Volume 40,   Issue 1                             January 2005


door and window hardware

Select Products’ Geared Hinge Passes 15 Million Cycles in Testing
Select Products Ltd. of Portage, Mich., has announced that its full mortise geared continuous hinge has surpassed 15 million open/close test cycles.

According to the company, through the Physical Endurance Swing Test, its aluminum SL11-HD hinge is mounted to an FRP door that is 3 feet, 4 inches wide by 7 feet, 2 inches tall to simulate a real-world situation, such as in a school entrance. A piston initiates the door’s open/close cycle 16,600 times a day, around the clock, seven days a week, according to company information. 

“We’re not aware of any other independent test that has put a hinge through this many cycles,” said Bob Cronk, Select vice president of sales and marketing. “Our unique manufacturing processes—Pair-Matched™ hinge leaves, Teflon® and graphite lifetime lubricants and anodizing after machining—combine to achieve this durability.”

The hinge has been in testing at Architectural Testing Inc. in St. Paul, Minn., since September 2002. Select says it plans to continue the testing until the hinge fails.
www.select-hinges.com or call 800/423-1174.

Kaba’s E-Plex E5031 Listed In BHMA Certified Products Directory
Kaba Access Control, based in Winston-Salem, N.C., has announced that its E-Plex E5031 series lock is now listed in the Builders Hardware Manufacturer’s Association’s (BHMA) certified products directory for ANSI/BHMA A156.25 electrified locking devices, grade 1. 
According to a company news release, the E-Plex E5031 is the only pushbutton lock that is currently certified and listed in this category.

The new E-Plex 5000 series is a programmable pushbutton lock with up to 100 access codes and a 3,000-event audit trail. The lock combines the features of the Simplex mechanical pushbutton locks with the added security and features of electronic access control.

In addition, Kaba has introduced the battery-less PowerLever Prox 9000, which combines PROX with PIN access to provide dual credential access control for up to 3,000 individual user codes. The lock allows either single or dual credential access for access-control flexibility and is compatible with most brands of exit devices. 

In addition, Kaba’s Simplex 1000 series mechanical pushbutton lock is now available with a lockout feature. Lockout allows users to prevent combination entry by activating the lockout feature from the inside of the door. When lockout mode is active, entry is only possible using the lock’s key override. The feature previously required ordering an add-on kit. According to company information, lockout is now available for all 1021 and 1041 key override models by adding the letters “LO” to existing part numbers.
www.kaba-ilco.com or call 336/725-1331.

Fortress Launches New Safety Interlock
Fortress Interlocks, of Erlanger, Ky., has launched Door Module (DM), a modular access interlock suitable for use on all types of doors. The unit, part of Fortress’ new mGard range of modular interlocks, is available with a selection of all stainless steel actuators suitable for both hinged and sliding doors. 

The units have tamper-resistant head mechanisms and require minimal maintenance, according to company information. The head features a choice of four-head rotation angles and two actuator-entry points. DM is available as a single door lock or with up to ten multiple access lock modules. A system using DM can be expanded at any time with the addition of more modules or trimmed down and the surplus modules used elsewhere.

Corbin Russwin Designs New Door Closer
Corbin Russwin Architectural Hardware of Berlin, Conn., has introduced the DC6000 series door closer. According to the company, the cast iron body of the DC6000 is strong and durable and includes a spring adjust that makes the unit easy to adjust for optimum power setting. Internal advantages of the DC6000 include a chrome silicon wire and improved closer oil that allows it to function at temperature extremes and with reduced friction.

The Grade 1 closer meets ANSI/BHMA A156.4 requirements and UL and UL10C positive pressure requirements for fire openings.

In addition, Corbin Russwin has introduced the Access 800 series, a full range of standalone, access-control products suitable for institutional, commercial and industrial applications. 
The motorized, battery-operated, keyless entry system is programmable at the keypad or via software for enhanced features including time zones, user database and prox card access.

The series is available in a variety of functions and in 100- or 2000-user versions, with the option of mortise or cylindrical lockets or exit devices. Access 800 is also available in the ED5000 Exit Device x N9800, in SecureBolt, rim and mortise options. 
www.corbin-russwin.com or call 800/543-3658.

IR Offers Locks Designed for Aesthetics and Security 
The electronic access control division of Forestville, Conn.-based IR Security and Safety now offers Schlage aesthetic modular locks, available in cylindrical and mortise designs. 

The new locksets are designed for new construction or retrofit applications and work with already installed magnetic stripe cards or HID proximity cards and keyfobs. The Schlage CM5200 and CM5600 platforms were designed to work with Schlage D-series cylindrical and L-series mortise mechanical locks. 

