Volume 40,   Issue 7                                  July 2005


IGMA Announces Dates and Locations for Upcoming Meetings
The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alli-ance’s (IGMA) educational seminar, Pre-venting Insulating Glass Failures, will take place September 12-13 in Atlanta during GlassBuild America.

The seminar is designed to provide a dos and don’ts, best practices approach to IG unit production. It will focus on materials, processes, quality procedures, codes and standards and forensic analysis of failures. Also included is a round table dinner discussion that allows participants an opportunity to talk with presenters about specific topics and questions.

IGMA has also announced that its fall 2005 technical services committee meeting will take place during the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) fall meeting, October 23-26 in Tucson, Ariz.

According to the announcement, scheduling the meetings together allows both organizations to further explore areas of mutual interest, such as gas permeability, gas retention, insulating glass unit performance and product certification.

“Joint meetings and forums allow for increased industry participation, education and feedback on those issues of paramount importance to the insulating glass industry,” said Margaret Webb, IGMA executive director. “This meeting will provide for direct input and feedback between the members of both organizations, reduce the duplication of industry resources and strengthen the focus on those areas of mutual interest.”

“AAMA and partnering organizations have reaped many benefits from joint task groups and co-sited meetings in the past few years,” said Rick Walker, AAMA’s executive vice president. “Our members are eager for the opportunity to work more closely with an association of the stature of IGMA.”

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