Volume 40,   Issue 2                             February  2005


Construction Workplace Fatalities Reported to Be on the Decline

According to a recent article in Engineering News Record (ENR), construction site deaths declined 2 percent in 2003, to 1,126. This number was reported to be the lowest since 1997, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics.

However, construction is still reported to be one of the most dangerous sectors, claiming 20 percent of all workplace deaths. In 2003 workplace fatalities totaled 5,559.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is focusing in on construction workplace safety. Of the 39,167 site inspections during fiscal 2004, 22,360 were construction inspections. OSHA also has a new Enhanced Enforcement Program that focuses on employers with repeat violations; more than half of the 300 new cases were construction-related.

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