Volume 40,   Issue 2                             February  2005


Editor's Note:  Industry Ironies is a new section in USGlass that takes a look at some not-so-serious glass-related news items of a questionable hard news value.  Have you heard an interesting or humorous glass story?  If so e-mail it to us at echilcoat@glass.com

Leaves of Glass
It seems glass companies aren’t the only ones creating “self-cleaning” glass products; engineers at Ohio State University are also jumping on the bandwagon. According to an article on newswise.com, engineers at the university are designing water-repellent glass surfaces by mimicking the texture of lotus leaves. Because lotus leaves are waxy and covered with tiny bumps, water rolls right off. Bharat Bhushan, Ohio eminent scholar, said the texture of the lotus leaf could be applied to glass as well. 

This, reported the article, could make it possible to manufacturer “self-cleaning” windows and windshields. Hmmm … do you think we should tell them these products are already available?

Glass Art, Art Glass … Literally
There may just be more to those Renaissance paintings than meets the eye. It seems the paints used included one secret ingredient that made the colors both bright and translucent—glass.

According to a recent article from thestar.com, Barbara Berrie, who works for the National Gallery of Art, examined three 16th-century paintings, harmlessly scanning the paintings’ surfaces with an electron microscope designed to prompt elements that emit X-rays at characteristic frequencies. Berrie discovered clusters of silicone, oxygen, sodium, calcium and aluminum, i.e., glass particles.

According to the article, the glass was found in layers of a translucent green paint and two types of yellow paint used in all three paintings.

Holiday Cookie Surprise: More than a Mouthful
Whether you were naughty or nice may not have been the reason for Santa to visit or not visit your house this past Christmas. It could have been the cookies left for him at homes prior to yours. 

On December 18, Archway Cookies voluntarily recalled a limited quantity of its 10-ounce Archway Holiday Cashew Nougat Cookies after the company learned some of the cookies might have contained fragments of glass. Archway reported no serious injuries or illnesses, but did advise the public that the given packages should not be consumed.

Here’s hoping Santa got the memo, too. 

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