In addition, the locksets offer the features of a network access control system. Access points are managed by LockLink, LockLink Express or the company’s own system. Each lockset maintains up to 1,000 users and stores the last 1,000 events. They can be programmed to provide momentary access, one time access or to limit the time a user can access assigned doors. Other features include auto locking and relocking and “first person in” facility unlocking. 
www.irco.com or call 866/322-1237. 

Dorma Offers Concealed Door Closer
Dorma Architectural Hardware, of Reamstown, Pa., now offers the ITS 96-1 concealed door closer. The closer utilizes cam-and-roller design and can be installed on a number of door types, in doors that are 36 inches wide and have a minimum top width of 1 ¾ inches. 

The ITS 96-1 features adjustable spring force in sizes one to three. Closing force, as well as sweep and latch valves, can be accessed for adjustment after installation. Optional hold-open is adjustable between 80 and 120 degrees. The closer is offered in a standard aluminum finish, as well as special color sprayed or plated finishes.

In addition, DORMA has introduced its new STA series door closers. The new closers feature corrosion-resistant materials and are suitable for severe climate conditions and exposure to corrosive environments. 

The STA series consists of aluminum alloy bodies with high compression steel rings and hardened racks. The closer pinion, regular arm assembly, main arm, adjustment arm and rod and shoe are all made of stainless steel. Optional stainless steel full covers or plastic full covers offer additional protection from the elements.
www.dorma-usa.com or call 800/523-8483.

Internal Blind Is a New Single Operator
Alpha Deco Glass of Millburn, N.J., has introduced its internal blinds that are uniquely operated with a single magnetic operator. The new concept features one vertical slide, which raises, lowers and tilts the blinds to open and close them. 

The glass units come completely insulated and ready for installation into a door or window product. They can be installed into any standard polyurethane or polypropylene frame and can be produced for any size door or window product, according to the company. 
call 888/242-7131.

Fastek Offers Common Route Tilt Latch and Pivot Bar
Fastek Products, a division of the Amesbury Group, has introduced its patent-pending, common route tilt latch and pivot bar design. The new product for single and double hung windows cuts set-up time, processing time and tool requirements in half, according to the company. 

Both latches and bars do not require screws and are available in a wide variety of powder paint colors. 
www.amesbury.com or call 800/325-3359.

Viracon Introduces VRE-67 Glass for 
Based in Owatonna, Minn., Viracon has announced a new addition to its VRE (Viracon Radiant low-E) architectural glass line. The new product, Solarscreen VRE-67 insulating glass, combines a neutral exterior appearance and high light transmission (67 percent) with solar control performance that Viracon says equals its Solarscreen 2000™.

“The VRE-67 coating represents the perfect balance for a high-performance coating and commercial building application,” said Rick Voelker, technical director. “Architects continue to design with a ‘green building’ mentality, and even for clients who may not strive to obtain certification, VRE-67 offers yet another option for designers balancing aesthetic quality with energy performance.”
www.viracon.com or call 800/533-2080.

Profilit™ Available for U.S. Installations
Westcrowns Inc. of Ocean Isle, N.C., has announced that it has provided Pilkington’s Profilit channel glass system for more than 150 installations in the United States.

Profilit is a structural glass system that creates light transmitting walls. It incorporates an engineered perimeter frame, combined with various widths and sizes of U-shaped glass channels.

Typical U-channel glass is 10.3 inches wide with 2.5-inch returns. The channels are interlocked to form double-glazed units. The complete glazing assembly comes in an aluminum perimeter frame, so no intermediate aluminum-framing members are necessary to provide structural integrity.

Profilit can be tempered in the United States in accordance with ANSI standards.
www.westcrowns.com or call 910/579-4441.

shower enclosures
CRL Offers Kits and Components for Frameless Sliding Shower Doors
Los Angeles-based C.R. Laurence Co. Inc. (CRL) has introduced frameless sliding shower door kits and components for ¼- and 3/8-inch glass. 

According to a company news release, the kits allow for the use of side jambs or clear seals that eliminate the vertical metal. Standard kits can be ordered either way and custom enclosures are made cut-to-size per the customer’s specifications. 

The kits and components come in brite anodized, brite gold anodized and brushed nickel finishes. Top hung stock units include a header, top hangers, side jambs, bottom sill, nylon rollers, bottom guides, screw and bumpers. Supplemental components are available in finishes and profiles to match the kits and include headers, header fillers, bottom sills, sidelite sills and side jambs. 
www.crlaurence.com or call 800/421-6144.

storefronts and entrances
Vistawall Introduces StormMax FG-5000 
Terrell, Texas-based Vistawall has engineered its new StormMax FG-5000 impact-resistant storefront system to provide protection against wind-borne debris as mandated by South Florida’s hurricane code. The system has been tested to meet full compliance with Miami/Dade County Protocol 201, 202 and 203 and Southern Building Code Congress International. 

