Volume 40,   Issue 7                                  July 2005


Editor’s Note: Industry Ironies takes a look at some not-so-serious glass-related news items of a questionable hard news value. Have you heard an interesting or humorous glass story? If so e-mail it to us at echilcoat@glass.com.

Pouring Wild Turkey in a Glass, Sorta
According to an Associated Press article, a couple driving to a funeral recently had a wild turkey crash through their van windshield. The article reported that the flying turkey shattered the van’s safety glass and landed in the passenger’s lap. The driver opened the back door to let out the turkey who then “waddled off into the nearby woods.”

The article said the episode sent the passenger to a nearby hospital “holding an ice pack to her cheek.”

A Wine of Distinction
What do you do with a chipped crystal wine glass? After all, it’s not really safe to drink from, and it’s probably not something you just throw away. That’s why there’s the Crystal Saver. Yes, for $39 you can get a 4-inch, half-round file designed for polishing smooth the jagged edges of crystal. Filing smooth such an edge with the Crystal Saver is a slow process, reported an article in the Toronto Star, but does work. 

To learn more visit www.addedtouch.com. 

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