Volume 40,   Issue 2                             February  2005


Door and Window Hardware
The E-Plex™ 5000 Now Available from Kaba Access Control

Kaba Access Control of Winston-Salem, N.C., has announced its new E-Plex 5000 that it says combines the simplicity and reliability of its Simplex pushbutton locks with the added security features of electronic access control.

According to the company, the E-Plex installs easily on metal or wood doors, and features a new LectroBolt mounting screw (patent-pending) that eliminates the need to run wiring through the door. It also eliminates the risk of pinching wires during installation.
The E-Plex 5000 is a programmable, pushbutton lock designed to manage up to 100 access codes.
www.e-plexlock.com or call 800/849-8324.

Schilling Graphics Adds New Imagesetting System
Based in Galion, Ohio, Schilling Graphics has invested in the Esko-Graphics GigaSetter VLF Imagesetting System. The company says the technology is designed to out-put high-quality, large-scale images and applications on a single film in sizes up to 96.5 by 63.5 inches and at resolutions of 5,080 dpi. According to Schilling, the new system will enable it to better meet the needs of customers in the architectural, automotive, electronic and commercial screenprinting industries.

With the new system Schilling says it will be able to handle unique, detailed patterns for architectural glass customers, and will also allow it to provide quick turnaround and consistent, high-quality since the process goes directly from the computer to one-piece of film.
www.schillinggraphics.com or call 419/468-5794.

PPG Launches IdeaScapes™ Brand Identity
Pittsburgh-based PPG Industries has introduced IdeaScapes, a new brand identity that includes its architectural products and services.

The products included under the new brand are EcoLogical Building Solutions, the company’s glass, coatings and paint products for sustainable design; architectural glass and Certified Fabricator Program; industrial finishes; and architectural finishes.

“For years our glass, coatings and paint businesses were presented to architects and specifiers as three distinct entities,” said Patrick J. Kenny, business manager for PPG’s construction market team. “Over the past few years we’ve received feedback from architects who’ve told us we could make their jobs easier by presenting ourselves as a unified architectural products company. PPG IdeaScapes is a natural outcome of that feedback. The new brand identifies us as a company that offers consultative services, market-leading products and technical solutions for all types of critical architectural 
surfaces …”

According to Kenny, development of the new brand name began in late 2003 following a survey of more than 600 architects. 
www.ppgideascapes.com or call 888/PPG-IDEA.

Joel Berman Glass Announces New Colored Glass Line
Joel Berman Glass Studios (JBGS) of Vancouver, British Columbia, has launched its Berman Glass coatings lines. Joel Berman has created a permanent bonding process that renders a high-quality appearance and is colorfast and durable, according to the company’s announcement. The line, which has been tested for structural adhesion, includes 26 standard, opaque colors, and is suitable for both commercial and residential applications.

In addition to the standard color offerings, the company can match any existing Pantone® color. Berman Glass coatings can also be custom colored for installation or home products. According to the company, the coatings were developed specifically for glass applications. Permanent bonding to the glass surface makes it both scratch-resistant and low maintenance. 
The coatings can be used on tempered, annealed, bent, laminated, flat and textured glass. Fabrication time is said to vary between two and four weeks, depending on the type of project.
www.jbermanglass.com or call 800/505-GLASS.

Slip-Resistant Glass Flooring Now Available
Located in Scottsdale, Ariz., Paragon Architectural Products LLC offers Terraglaz glass flooring, which is transparent and slip-resistant.

According to the company, Terraglaz was developed as glass flooring for use even in wet areas. Unlike similar products that have fritted or textured surfaces for resistance, Terraglaz is completely transparent. 

“With other glass floors there is a loss of view or clarity due to surface coverage or a slight texture used to create resistance. There are also maintenance issues with textured glass floors,” said Ian Patlin, vice president. “Terraglaz is totally clear allowing an uninterrupted view of whatever is beneath the floor. Combined with our engineered point-supported systems, we now offer architects fully transparent glass flooring solutions.”

Terraglaz can also be laminated with decorative interlayers to provide privacy or to achieve a variety of design requirements.
www.paragon-arch.com or call 480/767-8266.

Handling and Transportation
TruSeal Offers Setting Blocks for Shipping 
TruSeal Technologies of Beachwood, Ohio, is now offering setting blocks to protect glass against vibration and shock from handling, shipping and wind loads. The company says the blocks are available both with and without pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA), and are designed to elevate and isolate insulating glass units from the sash to reduce the risk of breakage.

According to the company, the blocks act as cushions to help support the glass. By elevating the unit, the setting blocks help keep the edges from contacting any water that may get trapped in the glazing pocket. TruSeal adds that the blocks with PSA are recommended for knock-on glazing applications.
www.truseal.com or call 216/910-1500.