The storefront system can be shop- or field-glazed. According to a company news release, StormMax FG-5000 has a unique feature that allows for anchor inspection before or after glazing, which ensures quick installation with code approval. The system was tested with Vistawall 84- by 98-inch MS-375 impact-resistant entrance doors. Factory-painted Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 and factory-anodized finishes are available. 
www.vistawall.com or call 800/869-4567.

Schilling Graphics Adds New Imagesetting System
Based in Galion, Ohio, Schilling Graphics has invested in the Esko-Graphics GigaSetter VLF Imagesetting System. The company says the technology is designed to out-put high-quality, large-scale images and applications on a single film in sizes up to 96.5 by 63.5 inches and at resolutions of 5,080 dpi. According to Schilling, the new system will enable it to better meet the needs of customers in the architectural, automotive, electronic and commercial screenprinting industries.

With the new system Schilling says it will be able to handle unique, detailed patterns for architectural glass customers, and will also allow it to provide quick turnaround and consistent, high-quality since the process goes directly from the computer to one-piece of film.
www.schillinggraphics.com or call 419/468-5794.

Linetec Offers New Paint Card for Metal Finishing
Located in Wausau, Wis., Linetec now has a new paint card that shows its 25 most popular colors for metal finishing. The card also includes AAMA specifications, care and cleaning guidelines and applicator specifications.

The card features 20 standard colors and five premier colors that are all available in 70 and 50 percent Kynar®/Hylar 5000® baked enamels. Custom colors are also available.

“Working closely with our customers to generate customized color cards specific to their businesses, we take care of designing the card, providing the color chip samples and sending the finished template to the printers for completion,” said Rick Marshall, president. 

Linetec’s paints meet AAMA 2605 and 2604 standards; its baked enamels meet AAMA 2603. The new paint card also cites statements from CSI Specification Format, Division 8, Article 2.06 “Finishes” for easy reference.
www.linetec.com or call 715/843-4100.

UCL Scientists Develop Coating that Reduces Heat, Not Light
A team of chemists at University College London (UCL) have reported in the Journal of Materials Chemistry that they have developed a window coating that, when applied to glass used in buildings or cars, reflects the sun’s heat while still letting in light.

While conventional tints block both heat and light, the new coating allows visible wavelengths of light through at all times, but reflects the infrared light that causes heating when temperatures rise above 84 degrees Fahrenheit. 

“Technological innovations such as intelligent window coatings really open the door to more creative design,” said professor Ivan Parkin of UCL’s Department of Chemistry, senior author of the paper. “The current trend toward using glass extensively in building poses a dilemma for architects. Do they tint the glass, which reduces the benefit of natural light, or face hefty air conditioning bills?”

The new coating is made from a derivative of vanadium dioxide, which has long been recognized for its heat-reflective properties because of its ability to alternate between acting as a metal and a semiconductor. The difficulty in reducing the switching temperature had been a stumbling block up to this point. 

“It’s not much good if the material starts to reflect infrared light at 160 degrees Fahrenheit,” said Parkin. “We’ve shown it’s possible to reduce the switching temperature to just above room temperature and manufacture it in a commercially viable way.”

Researchers are currently looking at such issues as cost to produce, durability and color as the next step in getting the coating to market. 
www.ucl.ac.uk or call 44 (0) 20 7679 2000.

ICD Adds Metallic Colors to Silicone Spandrel Line 
ICD High Performance Coatings, of Vancouver, Wash., has added several new silver metallic colors to its selection. According to company information, new technology pigments have allowed it to achieve highly reflective spandrel coatings in silver as well as many other tint options. The OPACI-COAT-300 silicone spandrel line provides options such as chrome metallic and moon metallic, small particle metallics that offer a smooth silver coating. 
www.icdcoatings.com or call 360/546-2286.

skylights and overhead glazings
Skywall Introduces SmoothSeal™ Details for Skylight Sills and Purlins

Skywall Translucent Systems of Terrell, Texas, has announced the availability of SmoothSeal details for skylight sills and purlins. SmoothSeal is designed for use on Advanced Translucent Skylights™ where the rafter bay spacing is 5-feet or less on center, and the slope is 30 degrees or less.

According to the company, SmoothSeal, which features a special backer rod along with a silicone sealant, is an effective weather seal, and because there is no purlin cap, water does not pond above the cap.
www.skywall.com or call 800/259-7941.

adhesives and sealants
ADCO-Kömmerling Announces New Line of Silicone Sealants
Now available for the North American IG market is a new line of silicone secondary IG sealants from ADCO-Kömmerling. The line includes the following products:
GD 823N, a one-part neutral oxime cure for residential and light commercial IG; GD 900, a one-part neutral acetoxy cure also for residential and light commercial; IG 882SG, a two-part neutral acetoxy cure for architectural-structural glazed IG; and IG 882, a two-part neutral acetoxy cure for light commercial and residential IG.
www.adcocorp.com or call 800/248-4010.

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