the United States by DeGorter Inc., has introduced two new, patented conveyors, the Revolution RIB 250 and the Revolution Rev 6.

The RIB 250 is equipped for bilateral taking [glass lites] and vertical and horizontal unloading. Its base frame is positioned to store lites at a right angle. The carriage changes positions, carrying the overturned group and rotating up to 120 degrees as it prepares to collect the glass from a predetermined storage area. Suction cups carry the glass to cutting tables or other areas for processing.

Like the RIB 250, the Rev 6 is also equipped for bilateral taking [glass lites] and vertical and horizontal unloading. Its base frame is positioned to store lites at a right angle and the carriage changes positions, carrying the overturned group and rotating it up to 180 degrees as it prepares to collect the glass from a predetermined storage area. The overturned group rotates, moving sideways inside the carriage, preparing to remove glass from storage. Suction cups carry the glass to the processing area. 

The company says the Rev 6 acts as not only a loader, but also a bilateral loader, loader with rotative bridge (stock selection) and compact combined loader.

adhesives and sealants
Stickin’ It to ‘Em

Frank Lowe Rubber and Gasket Co. has announced a new FL series of structural glazing tapes. The series is available as a medium- and high-density closed cell-Polyvinyl chloride foam and, according to the company, was designed specifically as a spacer for use in structural silicone curtainwall applications.

The tapes adhere to stainless steel, glass, aluminum, painted metal and vinyl, are weather resistant and compatible with most chemical-cured sealants.

insulating glass
“Strut” Your Stuff
Technoform, with North American headquarters in Cleveland, has introduced its I-Strut™ thermal insulating strut.
I-Strut is constructed of polyamide 6.6 with 25 percent glass fiber content. The company says it offers advantages over thermal-break systems, including thermal and structural performance. It is available in more than 200 standard extruded profiles; the company also offers custom design and prototyping capabilities. Two-tone finishes are also available.

shower enclosures
Love Those Curves
Curved frameless glass shower systems are available from Oben USA Inc. of Hayward, Calif. The enclosures come in round and alcove configurations and with either standard clear of Starphire® glass. The round version comes with either a standard threshold or designer level entry. The designer level entry is 6 inches higher to accommodate the absence of a threshold. The round model is fully adjustable and comes in sizes ranging from 36 inches to 48 inches. The alcove configuration allows for any width from 48 inches to 72 inches.

The Wiper Connection of Waltham, Mass., has introduced two new all cotton wipers. The wipers are being offered as an alternative to baled rags, rental wipers and prepackaged paper products … GREENGUARD Environmental Institute (GEI) awarded its Indoor Air Quality Certification for its entrance systems to Special-Lite of Decatur, Mich.

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