Hurricane Protection
Shield Introduces ImpactShield™
At the recent International Builders’ Show, which took place January 13-16 in Orlando, Fla., the Miami-based Shield Technology Group introduced ImpactShield, a new hurricane protection system. ImpactShield, a high-strength fabric window covering, was displayed on the NextGen Safe and Sound Demonstration Home.

The window covering is made of impact-resistant, high-strength fabric that is stretched over the window to create a hurricane-resistant barrier. The fabric is stored in a small weather-resistant housing located just above the window. According to the company, the fabric is pulled over the window, attached with a lower bar to the bottom of the window and pulled tight with a ratchet or worm gear assembly. The company says it can provide protection from hurricanes up to category 5.

The system can be designed to fit most any size or shape of window, and, according to the company, is guaranteed to last up to ten years. Its maker says ImpactShield has met all ASTM International, Florida Building Code, International Building Code and International Residential Code approvals. The company adds that Dade County Building Code approval has been met and final testing was expected to be complete by the end of January. The system is expected to be available on retail shelves and through qualified dealers in time for the 2005 hurricane season.
www.shieldtechinc.com or call 305/757-6559.

EFCO Introduces E-Shield Fiberglass Frame 
The new E-Shield fiberglass energy frame system for heavy commercial applications from EFCO Corp. is designed to improve energy efficiency so as to meet strict, new environmental codes. According to the company, the new system provides a high level of resistance to harsh environments and enhanced aesthetic appeal, with aluminum frame caps to match its standard colors for outside accessories.

Other benefits offered by the E-Shield system include increased interior comfort, more efficient use of floor space and more opportunities for natural light.

According to EFCO, the system is manufactured using a fiberglass pultrusion technology, through which glass fibers and specially formulated resins for corrosion, chemical and moisture resistance are drawn through forming dies. The fibers are next cut to shape by diamond-impregnated saw blades. The company says this fiberglass construction allows the system to yield U-values as low as .28, when installed with the appropriate coated glass.
E-Shield is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, fabrication options and protective finishes. Aluminum frame caps also allow for a number of options to match outside accessories, such as panning, trim, mullions and subframes, with an AAMA 2605 or 2604 finish. Anodized finishes in any standard EFCO color are also available.
www.efcocorp.com or call 800/221-4169.

Vistawall Performance Window System Designed For Quick Installation
The new performance window system (PRW) from Vistawall Architectural Products, of Terrell, Texas, was designed for projects with punched or ribbon window openings that require quick and easy installation.

According to a company news release, the PRW’s preassembled frame is designed to save time for the installer. The company adds that the PRW has been tested to high levels of air and water performance and includes many features such as secondary water control, molded corner gaskets and dual-finish capabilities. The system offers 2 ¼-inch and 4 ½-inch framing for 1-inch glazing. 
www.vistawall.com or call 800/869-4567.

Mapes Industries Develops New Laminated Infill Panel
Mapes Industries, of Lincoln, Neb., has developed a laminated infill panel designed to meet or exceed ASTM E 1886-97 missile impact and ASTM E 1996-02 windborne debris tests. The panels can be glazed into standard curtainwall or window framing systems, are available in various thicknesses and can be made with most common architectural finishes, including porcelain, Kynar, anodized and baked enamel.
www.Mapes.com or call 800/228-2391.

Adhesives and Sealants
ADCO-Kömmerling Announces New Sealants
Now available for the North American IG market is a new line of silicone secondary IG sealants from ADCO-Kömmerling. The line includes the following products:
GD 823N, a one-part neutral oxime cure for residential and light commercial IG; GD 900, a one-part neutral acetoxy cure also for residential and light commercial; IG 882SG, a two-part neutral acetoxy cure for architectural-structural glazed IG; and IG 882, a two-part neutral acetoxy cure for light commercial and residential IG.
www.adcocorp.com or call 800/248-4010.

Sika Launches SikaTite® Self-Adhered Flashing Membrane
Now available from Sika Corp., industrial business unit, is SikaTite self-adhered flashing membrane. The company says the product combines a self-adhering property mastic to a flexible polypropylene backing to form a flexible, moisture-blocking, flashing material. SikaTite is available in 6-inch wide by 50-foot long rolls, four per carton.
“SikaTite represents Sika’s commitment to offering a ‘total package expert’ approach to the fenestration industry,” said Barry Kutch, vice president, industrial business unit. “Our intent is to continue offering innovative technologies to our fenestration customers as we do in all other markets served, from design recommendation, to the manufacturing floor and on into field installation of windows and doors.”
www.sikaindustry.com or call 248/577-0020. 

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